ENTP & ISFJ – Glenn Beck & George Washington – A “Duality” relationship explained

Glenn Beck and George Washington ISFJ and ENTP Relationship

Glenn Beck 2.0

With some insights into Glenn Beck’s temperament due to a similar “Godtype” and years of research into “The Image of Man” as described in (Genesis 1:26).  Perceptive  rationals such as Glenn Beck, Walt Disney, and St. Paul  all shared the preferences of extraversion, Intuition, Thinking and Perception (ENTP).   This personality is labeled the “Inventor” by Keirsey, but they can equally be described as  “Technical Marketers” and the ” The Originators*”.

Why Glenn Beck is not an ENFP?  Yes, I know, on the surface ENTP’s and ENFP’s look a lot alike.  This is because of their first and highest used function of Ne.  Godtype theory calls this a  “Location Domain”  iNutition represents a Location from ABOVE.  i.e. Heaven.   It is a view of the world capable of seeing and accessing  “All Time” or “all knowledge” it is a DIGITAL domain. The next function of ENTP’s and ENFP’s go off in one of two directions……  The ENTP is NeTi and the ENFP is NeFi.  Ti is an analog time domain that looks to the past (History) to find solutions in the present –  it is cold and calculating.   Fi is an analog domain that looks to the future (Gut Feelings) to find solutions in the present. It is human centered and highly ethical. It looks to the future and to humanity.  It requires the ENFP Champion to often use a Hammer to get their ideas across.  A round hole and a square peg is not a problem for the ENFP champion, Like Marvel’s Thor they will get their ideas implemented.   The ENTP and their Ti (introverted thinking) though  arrive at the same logical decisions (yet from a colder rational mind) They use their vast storage of knowledge, of history stored away in their libraries and collections  of earlier mistakes to make their decisions!  The ENFP with their ethical logic moves forward at any cost to themselves and only themselves,  They rarely store away information as the entp does,  Like Christ on the cross they are often Martyrs willing to give their lives…. The Entp is also a willing fighter for the cause…. but they will set out with a more detailed plan, they will enlist others who share in their dreams and bring them along for the ride….Like entp inventor Tony Stark of the Marvel world they will try to change the world with the power of others who see their vision and decide to work for and follow them!  This is what Glenn Beck does…….

When we study Glenn Beck,   St. Paul seems to be the most similar historical figure in both style and personal will.  You see much like GB, St. Paul had a conversion in his adult years as documented in the bible.  It seems that Saul of Tarsus much like Glenn Beck 1.0 was rebooted with a new understanding  of the most important factor in keeping these ENTP’s on the right side of the force – Redemption.

The Duality Relationship is also wonderfully displayed in the Movie : Avengers with the relationship of quick thinking inventor and business mogul Tony Stark and Captain America.  Please see essay here.

(In the case of Glenn Beck & Saul of Tarsus and yes, myself –  This redemption came through the sacrifice of a radical Rabi named Yeshua on a cross at cavalry)

On the flip side, ENTP’s (The least likely of all personalities to believe in God)* who are not redeemed by Christ, or even  worse – Men and Women who have found this redemption through the  “social justice” or secular gospels of humanism or other progressive (ism’s) are capable of being Liberty’s most dangerous foes.

Just Ask  who may possibly be the ultimate pretender from the opposing side of the force, ENTP  Barack Obama

I found it interesting that Glenn Beck would choose to write a book called “Being George Washington”.   You see George Washington was an ISFJ, brilliantly labeled the “protector” by Keirsey.   ISFJ’s are the apparent polar opposites of ENTP’s such as Glenn Beck (Introvert vs Extrovert, Sensory vs iNtuitive, Feeling vs Thinking, Judging vs Perceiving)    Yet this is where many who superficially study personality type based on the MB instrument  make their greatest mistakes… Mistakes that the upcoming Godtype books will be working hard to rectify.

The (4) letter codes devised by MB which brought an understanding of human cognition to the masses is merely an “echo” of personality type.    A visual understanding along the road we call the “Godtype Continuum”.   A journey from the concrete  to the abstract… and ultimately in our near futures its final destination of a realization of the “Digital ” nature of human cognition and time itself.

The true and clearest understanding of “type” requires us to understand the pattern and sequences of cognition.  “Time” itself must be understood in the guise of “sequence”.     Even though these two personalities seem to be opposites on the surface – inwardly they share the same cognitive patterns, the same Functions that were key to Jung’s original discoveries.  We have now found a clue to why “Duality Pairs”  whether in friendships or marriage confuse all those who know them!

The eNtp is Ne Ti – Fe Si.   This simply means our rational inventors first “function” in the sequence in which their minds work is Ne (extroverted Intuition) followed by Ti (introverted Thinking).   Godtype theory postulates that these combinations of Functions must be looked at as one.   ie the eNtp is a extroverted intuitive thinking first.  And a extroverted Feeling Sensor 2nd.    Likewise the iSfj is a Si Fe – Ti Ne.   It is the order that is simply reversed.  Contrary to what type pop science incorrectly tells the world of these two’s complete incompatibility they are actually one of the closest possible relationships possible!


entp cognition illustration

iSfj Cognitive Functions Illustration

It was my (intp*) son who first made me aware of the most confusing personal relationship (to outsiders) in my life.  That of my oldest and best friend, my best man at my wedding – my complete and polar opposite, an  ISFJ.     You see, it ends up this  childhood friend of 30+ years  is surely my complete opposite on the surface, yet our subconscious cognitive processes each mirror our outward personalities.

The reason for the attraction and paradoxical friendships that are made by Duality pairs.

The ISFJ Guardian/Protector is the “Dual” for ENTP Rationals & vice versa.    If there is  round hole and only a square peg available, the ISFJ  will surely find a way to make it fit…  Insurmountable odds do not affect them to the least.  A tenacity and fearlessness in the “physical world”  that I admired as a young boy.   A tenacity and fearlessness that the ENTP executes within the virtual realm of Ideas.

A virtual realm that is paradoxically innately understood by our concrete ISFJ within the deepest parts of their mind…  Their souls.

Cognitive science and history  teaches  this is so.   Please see the graphics of  the entp / isfj cognitive processes.

Cognitive relationship experts teach  that Duality Pairs even though outwardly completely different usually became lifelong friends and successful marriages because of their ability’s to see and understand each others failings.    I was a technical nerd who occasionally started fights with local bullies with  my “words” (ideas),  and just about every time I was about to get my butt kicked my good friend would step in and take on any foe.   The ISFJ’s  are hardwired to physically “protect” both people and concepts  with their actions.  Seemingly fearless my personal “protector” would go up against larger and more numerous foes.  AND WIN!    ISFJ’s though introverted are often highly charismatic,  larger than life – whether you liked them or not you know when they have entered any room.   Years later  I had to ask,  weren’t you afraid during those many battles in your teens? – His answer was simply true to the ISFJ,  “I acted instinctively in all those situations,   I simply did what had to be done” .  In almost every case, he was “protecting” and fighting for those who could not fight for themselves.   A typical personality of the ISFJ godtype.   The protector.   George Washington was certainly an ISFJ.



Milton Thomas X

PSR – Pretender Strategic Research

The Key to “Being Glenn Beck”

Viewing ones competitors with an open mind & yes “Love” is key to understanding their strategic moves and future plans, one can only truly understand our adversaries if we have the capability to become as they are.  This is the key ability that every person can improve and master in order to become more “like Glenn Beck” or even the greatest positioning genius of all time – St. Paul.

This ability will not only help one understand our enemies, but it will also help us to understand our loved ones as well! understanding that each and every human being on earth is unique (though sharing the distinct “preferences” of the 16 base personality types) likewise if one reads an opponents words from an opposite opinion with disdain or anger without putting ones self into their actual shoes – you will achieve absolutely nothing!

Love is the key, we must Love our opponents! Jesus eloquently preached this to be the most important of commandments!)

The Great Pretender
All Rationals (NT’s) can be labeled pretenders, yet the greatest positioning genius in history capable of getting  into the minds of his competition was St. Paul who wrote these words 2000 years ago
*1st Cor. 9:19

“I am no man’s slave, but I have made myself a slave to all, in order to win the more for Christ. To the Jews I have made myself as a Jew, in order to win Jews; to those who live under the law I have come as one under the law, in order to win those who are under the law — not that I myself am under the law. To those who live without the law I have come as one without the law, in order to win those who are without the law — not that I am really under no law in relation to God, for I am bound by the law of Christ. To those who are weak I have made myself weak, so as to win the weak; in fact, I have become all things to all people, in order that, one way or another, I may rescue some of them. But I do it all for the sake of the gospel, so that I may share its blessings with others” (1 Cor. 9:19-23)

Post Note:  Glenn Beck can best be labeled an ENTx,  not because of a preference for “J” judgement – He is highly perceptive in his abilities to spot patterns and what the world likes to label “conspiracies”.  Glenn was born with the paradoxical gift of ADHD!  This gift of “hyper activity” allows men such as Beck and most likely the Apostle Paul to Achieve so much in so little time, giving the impression of Judgement – a judgement other entp’s reach in days, months or even years  – Persons such as these seem to be capable of running on a higher frequency which allows them to make well thought out decisions (Judgement) based on a myriad of simulations which they have run through the worlds greatest computer – our human minds….For further research into entp’s see this page which represents Socionics much deeper and scientific exploration of personality type

* My oldest son   is an inTp personality, just like David Kearsey, Carl Jung, Myers and Behrens as well as and many more  of the most gifted  scientists in the cognition field.  That is why  when he was only 10 years old I was able to sit him down and explain  Jungian cognitive theory  – to my amazement he was “Teaching” me how it really worked just a few years later in his teens.   I had no idea he was an inTp with the most special ability of all personality “Godtypes”.   An ability to understand human systems deeper and more completely than most persons on earth.

What an amazing collection of minds below!  possibly (3) ENTP’s together discussing God and Patters.   Rabi Daniel Lapin (Judaism), Penn Jillette (Atheist) and Glen Beck (Mormon) talk about “God” from very differing view points and yet possibly all from similar cognitive patterns of an ENTP

An ENTP describes “Indications of God”

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