Father Types: esTj – Supervisor / Implementer

The (12) Undeniable Traits of the ESTJ – Supervisor / Implementer Godtype


Godtype Time & Cognition Table.  Please Click on Image for Larger Image

Godtype Time & Cognition Table. Please Click on Image for Larger Image

Hard Working
Digs in and get the job done
Community Minded
Respect of established institutions
Devotion to Logic

(3) Areas of weakness requiring work:
Overly Aggressive
Building relationships with their followers
Appearance of not considering other perspectives

Godtype Evidence in Science

SJ Total Population based on David Keirsey’s Research:   41.66%

Frequency / Factor: 5

Percentage of ISFJ’s in Humanity = About 10%

View of  “Time” = PAST

Energy Use:  Correlation of Energy

Biblical Personality:  God the Father

Bill O’Reilly ESTJ

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  1. This is a great article, but eselicalpy for M-B fans. (as an xNTP glad to marry an ENTx who’s enough J to keep me paying bills on time. Unfortunately stable salary for 10 years.)On your date, ask if they are clean desk or messy desk people (J or P). Ask about reading books or going out partying, and see if you can go with them to a party does a group party energize them? (E) or do they really prefer being alone with you (I; or just alone ) and the group party tires them out.Abstract (N) or Concrete (S) is discovered by talking about Big Things, in the Abstract (N). Or not; and therefore more specific, concrete. (S)How do they make decisions? Based on Feelings? Or cold logically Thoughts? (F or T). Is it worse to be merciless or unjust? (F or T) Ask them.There are no right or wrong answers, just truth (or lies!).

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