Godtype diagram – A brief outline of the (4) person(alities) of the Holy Trinity

Nearly 15 years since first learning of Cognitive Personality Theory &  soon realizing that my own minds understanding of the Judeo-Christian teachings of the Holy Trinity were looking right back at me from within the documented personalities of  humanity.  The greatest problem over the years has been describing the paradoxical yet orthodox truth of   the (4) Person(alities)  of the Holy Trinity.   Though the trinity consists of (3) distinct persons! When ever God works in unity, specifically with the process (time) of Creation – The Bible clearly speaks of our creator as TRINITY.

The 16 documented personality types of humanity amazingly match  with the (4) personalities of the Judeo Christian Deity 

Teachings that make it Clear that God the Father (YHWH) is spirit – Israel’s (esfj)Provider & (isfp)Protector, the (istj)Inspector of our lives & the (estj)Supervisor of all our affairs.  God the Son (Messiah) is our redeemer – our (enfj)Healer and our (infj)Teacher,  the (infp)Mighty Counselor & (enfp)Champion over death as well as a  future battle with the adversary, paradoxically already won on a cross at cavalry.  God the Holy Spirit (Ruaḥ ha-Ḳodeshis) our Helper – The (estp)Promoter of the holy scriptures,  the   (isfp)Composer of life on planet earth, the   (esfp)Performer of miracles who (istp)Crafts each and every one of  us within the womb.

And yet every creative miracle spoken of in Genesis included all (3) of these “beings”.    Working in unison these  (3) Three Persons are One.  Trinity.   The (entp)Inventor of the universe, the (intp)Architect &  (intj)Mastermind of our earth – who (entj)Marshalled every available resource (physical & angelic) during the most incredible project of all eternity which we are taught in the Creation story of Genesis.

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If the Bible is to be taken seriously, then science should point to these important verses of the ancient scriptures.


The Image of Man (pertaining to our personality) was  scientifically researched by David Keirsey and Myers Briggs over  a generation ago and Jung can be understood as the pioneer in this field.  Amazingly These independent scientist findings match the image of God as taught in the Judeo-Christian scriptures.  A non believer, David Keirsey simply identified the 16 primary personality types with the  descriptive titles above:

*For a complete study including Biblical references of this research, please sign up for our praeternatural magazine.   Fully illustrated with images inspired by William Blake.

Interestingly, the science of personality theory teaches that each of the (4) personalities experiences “Time” very differently to each other.

Amazingly, the 16 personality types as described by Kearsey and Jung which are scientifically divided into 4 groupings (Each Group NT, NF, SJ & SP all experience Time differently – the key to Godtype) match the names of God  which are prolifically used throughout the Bible.

If the Bible is to be taken seriously, then science should point to these important verses of the ancient scriptures.

Guardians = The God the Father Personality Type
The SJ’s appropriately see it as PAST
Artisans = The God the Holy Spirit Personality Type
The SP’s view time in the PRESENT
Idealists = The God the Son “Jesus” Personality Type
The NF’s see time and often dwell on the FUTURE

This leaves out the NT rationals? We are left with “no where” to put them and yet this is paradoxically the best description (No Where) for how these Rational Architects of physical buildings, conceptual programs and philosophical ideas view  time.

These NT’s see time as “Virtual”

They view it as PAST,PRESENT and FUTURE all at the same time. A Trinitarian view of time!
Just one more coincidence that fits our GodType simple Venn diagram perfectly!

The Guardian Protectors / SJ’s     *     All Names for
God the FATHER!


ISFJ – Protector (the Key Guardian Temperament)

ESTJ – Supervisor

ISTJ – Inspector

ESFJ – Provider


The Idealist Counselers / NF’s     *     All Names for God the SON!

INFJ – Counseler (the Key Idealist Temperament)

ENFJ – Teacher

ENFP – Champion

INFP – Healer


The Artisan Composers / SP’s     *     All Names for


ISFP – Composers (the Key Artisan Temperament)

ESTP – Promoters

ISTP – Crafters

ESFP – Performers


The Rational Architects / NT’s     *    All names for God the TRINITY

INTP – Architects (the Key Abstract Rational Temperament)

ENTJ – Field Marshals

INTJ – Masterminds

ENTP – Inventors


History & Research

The Architect by Blake

* After 15 years of sitting in a box,  over a year of research completed in the 1990’s  into the the many names of the creator as taught in the Bible –  this interesting illustration of “the architect”  came across my desk the other day.  Without any knowledge of who painted it,  I was finally spurred  to create the illustration and breakdown of the “image” The 4 persons of the holy trinity. To consolidate that box of research onto one page!  That was simply what I “Had to do”, to find a way to present the 4 personalities of a Trinitarian Creator we call God.  The research and concepts from so many years ago  flowed effortlessly and the Venn diagram I “Finally” illustrated seemed natural, as if it had always existed.  I was finished in time to actually get some sleep.

Our world is an amazing place,  Scientists are beginning to prove supernatural phenomena with concepts such as quantum entanglement, string theory and much more.   Science that each day brings us closer to understanding the ancient Judeo Christian texts are much more about science then people are willing to believe  & Science is all about God and his creation!

A week after finishing this  illustration  / Venn diagram of the holy trinity – Image –  I sat down to learn more  about the illustrator of  this 1700’s representation of God (the Architect).  I learned that it was illustrated  by William Blake.   Reading his biography It seemed I was reading a parallel story to my own  life.  A spiritual cousin,  a bit unnerving seeing that our careers as “draughtsmen” and expertise’s in the printing industries morphed and changed at the exact same ages  – spanning from pioneering efforts to a difficult times of 10 years trying to make a simple living within an industry you helped pioneer.      We were both obviously of the same personality I thought, simple research proved William Blake to be An ENTP personality.

William Blake’s Venn Diagram of his Mythical 4 Zoa’s

A few days later,  I was surprised  to find out that the image actually came from an illustrated book in which William Blake was trying to represent the (4) personalities of a pseudo-mythical God.   Further exhaustive research pulled up this eerily similar illustrated diagram by Blake, in which much like myself he visually represents  an analogy of  the creator through a similar venn diagram.

The important difference is that I have remained true to Orthodox Christianity with a representation of (3) distinct Beings which the ancient Jewish and Christian texts refer to as God. Just as Blake can be seen struggling with the concept of Evil and God’s created being Lucifer (He displays John Milton’s Track for Satan)  I myself had to save for a future research project – what my “gut” was telling me about the most brilliant and yet rebellious of all rationals, the “un-redeemed” Mastermind  NT’s similarities with the serpent of paradise .   William Blake lived in an era where he was trying to compete with John Milton’s paradise lost as well as Dante’s pseudo-christian works.

I believe this is why Blake  chose to “create” a complete mythos rather than stay true to orthodox Christianity or even worse, create a pseudo work much like Dante’s and Milton’s writings which looking back created very negative influences upon orthodox christianity due to mythological teachings on the concept of hell.

Are these similar illustrations 300 years apart an  amazing coincidence?  Apparently not.  One of those biographies I read was written by a brilliant author by the name of June Singer.  Singer’s book grabbed me from the first page, so as I searched for more titles from her the following book’s  title seems to answer my questions.

(Blake, Jung & the Collective Unconscious – The conflict between reason and imagination)

Though I believe what secular and eastern leaning scientists refer to “Collective Unconscious” is simply a misunderstanding of the Holy Spirit,  If there was ever a one sentence description of men such as William Blake, “The conflict between Reason & Imagination” would surely fit quite well.

Once again Solomon’s words pound my mind into necessary submission,  “There is nothing new under the sun”, “what is has been before” rings so true…

Milton Thomas X

William Blake’s Venn Diagram of his Mythical 4 Zoa’s

*This issue also includes articles and graphics on what seems to be a near perfect mirroring of our U.S. Governments original design and intention also mirroring the the “Four persons of the Trinity” (Our 3 branches of Government (Trinity) and our 4th abstract “branch” which conservative and Freedom loving Americans hold dear: our Rational Founding Documents which I would argue even my Libertarian agnostic friends Worship.

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    This is an abuse of both MBTI theories and religion. It is a disgrace and you should be ashamed

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      The abuse of closely held theories is the epitome of scientific, and dare I say theological advancements. Just study your history. Tesla, Einstein, Martin Luther, St. Paul. Each considered a heretic by the establishment folks such as yourself. I am curious though. Are you a religious or scientific zealot? or quite possibly both……. Im not sure if you require my shame because of my faith in Christ or my my respect of science? which one is it?

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