Godtype at the movies: Marvel’s Avengers

Godtype at the movies: Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s new film “The Avengers” is just the latest science fiction blockbuster to demonstrate humanities archetypical relationships and Godtype through out its story line. As we have looked into & researched in the past – Science Fiction film and Television writers and producers are the most likely candidates to “leak” this embedded code into popular culture.

But what was most interesting about Marvel’s Avengers was not only its mirroring of the Judeo-Christian gospel and  scriptures but also its parallels to our Godtype Space-time research.

In wonderful Fashion The Avengers are fronted with (3) NT/Trinity-Types.

(NOTE:  Because film Hero characters are often hybrids of multiple types  – each character can represent multiple temperaments:  

Ie. ENTP Inventor Tony Stark can also be typed the ENTP’s   “lookalike”  ESTP or their Kindred “ENFP.   and vice versa.  

The ENTJ = ESTJ or ENFJ.   The INTP = ISTP or INFP.   The ISTP = INTP or ISFP.        please see the link below and 

 Godtype periodic table here 

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Godtype at the Movies: The Avengers


Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury the Field Marshall ENTJ  managing his resources (people) from the confines of his command and control locations.

Mark Ruffalo’s  Hulk portrayal of the quiet yet on ocasion explosive INTP architect /scientist.  Arguably the most brilliant (perceptive) rational who prefers his solitude and “time” necessary for his research.

ENTP  Tony Stark / ISTP Ironman played to exactness by possibly an actor of the same temperament in Robert Downey Jr.  A Quick Thinking Inventor who loves to be in the action and simply get things done no matter what it takes.   A ENTP who initially conflicts with his Dual and polar opposite personality the ISFJ Captain America….. But by the end of the film these two begin functioning like one.  Just as they do in real life.

We just cant make this stuff up.   For years I have written about  the prophetic archetypes we find within science fiction television and film.   Science fiction writing is the realm of the “NT” Rationals and many “NF” future oriented idealist as well  – men and women who according to cognitive science and Godtype are representative of “sequential” and “future ” time, these two types are “outside” of time – the natural ‘prophets” of humanity.

That is why the “time” correlations within the new Avengers movie which tie into Godtype are amazing.

To begin with we are presented with one of the most accurate presentations of the 4 cognitive types.

A Lucifer archetype,

Technically, there is a 4th NT rational / NF Idealist  also presented to us with the character of Loki.  The Mastermind half brother of Thor who comes to this world from an advanced (future) realm and dimension .. The INTJ Mastermind / INFJ Foreseer that repeatedly plays the villain in just about every possible movie……  A character that though played out as a villain is almost always given a sympathetic reason for his disruptive quest.

A Jesus archetype,

The perfectly played  ENFP Champion Thor played by Chris Hemsworth, son and true heir to the throne of his Father.   An enfp champion willing to give his life for the Future of humanity. battling his brilliant brother who wants to subjugate the “lesser”  humanity.  Thor simply wants to give these mere mortals  freedom and freewill.   Loki simply wants to give them the earthly  “King” they are in search of.

A Father Archetype

Meanwhile the SJ past is perfectly played by Captain America,  The father archetype (ancient of days) is played by Chris Evans as an ISFJ Protector,  A man who was frozen in time from a time in american history which just happens to represent  traditional SJ America’s Golden age of 1938-1979.  An america that is long gone.  the references to time past and captain america being a relic of the golden age of comics were numerous.  Perfectly matching Godtype’s space-time theory.  The conflict between him and his Dual relationship ENTP  Tony Stark are surely comedic at first.  In one scene while the world is caving in around them Steve Rogers shows the concrete & Linear thinking of all SJ’s!  He tells stark that they need to stop and make a plan! (Destruction and death is moments away and our SJ Hero wants to talk about the situation… )

Stark just improvises as any inventor/champion  would  react instantaneously.  But Steve Rogers later clearly shows the values and absolute necessity of  our Guardian SJ’s on this earth as he brings together and manages all the military forces with tactical precision…  He just needed a few moments to organize his thoughts.  These are our worlds protectors and providers who statistically over populate our armed forces and police officers….  These SJ’s are born to protect, enforce rules and follow them as well.

The Spirit Archetype

Not to leave out our action oriented SP’s.    Black Widow and Hawkey.   Portrayed by Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner.  SP’s are our natural athletes. they live in the moment, the reason the greatest of athletes are often ISTP’s and ESFP’s.  Neither of these two super heroes had special powers other than their God given human (Flesh & Blood) abilities.   Black Widow’s gift  of a performer / motivator  was evident from the first scene of the film.     She used this to get what she wanted from her adversaries.   Likewise Hawkey’s use of a highly technical compound bow as his weapon of choice certainly required a precise ISTP Analyzer / Crafter.    Both Characters were capable of living in the moment, using a combination of human intelligence and physical athleticism which gave them seemingly super human abilities.

These archetypal (godtype) Spirit oriented persons representative of “Kinetic” energy compose 33.3% of humanity.  Film projects almost always present them in “Black”.   Films strangely often show them to be the most likely to be at times “controlled” by the God of this world – due to their closeness to this Earth….  in Avengers – this Earhly God was represented by INFJ/INTJ Loki.  Who had the ability to place these Heroes within a hypnotic state where they were “controlled” against their will by their supposed Leaders…  eventually they always snap out of it and seek their personal freedom..   Post Note… The most recent Hit Film Divergent shows our Kinetic Action SP’s and Guardian SJ’s  wearing Black as well….  Also being controlled against their will by introspective NT rational elitest leaders seeking complete control of humanity.  Please see new essay here.

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  1. Interesting Question. All personalities have shadow functions, that only come out at times of stress. I believe it is also what we call the subconscious. For me, an ENTP, (NeTiFeSi) My subconscious is INTJ, (NiTeFiSe). And vice versa….. so, in some ways the entp/intj together represent mirrors of each other. Freewill allows us both to choose good over Evil. TO BE an Arch Angel LUCIFER OR JUDAS. or to be an Arch Angel GABRIEL / ST. PAUL

  2. mirjeta

    Satan disguse as an angel of light…What do you understand with the mirror and his pose near the mirror?

  3. mirjeta

    Very interesting the symbol of Loki as an Satan Archytype. Once, I saw in a dream Loki near a mirror and the the interpretation in my mind was : Be aware, he (The Satan) is very shrewd too.

    • admin

      Mirjeta, The mirror is interesting? LOKI is surely an archetype for Satan.. and as usual, film representations always represent him with “sympathy”… as a misguided “Being” who was trying to truly help humanity…..

      The reason so much of popular culture has “Sympathy for the Devil”……
      Why our secret societies give homage to this fallen creature which our Bible tells us is “The God of this world”..

  4. […] The Duality Relationship is also wonderfully displayed in the Movie : Avengers with the relationship of quick thinking inventor and business mogul Tony Stark and Captain America.  Please see essay here. […]

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