Time Travel: Humanity’s gift from God?

Job 38:7 When the Morning Stars Sang Together by William Blake

Time Travel: Humanity’s gift from God? (originally published at SRI)

For many years I have explained to friends and loved ones who venture off into the world of science fiction with the subject of Time Travel –

“Do you realize that we (humanity) are actual time travelers!  That this is the “Gift” that humans posses that is so coveted by the angels from above  – that 1/3  chose to leave their first estate.”  A gift which 2/3’s of the angels realized came with a price they were not willing to pay.

Time Travel (biological)….  A lower dimensional reality that our creator had assigned to the domain of “nature” here on this earth.   An ability that is cherished by most of us because we travel within this “domain” our entire lives…. It is the only frame of reference we have ever had.    Yet humanity seems to have a special attribute that transcends all of nature – the cognitive ability to both understand and execute  “Free Will”.

Personally I began my time travel trip through time and space on the Island of Manhattan in 1964.  I am currently experiencing a very different world filled with amazing technological advances!  Strange and amazing contraptions capable of  futuristic feats that I thought were only possible in the pages of comic books and science fiction novellas I read as a child.

This special ability is researched extensively on our sister website Godtype.com,  it is the “Thinking/Feeling” processes of human cognition.     A process which I have been arguing for some time now that is truly only ONE cognitive process which is divided (/) by a pesky little dimension called “Time”.    Thinking (/) Feeling

Thinking / Feeling is one cognitive process separated by time!

Thinking or properly described within cognitive theory as “correlative logic”  is the domain of God the Father.  It is an ability requiring us to look to the PAST in order to materialize it on this earth.

Feeling or properly  described within cognitive theory as “ethical logic” is the domain of God the Son. It is an ability that we must look TOWARDS the FUTURE and its possibilities  in order to display it here on earth.

As you an I travel along Times Arrow here on this earth we must deal with the “physics” which are part of this creation.   We often stumble, fall and hurt ourselves – Accidents are commonplace –  Good people die before their “Time”.    A fact that our  “Agnostic / Atheist”  friends and loved ones are sometimes quick to jump on as they tell us that there is no God, or if there is –  he truly does not Love us…..

“What kind of God allows a child to starve to death…  A child to be murdered by an automatic weapon in America….  A child to be abused by a priest within the Catholic church”.

These are the top (3) “What kind of a God allows….”  statements I so often hear from folks who have given up on God.  It is interesting that those who most often bring this up are from the progressive side of the political spectrum – almost always bringing up “Children” when describing the injustices of this world.*

Time travel (biological)  it seems is not God’s original plan for humanity…….  The stories of the Garden are clear:   Adam and Eve were given  Incorruptible bodies similar to the one Jesus returned to earth with after the resurrection.    Bodies that were capable of enjoying the fruits of this earth (Jesus eats and drinks with his apostles)  Bodies capable of transcending the physics which you and I must deal with (Jesus is capable of entering and appearing within  locked rooms)…. The physics which I spoke earlier of that are responsible for so much grief on this earth for its human inhabitants.  Responsible for so many to reject the self evident reality within nature itself of  our awesome creator.

Whose plan was it?  Whose gift is it that is responsible for so much of humanity to say  “what kind of God allows….”

The Judeo-Christian scriptures teach us that a  mighty angel by the name of Lucifer seems to be the “Architect”  behind the “system” currently in play on our earth.    The bible does not mince words – it clearly tells us that he is the “God” of this world.

The original plan of our creator  according to Genesis similarly allowed human beings to travel along times arrow and interact with the beauty of this earth.  Yet,  it was a very different type of “time travel” to what we are now experiencing.   The original self replicating  body (temple) God created for Adam was incorruptible and error free.     It allowed for physical and emotional connections  –  An ability apparently not given to the angels themselves.   It allowed for self creation…..  The miracle of birth of the human child.      These first two inhabitants were created male and female and the biblical record explains to us that it was this “relationship”  between themselves and others that was somehow special, different and unique.   We call this special relationship “Love”.

How interesting that God’s first admonitions to Eve after the fall was about  the “Pain” of childbirth that she and all her descendants would now experience because of her and Adams rebellious choice.    Of course God  told her of this pain,  childbirth was at the crux of the uniqueness of humanity.    Self-creation –  was at the center of the Creators well known dispute with the adversary……..ntfs-time-space

This ability for  “Love” which according to Godtype research displays itself among human cognition as (correlative and ethical  logic)  aka Thinking / Feeling.  Two cognitive processes which most claim have nothing to do with each other and yet I  am certain they are one in the same.  Two domains according to Godtype that are simply separated by time.  PAST / FUTURE.    The Alpha and Omega.  The First and the Last.   The Ancient of Days and our Future redeemer.  YHWH / Messiah.  Father / Son.   How Interesting were Jesus’ words…. “I and the Father are one”

I often think of our saying that transcends all cultures and languages…..”The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.    This quintessential American proverb was originally stated in Latin by Erasmus of Rotterdam long ago,  “Fertilior seges est alieno semper in arvo” .   I am certain every culture and language on earth has a similar proverb….  A proverb taught to us within the first paragraphs of the holy scriptures.  A saying known as “A proverb of discontent”.

No matter how well we have it, or how good it gets – History and the Bible are full of stories of man’s discontent.   The recent hit “The Bible” mini-series shows this as the standard theme through out all the Old Testament stories.   1. God gives man great gifts.   2. Man then wants and expects even more….  whats on the other side of the fence.  3. Man falls and experiences pain and suffering.   4. God gives us redemption.  A four fold cycle repeated over and over again.

The  Beauty that earths first inhabitants had witnessed due to the forbidden fruit came with a price…..It was certainly beautiful!  But it was not God’s choice for humanity.   Man would no longer be in “direct” communion with the Father as humanity jumped aboard this fast moving train speeding away from the creator on tracks scientist call “Times Arrow”.    We willingly stepped out and met our future.   Sin (errors) encountered on this track  would force humanity to begin speeding away from our creator one second at a time…..  one minute at a time….. one hour, one day, one year and on and on.

Creating  a vast separation from our true  creator which the old testament properly calls “The Ancient of Days”…  

Every moment, every day we are traveling further and further away from our creator.   Every moment and every day the god of this earth has gained greater and greater possession of the land….  Through the use of technology,  this god  has brought humanity full circle to the days of Babel.    It is technology that this “god” will leverage according to the prophetic scriptures as we reach a period in time that is exponentially increasing in its inclination towards destruction.

Godtype Space Time Map – 6000 years of Human Civilizaztion according to Ancient Jewish Tradition

The original time of Babel was quite possibly the point when God first initiated “Jubilee Periods” and the necessity for humanity to “Reset” society or suffer the consequences.    History has clearly marked these collapses occurring every 100 years!  They occur Along times arrow for any “time traveler   willing to look back.     This was the reason for God’s requirement of Jubilee Years at the end of every 50 and 100 years.  ( See our Research at Godtype.com) A story in the bible describing the ancient technological prowess of humanity,  When human civilization was necessarily divided in order to “buy” us more time.    Jewish scholars such as Daniel Lapin understand these prophetic stories and shout them out at the top of their lungs and yet they seem to be only preaching  to the wind….

Time Travel (biological life) Whose Gift is it really?

Though I clearly called our human experiences along times arrow as a “Gift” in my first paragraph there is a reason I leave a question mark….  A gift from whom?  This “gift” seems to be the primary reason that so many reject a personal God and Jesus Christ.  I Cherish this “Gift” because as we all travel along time’s arrow it has so many “Beautiful Moments”  that we all get to “share” with family and loved ones.    Yes, it has its bad moments as well,  And the bible clearly explains why……   This “Gift”  and current “system we all live in was not initiated by God.   It is clearly the handiwork of the Adversary.

The biblical narrative is clear on this.    6000+ years (6660? see geo-earth anomalies)  

Yes, it is a gift most of us cherish…. because we understand some of the most important verses in the bible that teach us of the “fall”.   It is understanding  the  fall from “universal grace” and a higher dimension we call “Heaven on Earth” that allows those redeemed by Christ to  reject the (3) Statements of Discontent I outline above.   The (3) “What Kind of God Allows…….” .

This Gift it turns out was not a gift at all,  it is actually our curse!   It was literally handed to us by the Adversary in the guise of a “fruit”  Millennia ago.  And yet God has paradoxically already provided us redemption and a promised “return” to this garden.     In the “Future” Messiah.   The “Coming” prince.   The “Return” of Christ.

A dimension that according to the  Godtype Space-Time map is just around the corner.   Also, According to St. John, Ezekiel, Amos, Daniel and many many more prophets of old….



post notes

And Ancient Jewish wisdom and honest Bible scholars will admit to you that the term Satan – simply means the “system”.   When we speak of “SATAN” it is the “system”  or “Spirit” of this mighty Angel that the Bible speaks about.  Think about this for a moment….  When Christ admonishes Simon Peter in the days before his Crucifixion that marks our entry into a 2000 year church age,  the 2 days spoken by the prophet Amos.   Did our Lord truly call Peter “Satan”, or was he speaking of the “system”….  of putting this corrupted “system within time and space”  SATAN and its author Lucifer LITTERALLY behind him on time’s unforgiving arrow.    The Resurrection just a few days later did absolutely that!     A point in time that shattered time and space.


An act of physical union  which Lucifer coveted for himself.   This original “state” of humanity was without sin (errors),  it allowed God to walk among us in his perfection.   At some point (a paradoxical point / moment within this strange timeless domain) Lucifer convinced earths first inhabitants to follow him…. into a new world of amazing beauty….   A different kind of beauty that allowed humanity to paradoxically “experience” this strange and “new” dimension of time.

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