Father Types: Protector / Conservator – iSfj

Digital Sequence Based on Godtype Periodic Table:  1 . 1 . 1 . 1

Core Value :  Security

Super Power: Devotion


1. Memory – Si

2. Sympathy – Fe 

3. Analysis – Ti

4. Brainstorming – Ne

The (12) Undeniable Traits of the ISFJ – Protector / Conservator

ProtectorRelentless,  LoyalSense of Personal Duty,  NurturingInstinctive Action,  Great Memory
Interest in Safety & Security of Friends / Family / Institutions, Shielding Others From Danger

Highly Intuitive about the Feelings of OthersQuiet LeaderCherishes  Family History

(3) Possible Weaknesses
Need to do things on their OWN
Appearance of being Cold – Due to Shyness

Godtype Evidence within Science

SJ Total Population based on David Keirsey’s Research:   41.66%

Frequency / Factor: 5

Percentage of ISFJ’s in Humanity = About 10%

View of  “Time” = PAST

Energy Use:  Correlation of Energy

Biblical Personality:  God the Father

George Washintgon – Protector – iSfj

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