The Godtype Code & Jubilee Periods of the Bible: Permanent waves of Culture

How does one describe the impossible?  Coincidence after coincidence lining up and substantiating Godtype’s premises and theories.  An understanding that Man is truly created in the image of God according to Genesis 1:26.  But, what does this  “Image” mean?   Godtype research shows it has nothing to do about our appearance –  it has everything to do about our “souls” – our invisible being – “the patterns” of our personalities.

How does one explain to the public at large the much more abstract evidences that show “Time” itself also mirrors this Image.   That the percentages of humanity based on secular  cognitive science parallel recorded history as we know it……

What we are calling the Godtype “Code & Sequence” seems to mirror  distinct cycles of  time as history has unfolded in the past.    The Irrational numbers of  8.33, 16.66, 33.33 and the greatest number… 41.66.  Are prolific and yet subtly hidden within the Judeo-Christian scriptures.

This “Godtype” cycle and sequence travels along time’s arrow in never ending cycles of “acceleration”  resetting itself every 100 years. (A Great Jubilee).   Godtype’s correlation of “Energy” to human cognition which has been verified by *cognitive researchers both in America and Russia – is key.  Kinetic Energy (SP),  Conversion of Energy (NF),  Potential Energy (NT), Correlation of Energy (SJ).   These cycles were also understood by the greatest scientist of the modern age…. Nikola Tesla, who alludes to these human “energies” in one of his most outlandish essays published in 1900 – An essay that was put aside by all of his contemporaries…. An essay confirmed by our Godtype research.

Published Nikola Tesla Essay/book  “The Problem with Increasing Human Energy”

These Cycles become more pronounced as “Technology increases”.   God talks about this clearly in the story of Babel.  The technology chapter from our bibles. (please see essay here)

Godtype’s 50/100 year cycles and the Jubilee cycles of the Bible 

supertramp 9-11 and permanent waves rush

supertramp 9-11 and permanent waves rush

Completely un-related (so I thought)  to Godtype were the “patterns” in history I stumbled across several years ago as the editor of SRI.  Historical events that allowed me to make predictions on future history based on patterns from the past…  events separated by 100 year  cycles?  By 50 year cycles?  Godtype cycles of (33.33 + 16.66) and (8.33 + 41.66)?  Jubilee cycles!….

The Great Harlot: She’s a   Supertramp. Issued precisely on a date commemorating the end of a Jubilee 50 year period and the begining of the Final Jubilee of the Christian age (1979-2029 – final jubilee period of 2000 year NF macro period)

One of the the most visited supernatural research essays discovering  these cycles at SRI happened to uncover the “Collective Unconscious” commemoration of Jan 1, 1980 and a far off date of March 22, 2013 because of an impossible connection to the Georgia Guidestones.    33.3 years?   These commemorations as well as several other cover art images released at precise dates  seem to give  evidence of what Carl Jung called *”The Collective Unconscious”.  It  is a supernatural phenomena that is certainly under the control of the Adversary we are taught about in the pages of the Bible.    These images artistically displayed the end and passing of a 42 year  “Golden age”  (1938 – 1980)

Patterns which I realized early in research divide into two distinct 50 year cycles (8.33 & 41.66)  and (33.33 & 16.66).  Godtype  has clearly documented these patterns both in a “Macro” scale based on a 12,000 year Timeline (Genesis 6:3),

Godtype Illustration with 12,000 year Time-Map

as well as a Micro “100 year cycles” map  showing clear NT/Jubilee Reset 8.33 year periods in history including the Great Depression of 1929-1938.    Amazingly this cycle can be traced all the way back to 572 BC, when Ezekiel gave his prophetic pronouncements during a Jubilee (reset) year.

These commemorative illustrations  represent permanent waves of cultures from the “Golden Age” of America (SJ-Father Guardian Period of 42 years) and its transition into “something new” (an SP-Spirit Artisan period of 33 years)   it was also hiding a representation of the Bibles most famous apocalyptic passages written down in Revelation 17 and Jeremiah 51.  They each displayed the  Great Harlot of apocalyptic imagery,  a “Super Tramp” if you will.  For over 33 years this fact layed hidden in front of our eyes on two of the most memorable cover illustrations of 1979/80 – until it was uncovered by our SRI research articles.

Is there a cabal of  Luciferian  worshipers demanding  these commemorations and artwork?

Permanent Waves Album Cover by Rush: Depicting a Harlot walking away from her devastated city? Rush claims the Album titled was a reference to “Waves of Culture” It was issued on January 1st of  the 120th and Final Jubilee year.


We should disagree with most “conspiracy” researchers on this hypothesis…. For the Lord teaches us that we fight not against human adversaries, but that our fight is against principalities and rulers of darkness  in high places (spiritual).   Carl Jung came to understand these patterns and inexplicable artistic “leaks” into human civilizations as “The Collective unconscious”.

I believe Jung simply discovered the bifurcated reality of what St. Paul so eloquently tried to teach us –  our battle is somehow one of spiritual significance….  Heaven and Earth are inexplicably linked.  (Mat 18:18, Rev. 21:1)

Early in the discovery of  the Godtype Code and sequence I wrote my research partner about an interesting pattern I had noticed.  The code neatly divides into two 50 year cycles?  41.66 (SJ-Father) and 8.33 (NT-trinity) = 50,   16.66 (NF-Jesus) and 33.33 (SP-Spirit) = 50.  somehow the 8.33 represents both the beginning of the sequence and end as well.

(8.33×12,000=1000, the millennium. The 7th day, A day of rest – TRINITY, i.e. Holy Spirit ) 

(16.66×12,000=2000, Christian Age or Common Era.  Day 5 and 6 – SON) 

(33.33×12,000=4000,  Before Christ / Jewish History. Day 1 -4 – SPIRIT / Ruah Ha-Kodesh)   

(41.33×12,000=5000, Ancient of Days – Unknown due to Flood – FATHER)

Atheist, yet brilliant NT rational Ayn Rand forced this “NT-Reset” period upon the world within the pages of Atlas Shrugged….having all creators simply walk away from their positions (A “secular”forced 8.33 Year NT period)  Allowing the world to crumble until  it personally came to its knees and asked the creators (Trinity) and their iNtuitive *Holy Spirit to come back!   A secular “dream” from a mastermind NT rational Ayn Rand who has unknowingly placed her self upon God’s Throne much as the Biblical personalities Judas & Lucifer each set out to  “collapse”  the system in the  distant past.   If she only understood that so much of her writings mirrored the inspired texts of the ancient Judeo-Christian scriptures!

Once again, there is evidence of  man not following God’s commandments  to honor these 50 and 100 year Great Jubilee periods   –   and the results are clearly written in history.

A few months later after discovering  several references to Godtype clearly explained in the bible including “ {The 153 Fish of John 21:3},   {the 120 year  (cycles/epoch) allotted to man of Genises 6:3***}     The number 17 (16.66) clearly representing Jesus Christ to name a few.

The Jubilee 50 year Cycles and Godtype’s Calendar Patterns Collide in 572 bc

I made an unlikely prediction to my research partner in a letter…. Surely  The 50 year cycles of Judaism we know as the Jubilee must also represent 100 year cycles?  They must be (2) distinct cycles per century?  each slightly different yet  matching Godtype.    Also, if  the start date to the first Jubilee is by chance documented within the pages of the Bible it should collide with Godtype’s  2029/30 completion date for the “Christian Age”.    Marking  the end of a 2000 year “Great” NF-Jesus period (12,000 x 16.66=2000 years).  These  Jubilee periods commissioned by God the Father should surely collide with the Godtype Calendar.

 The Pope’s recent proclamation in November 2012, that Christ Birth was certainly in 4-5 bc was timely,  though I was well aware of this fact for over 20 years due to my understanding of a Gregorian calendar,  It was never admitted to by the Church itself.  (The calendar we are all privy to use was established by the Catholic Church) It can now be understood  by the general “culture” –   If tradition holds true of our Lord being 33 years of age at the crucifixion is correct  – The Popes statements “believed” by the general public to have occurred in 29 AD.

The Discoveries:

William Blake – Christ appears to apostles after resurrection


Bible and History indeed records the earliest mentioned Jubilee coincides with the Godtype Patterns and Christs Crucifixion!  

Sure enough, research showed that Jewish wisdom teaches that their are two Distinct 50 year Jubilee Periods just as Godtype infers!

Research also showed that one of the earliest recorded Jubilee periods mentioned in scripture was in   572 BC.  When Ezekiel interestingly gave his prophecies on the end times rebuilding of the Temple.

Exactly 12  Jubilee periods separating this important point in time and 29 ad,  The year of Christs crucifixion.   A year some Jewish Historians consider the start of the  81st Jubilee.    Add 40 additional Jubilee periods after the Resurrection coinciding with a 2000 year Christian Church age colliding with Godtype’s future marker within time and space of 2029.   Genesis 6:3 and Mans appointed 120 years?  120 Jubilee’s?   This also leaves us  with an interesting number separating 2029 and Ezekiel s vision in light of Scripture and Science:  52 x 50 = 2600

A year (52) of weeks of jubilee periods.   2600 years from Ezekiel’s Vision of a rebuilt temple and the end of the Church age? *Godtype discovered a statistically impossible  cycle of “Empires” of 260/520 year periods through out time as we know it.  

Egypt,  Rome, Britain-America.   research it for yourself – They fall exactly at 260 year intervals?  is this just a coincidence or is there something more….  Roman Empire (44bc-476ad)  British”greater” Empire  (1516-1776),  America – the final empire  (1776-2036*)   *2029+7

NEWS / RESEARCH FLASH.  The 260/520 year patterns mentioned above were broken sky high a year later in our “”Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin”” essay.  Understood due to a dream demanding that I read the Daniels “writing on the wall” to solve this riddle. Also, sweat and toil from 19th century theologian James Glentworth Butler.  Confirmed just recently by Tim Mahoney’s  hit Christian documentary “Patterns of Evidence”

Think about this for a moment….consider a Jubilee period as a week.  12 x 50=600 years (A year of weeks) seperating between Ezekiels vision of the coming temple and Christ’s resurection.    Now  realize that exactly 7 years later Daniel interprets the writing on the wall on ca 564bc.  2600 years prior to Godtype’s 2036 date.  52×50=2600…. A week of years of weeks?.

The Roman Empire existed for (2) 260 year periods for a 520 year empire – 44bc-476ad.   Britain and America seem to combine for a similar (2) 260 = 520.  It is an amazing statistical improbability for these 260 year periods to be in sequential order as they show up in history.  In Fact, Egypt’s Old Kingdom (Pyramid Builders) seem to fall within (4) of these 260 year intervals as well.   To fall within 1/100th of a scientifically proven 26,000 year precession period?  See our UPDATED RESEARCH here discovering that the Pattern continued 520 years further into history colliding with the death of Nebuchadnezzar and his empire in 564bc… Deciphered by Daniel to his Grandson Belshazzar  “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsen”… Literally meaning “Time” is measured and divided by periods of 520 years!

Is not America’s occult symbolism through out history a strange mix of Egyptian and Roman imagery?  

Interestingly 260 years  works out to 1/10th of this cycle.  which in turn is 1/10th of our Earth’s full precession.  All within the Jubilee periods of the Bible!

Copyright – Milton Fleitas

 Godtype’s  intuitive understanding of a 8.33 year “reset” sequence (NT-Trinity period) just happens to parallel the Jewish understanding of Gods commandments for humanity to reset our societies every 50 years!   

A commandment that both the Jewish and Christian world has completely disregarded for over two millenia.   It has been my assertion from the beginning that 2012/13 is simply marking the transition into a 16.66 year  (NF-Idealist) Micro period – The final one of the 2000 year Christian age.  

What we understand as  2029/30 may be the Year that God has allotted to end the Greatest Jubilee period in history?  2000 years where forgiveness of Sin and Debts is not earned after reaching the end of a 50 years period of human struggle on earth, but instead given freely to us by grace.  Available at this moment.  Available at any time. 

Can 2029/30 mark the final year of a 2000 year Christian Church period?   A  Jubilee period maintained by grace.  

Milton Thomas Fleitas



NT” Time.  TRINITY  –  Potential Energy….  Time is Dynamic, STOPS moving .  Atlas Shrugs!

Difficult periods in human history which last about 8 years (8.33 )   The Great Worldwide depression of 1929-1938.  The previous great depression of 1829.   The fictional period of Time Ayn Rand glorified in her book Atlas Shrugged where all Rationals “disappear” and leave the rest of humanity to fend for themselves….  Ayn Rand  had just lived through the great depression prior to writing her seminal work.  She was unknowingly simply documenting the “reality” of this period of time where – “Atlas truly does shrug”

SJ” Time.  FATHER – Corelation of all Energy……..Time Looks Back, moves slower (Cautious & Static).    

follows the near collapse left by “NT” time.   The “NT”‘s who did not walk away from their positions as Ayn Rand glorifies, yet they were slowly pushed out of the “System”….. Outnumbered 12:1   and 4:1 (when combined with their NF cousins) the Majority of humanity “learn” to play the  role  of the Abstract NT’s.   “SJ” Time  picks up the pieces and looks to the past…..  They come to grips with errors of the previous 50 year Jubilee Period (SP-33.33+NF-16.66) And begin to manage resources (people) more efficiently.   NT’s rise from the ashes and begin to implement systems of recovery. No where was this more evident than Pre-America’s  original Golden age from 1738 – 1780.   Just about every Founding Father built their careers and philosophical frameworks during this period.  considering NT’s make up only 1 in 12 in the populaton.   Nearly every one of our founding fathers were NT rationals.  Along with NF Idealists.

“SP” Time.  SPIRIT – Kinetic Energy.   Time is lived in the present,  It is kinetic (Moves Forward / Frantic)

What else can you call the just completed 1980-2013 cycle?   America is nearly spent, exhausted from this frantic period.  Likewise 100 years earlier 1880-1913 saw the great expansion… As americans drove west to uncharted lands.  A technological period of exponential advancement seems to be part of this cycle.   It collides though with an “emotional” period of time that can go in many directions.  Idealism.

“NF” Time.  SON – Conversion of Energy.  Time looks to the future,  it is Idealistic (Shifting / Logic) 

Possibly the most earth changing period of all.   Idealism is a sword that can cut both ways.  Rationality (Reason) is discarded for “emotion” and feelings (Logic).  Economies pick up and move forward  on pure “emotion” and  ever shifting ideologies.  1913-1929 saw the “Roaring 20’s”  An economy running on fumes and yet the corporate culture drove a speeding train into the future and off the proverbial cliff.  (The great  depression of 1929-38)   Most people are unaware of this  cliff……  The “NT” ‘s and paradoxically the “NF”‘s themselves are aware of this future collapse.  They are the 25% of humanity that think “Abstractly”.   We know them as “Preppers” today.   Though I believe most are prepping for a collapse nearly 17 years in the future,  it is a correct understanding of the times in which we live in.



 *Leviticus, Chapter 25: 3-12  “Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof; But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land…That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, neither gather the grapes of thy vine undressed: for it is a year of rest unto the land… And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubilee to sound … And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land… A jubilee shall that fiftieth year be unto you: ye shall not sow, neither reap that which groweth of itself in it, nor gather the grapes in it of thy vine undressed. For it is the jubile; it shall be holy unto you: ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field.”  


*”The Collective Unconscious” as Carl Jung called these leaks of subconscious information from an unknown source can be understood as the “Holy Spirit” in Christian theology,   yet the Adversary’s (Satan / System) in control of this system is certainly evident because of so much negative and seemingly demonic use of this “System”.    This is why Godtype research often refers to Holy Spirit 1.0 and 2.0.  Spirit 1.0 (The System of Things as explained by Paul) was certainly usurped by a mighty angel by the name of Lucifer – clearly explained in the pages of the Judeo-Christian scriptures.    Holy Spirit 2.0 was also clearly explained and described within the scriptures……  Deployed at Pentecost by our Lord himself.  (2) distinct Spirits (Systems) Yet the Holy Spirit is overwhelmingly taught within our scriptures to be – A distinct “person” we worship as  creator.    the Third person of the Holy Trinity.

 *”572Bc – 12 Jubilee’s from the resurection”.   is overwhelmingly considered the year of Ezekiels vision of the coming temple, and a Jubilee year.  Barnes .pdf

*”Holy” Spirit is Distinct from the Spirit of this earth. theology students learn “Holy” simply means “set apart” or “from above”.

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