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The ENTP’s are the “Originators” of personality types. Appropriately number 0000 on the Godtype periodic table. Understanding that these personalities strive to understand all of Nature which includes an ability to “mimic” the 15 other temperaments that differ from themselves.  They are the pretenders of society – capable of fitting into almost any role that they are asked to,  Just do not expect them to fill the role indefinitely   When they get bored they will move on to their next role in life.    So rather than describe their top 12 traits, lets just point out the 15 traits of which the ENTP falls slightly short on.

Smart, on many subjects but not  as smart in a focused subject as an INTP.
Visionary, but not as deeply visionary as an INTJ.
Ambitious, but not as ambitious as an ENTJ.
Articulate in speaking and eloquent in writing, but not  as articulate or as eloquent as an ENFP.
Virtuous, but not as virtuous as an INFP.
Compassionate, but not nearly as compassionate as an ENFJ.
Mystical, but not nearly as mystical as an INFJ.
Helpful, but not nearly as helpful as an ESFJ.
Devoted, but not nearly as devoted as an ISFJ.
Shrewd and clever, but not as shrewd and clever as an ESTP.
Cool under pressure, but not as cool under pressure as an ISTP.
Friendly and easygoing, but not nearly as friendly and easygoing as an ESFP.
Calm and peaceful, but not  as calm and peaceful as an ISFP.
Dedicated, but not nearly as dedicated as an ESTJ.
Detail-oriented, but not nearly as detail-oriented as an ISTJ.


*ENTP’s generally have an ability to live in a mind that recognizes no boundary as being ultimately real in nature. It is a mind that sees no limits to human potential, and relentlessly unifies everything that it can with the biggest holistic vision possible.

David Horowitz: NT – entp

*with thanks to Kartik Subbarao for this conceptual description




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