Judging vs Perceiving: Its all about time……

hour glass and time. Judging vs Perceiving

Judging and Perceiving.  Can it simply be “Time” that separates them?


Personality types are often  labeled with an  “X”  to designate a close (50/50) split on cognitive preferences.  Most often in place of  either a Judging or Perceiving preference.

I have often labeled Perceptive personalities who are  running on overdrive with the “Gift” of  ADHD with an “X”  in place of  “P”.   These energetic folks who are constantly on the move seem  to arrive at their conclusions  so quickly that to the outside world they come across as “Judging” and yet their cognitive patterns demand a natural (e) perceptive nature.

Glenn Beck and The Apostle Paul are two examples of what I believe to be the ENTx personality.  Please see  essay here

The opposite is also true with highly perceptive “Judgers” (including my teacher and mentor on cognitive type who though “Judging” in their preferences takes   more “time” than  similar types  in arriving at their decisions.

I would argue that “X” designates a point in   “Time”  that brings us all closer to what can be called Wisdom. And wisdom is solely dependent on this pesky dimension we call “time”. 




The Illustration above  shows a typical cognitive pattern with the added dimension of time.   When we think about cognition as a process we understand that all processes require time & feedback.   This illustrates the eNtp cognitive processes and its feedback pairings among time’s arrow.  ie  entp’s are (e)Intuitive Thinkers 1st and (e)Feeling Sensors 2nd.  in essence they are completely Extroverted.  Their (i)T and (i)S are used as checks and balances for their primary functions.

Their 5th and 6th weak functions of (i)NT acts as the ultimate “checksum” in order to validate their primary view of the world.  This (3rd) cognitive pattern is seldom used an yet can dramatically surfaces  during times of stress.  For the entp it manifests itself with an ability to recognize and illustrate highly symbolic concepts and patterns much like the INFP, albeit through the highly rational world view  of an NT versus the more Idealistic “feeling”  world view of an NF.

This (i) iNtuition manifests itself with (e) Thinking.  combined with – often through the ability to both recognize and illustrate highly symbolic patterns and concepts.   An ability that the INFP practices daily.

The 7th and 8th functions are commonly referred to as “negative” or “devilish”,  This will require more research in light of Godtype.

These patterns continue for all the personality types.

Most of us as we age and earn our experiences in “time” seem to be travelling along this road that brings us closer and closer to X, a balanced medium (50/50) between correlative Logic (T) & Ethical Logic (F).  physical “present” Reality(S) and virtual “omnipresent” possibilities (N).       The duality and opposing nature of cognition seems to be always heading towards this “zero point” in time.    A point in our lives that  can be expressed with what we call “wisdom”  –   This X can also symbolize  one of the most important  symbols of christian orthodoxy,  the Cross of Christ.   Arguably the ultimate intersection  of Time and Space.

When we all come to understand the (4) dual (Extroverted or Introverted) cognitive functions of iNtuition, Thinking, Feeling and Sensing we slam head on into Godtype once more and its heretical observations of 3×1 = 4 persons of the trinity.


NT, Rationals, Trinity, Potential Energy – 8.33%,   Sequence = iNtuition

NF, Idealist, Son, Energy Conversion – 16.66%,   Future = Feeling (ethics thinking)

SP,  Artisans, Spirit, Kinetic Energy – 33.33%,    Present = Sensing

SJ, Guardians,  Father, Correlations   –  41.66%,   Past = Thinking  (correlative)


It is iNtuition,  that allows everyone to practice “rationality” in our lives.  To view the world in sequence, outside of time. Trinity.  

It is Feeling, that requires us  to look towards the future.  To see the world for what it could be. what it is capable of becoming in the   future.   To see the world through the eyes of Love – the Son.

It is the Spirit, that asks us each to stop and experience and sense  the present.  to enjoy life at this moment!  The third “person” of the holy trinity.

We are left with the gift correlative Thought.  Thinking –  The process of reviewing  the past and course correcting our possible futures as we  learn from our mistakes.   It is the most important of all cognitive processes for it “correlates” the other (3) in time.   The root of  Free will.   A gift from our heavenly Father.

Course correcting is an orthodox teaching with in Judeo-Christian theology.  It does not imply any lack of omnipotence or omniscience from our creator.   It does though, fully imply a sin nature and previous “fall” of man.  

A sin nature that seems to mess everything up, requiring intervention from the “Ancient of Days” time and time again.  The stories of Eden, Babel, Noah –  All Course Corrections implemented by the “Great Corellator”, God the Father.  His last course correction – the story of Noah’s flood in which God the Father gave us his symbol of the Rainbow,   A scientific symbol that can only be seen here on earth at a very  interesting viewing angle –  you guessed it…. 41.66 degrees!

Course corrections that culminated with the Son issuing his paradoxical 2000 year reign within “time” on a cross at cavalry in *29/30 ad.   His resurection day according to scripture is interesting….  The 17th day of the Jewish new year, actually he rose at sundown,  16.66 days into the new year…. The first begotten of all eternity.   Please see our godtype space-time map and a more in-depth essay here.

The Judeo-Christian texts also  speaks to us of a future and final course correction within “time” as we understand.   A battle that is left to be fought by our Lord and his loyal angelic realm.   Once this is complete he  gives us only one request…..   A week of rest.  A Millennium of Time.


Milton Thomas Fleitas



* 29/30ad

Jewish and Gregorian Calendar’s are often synchronized     Jesus Christ was crucified on the 17th day of the new year in the Jewish Calendar.   Yet the Gregorian calendar would be just about to complete its previous year.

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