Godtype Space-Time Map

The following is the original discovery of the Godtpe Space-Time map.   Unknowingly creating a time map  just as Erich Sauer did in his most important book “From Eternity to Eternity”.   The difference was that by using the supposition that God  created humanity in his image, quite possibly  “Time” was created in this image as well.  The results were amazing.  Impossible.  Awesome.   The bible truly teaches that time is cyclical.  I would   challenge any one to explain Eccles. 1:9 with a different understanding.   A teaching that scholars such as Erich Sauer did their best to shout out the truths of Cyclical  Time / Creation  to Christendom .    Works from Scholars such as Erich Sauer have been almost eliminated from history even though the most recognizable Christian of the 20th century  – Billy Graham is quoted describing Sauer as one of his favorite theologians , “A man who seems to get his finger on the very heart of the gospel message on every page”


The Godtype Space-Time premise was simple.   Science proves 12,000+ years of Known time for our present Human epoch.    6,000 years of recorded history, and 6,000 years of unwritten history proven by Clovis excavations, Ice cores and major Large mammal extinctions marking the end of the Pleistocene.   When I entered the percentages* of the (4)  Godtypes of humanity  into my spread sheet the results were amazing.  .99999’s rolled across all of my results which matching Historical Judeo-Christian History beyond any statistical possibilities.  *subsequent research stumbled across Genesis 6:3 which clearly teaches a 12,000 year period, of  120 great Jubilee cycles.  6000 years of 120  50 year cycles!   Please click on image below to view larger illustration.

New Discoveries – Genesis 6:3:  As a researcher I came up with a 12,000 year base time map because of years of scientific study.  Yet as I was reading my dusty bible, I was both shocked & amazed to find Godtype’s  12,000 year time map written about in plain sight right in Genesis!

When we Read Genesis 6:3 in context, using the more literal  NASB (New American Standard Bible) or King James versions we discover that:

God is not speaking of Man living to an average age of 120 in Genises 1:6.  Not at all,  when we study this verse in context it is clear that God is speaking of Man’s appointed time on this earth!  can it not be 120 centuries God is alluding to?  Or should we keep our  eyes out for a 120 year old human being?

American pioneering cognitive researcher David Keirsey documents the following percentages of temperament distribution.
Keirsey Documents:

SJ’s 41.66%,  or 5 in 12 persons
SP’s 33.33%, or 4 in 12 persons
NF’s 16.66%, or 2 in 12 persons
NT’s 8.33%, or 1 in 12 persons

An intuitive understanding of numbers in scripture, and a previous book project about St. Paul where I came to understand that the   12 apostles were representative of humanity.  Interestingly there was only (1) NT Rational. 1/12= 8.33%

We could also surmise that the Apostles also consisted   (2) Idealist, (4) Artisans and (5) Guardians!  A perfect representation of humanity.   please see resarch here

Add an  understanding of  resonance due  to previous scientific research project.   1,2,4 is a resonate sequence.   When we multiply 8.33 by 1,2,4,5 we arrive exactly to within .083 from each of Kearsey’s documented percentages personality types among humanity from his lifetime of research!    The resulting Numbers were coincidentally prolific and yet simply hidden with the Biblical texts, each Representing Fractions of 1/12.

Below is just a brief documentation of these prolific and yet subtly hidden evidences:

41.66% (SJ-Father) Correlation of all Energy
Interesting: The bible States that 1 day to humanity is the equivalent of 1000 years for God the Father?

Ever wonder what 1 Hour equals?            Yes.           41.66 days!

Tongue-in-cheek….   And yet possibly an  example of Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious –  Douglas Adams in the  Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe claims that the number 42 is “The answer to the ultimate question in Life, The Universe and everything”  Ask google for the answer to everything?  they will bring up the “Number 42”.

Another  interesting coincidence in light of the colors I intuitively chose for the original Godtype color wheels and  research into the expanding earth and Rainbows.

Genesis 9:13  “I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds, I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.”

Rainbow – 41.66 degrees?

The rainbow, a scientific symbol that God gave humanity after earths destruction at the Flood (earth expansion**) is only visible at 41.66 (42) degrees.    It is at this point that the colors Red and Blue (Past-Father / Future-Son) diverge within what is a perfect micro sphere of a tiny drop of water!

I and My Father are One!  John: 10-30

A 3 dimensional circle (sphere) in Time…..

33.33% (SP-Spirit / Present) Kinetic Energy

Jesus Christ according to tradition left eternity and  lived among us in “Time” for exactly 33 1/3 years!  33.33  years in the “present” domain of the Holy Spirit 1.0

8.33% (NT-Trinity) Potential Energy

The root resonate number which God gives us dozens of clues to  within his word.  literally!   The number 12.  1/12 = 8.33

There was only one (NT) Rational among our Lords original 12 apostles. Both before and after the resurrection.  Judas was a Rational. 1/12.  8.33%   Arguably the most brilliant of the Rationals, the INTJ Mastermind. After he took his life, the Lord recruited another (NT) Rational Saul of Tarsus to replace him.  A redeemed man who became the devil.   A devil who became redeemed.

 16.66% (NF-Son / Future) Conversion of Energy

I was initially stumped by  this number.  And then it hit me like a brick to the head.  The number 17 was what would present itself among the Judeo-Christian scriptures.   With the help of  Bullinger’s “Number in Scripture” we find the number 17 is the most important number attributable to Jesus Christ.

A fact that was researched and documented by Greg Austin putting all of Bullinger’s works into one professionally done    research paper here .  The   Number 17 and Jesus Christ are inexplicably linked!

WOW, I discovered I was not alone.    Austin reminded me of a study I did on the tabernacle many years ago.  Possibly the reasons for my intuitive  use of the colors I chose for the Godtype wheels.  Colors which add up to the number 17.   See further research here

Scientific discoveries linking 17 (16.66) to our present Godtype epoch?

Richard Hoagland of the enterprise mission has become obsessed of late with anomalies discovered by Russian scientists within what can be called a “torsion field”.   Hoagland has been left speechless for one of the first times in his scientific career.   It seems that there is a cycle that displays itself among time as we know it…..  A cycle that gives us clues to time and possibly even time travel.  The cycle according to Hoagland manifests itself every 17 minutes.  Every 1000 seconds to be exact.  When we divide 1000 seconds into minutes we discover it is exactly 16.66,  Exactly as Godtype infer for our current age….

My Favorite coincidence linking the number 17 to Jesus Christ?

Christ rose from the dead on the 17th day of the first month of the new year.  Actually he rose at sundown on the 17th day if we take the scriptures literally.   16 and 2/3 rds.  Amazing.  16.66 days into the new year….  The first begotten of all eternity.

Milton Thomas Fleitas

What an amazing story. One NT rational (Judas) who witnessed all of Christs miracles first hand and who arguably loved Christ – yet ultimately betrayed the lord with a kiss?   He was replaced by of all people a man by the name of Saul of Tarsus,  the Church’s greatest persecutor!  A man who’s job it was to destroy the fledgling church.   This all changed when he met the Logos of the universe on the Damascus road.   Becoming the Church’s greatest defender and apostle.    An amazing picture of Free Will.   One Rational who was given everything throws it away for 30 pieces of silver.   By Grace, another rational  (1/12 – .833)  gains the world through redemption.

** Previous research into the Babel and Flood stories of Genesis over 20 years ago (Due to a vision that I had at the age of 6) gave evidence that our earth’s continents were all connected.  Not in a silly “Pangaea” model with a massive oceanic crust on one side of the earth.  Instead  A more perfect sphere……  An earth which was much smaller.  An earth with much less mass.   Interestingly,  A smaller earth with less mass could not possibly support rain!  Just as the bible tells us.   A Smaller earth with less mass would allow the Giants of ancient earth (both dinosaurs and the “Ancient men of Old”) to walk upon this earth without the crippling effects gravity plays upon giants today.

An earth that expanded with the power and energy from the “Fountains of the Deep” , finally reaching the mass necessary for these tiny drops of life giving water to reflect “The Fathers” symbol for a new earth.  The amazing rainbow.  Only visible at exactly 41.66 degrees!

*Erich Sauer understood better than most, the cyclical view of time taught in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. I was so excited to find out I was not alone a few years ago when I came upon his works. Sauer’s Time map from his book “from eternity to eternity” is also posted below. I was not aware of how similar our (2) illustrations were to each other, each of us properly placing the Cross of Christ which marks the resurrection in 29/30 ad.  A point in time which I believe gives us clues to the future…..


Erich Sauer’s Time Diagram from his book “From Eternity to Eternity”

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4 Comments for “Godtype Space-Time Map”

  1. Ron

    Very interesting numbers.
    I guess you haven’t figured out the earth is flat ,yet.

  2. Larry

    You know, it would be nice if one could figure out from all this mumbo jumbo what the heck you are trying to say. First of all you have all these letters:
    SJ’s 40-45%, ie 42.5%
    SP’s 30-35%, ie 32.5%
    NF’s 15-20%, ie 17.5%
    NT’s 5-10%, ie 7.5%
    and so on ad-infinitum. And I can’t find anywhere on this web site that explains what all these things are supposed to pertain to. Until you take the time to explain all this, I’m afraid your web site is only meant for people who understand what you are trying to say. ie: you!
    It’s like this is all written to satisfy yourself and who cares if anyone else can understand it. Get a grip man. If you want anyone beside the 2 or 3 people who lie and say they understand what you’re saying to take you seriously then add a section to explain the ambiguous, jumbled crap you have on here.
    Good day.

    • admin

      Larry, Did you get the part about the 16 personality types, being labeled by secular scientists with the names of the Trinity of Judeo-Christian Philosophy? NF’s Intuitive Feelers who Look Forward in time compose 16.66% or 2 in 12 persons on earth according to Keirsey – Their names.. The Champion, the Counselor and the Teacher – “The Healer” All Names for Jesus Christ. The SJ’s who are stern and rule driven and Look Back in Time are certainly representative of the the Father. Their names given by Keirsey are the Provider, The Inspector, Protector etc. They compose 41.66% or 5 in 12 persons on earth. The SP’s and NT’s also follow these patterns. These Percentages which I poorly explained in the text you copied (That was my first essay many years ago) correlate with time as we understand….. You will not understand this magically…. It will require time and study of temperement theory as well as our work…. And yes in some ways you are right, only abstract thinking Rationals (NT’s) and (NF’s) grasp this quickly.. They are only 1 in 12 and 2 in 12 persons on earth ie 8.33% and 16.66% of people, whoops…. there I go again…… explaining things in Rations! because this is what “Rationals” NT thinkers understand… Tell me… If you opened a book on highly technical Physics or Geo-technical Engineering would you right the same letter to the authors? I am praying for your understanding of these amazing discoveries…. please see my most recent code breaking that stands on its own and does not require years of study of human cognition. God Bless…. http://www.godtype.com/godtype-code-online-book/isaac-newton-jerusalem-temple-hidden-genome-codes/

  3. […] just happen to have 50 and 40 chapters respectively corresponding with 5000 and 4000 years of the Godtype Space-Time map.    So it must be NF apostle John’s Gospel that will surely correlates with NF time on earth […]

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