Matthew 16:23 – “Get Behind Me, Satan!” A Godtype understanding.

get-behind-satatan-yefimovichMatthew 16:21-23

16:21  From that time Jesus began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day.

16:22   Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, “God forbid it, Lord! This shall never happen to You.”

16:23   But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.

Before we delve into this confusing and strange statement made by our Lord just prior to his crucifixion, lets review some interesting coincidences within scripture and Godtype that we show in our  essay about  John 21 and the 153 fish caught by the apostles nets .   Most commentators over the centuries have described this odd amount of “fish” as descriptive of the “Spiritual Church” Plus the “Risen Christ”.

It is an amazing coincidence that our scientifically based cognition map we are calling the “Godtype Periodic Table”  displays exactly 153 human interactions between the 16 proven personality types + #17…. Jesus Christ.    153 Possible Binary Pairs.   153 Possible Relationships.

It’s been over a year since we first published the “periodic table”.  Based solely on Intuition/Spirit It our attempt to present  human cognition through the “digital” mathematical sequence which lies just beneath the surface.  A digital comprehension which Rationals (NT) like myself inherently understand.  How many rational geeks see our world…. through numbers and percentages.      153 in Godtype just happens to be the amount of “binary” relationships possible among humanity.  

So as we study the interesting properties of the #17, there are some interesting properties we must pay attention to:   

 The Number 17 is the Pyramidal number which expresses 153

In light of John 21 and the story of the 153 fish caught by the apostles this is an amazing discovery and more evidence of The Godtype Code’s assertion that 16.66 and the number 17 Represent Jesus Christ may be more than coincidence.



How interesting…..Physicist tell us today that there will one day be likely 153  total elements discovered on Planet Earth.   Our scientific elemental periodic table gives evidence to their being a maximum of 153 elements on earth.    Can this be evidence that our earth and all her elements including those yet to be discovered  are  truly the domain of Yeshua HaMashiach?

“”a third set, the superactinide series (elements 122–153), is predicted to fall outside the main body of the table, but none of these has yet been synthesized or isolated.”” Columbia Enc. 2014″


Yet there is another occurrence of this pyramidal phenomena in scripture when it comes to the number which represents Man who was created on the 6th day….



Mathew 16:23     Jesus tells Peter…. “Get behind me Satan”

We have now arrived at the crux of the story.    It is Godtype’s ultimate conjecture that humanity (cognition)  as a whole  is at the minimum an  4 bit quantum system.    In theory,  humanity is collectively a massive Quantum Computer and Cognition is its operating system.      A system currently running under (2) separate platforms.    The original  (earthly-S-below) Spirit 1.0 which was usurped by a Mighty Angel by the name of Lucifer ages ago and Holy Spirit 2.0 (heavenly-N-above) which was deployed at Pentecost by the Lord himself.  This helps to answer the difference between the Spirit of this earth Paul teaches us about and the Holy Spirit whose home is heaven.ntfs-time-space

The Reason high level Masons, Rosicrucian’s, Kabbalist etc. who reject the Lordship of Jesus Christ seem to give such high reverence to the number 33 through out history.  33.3 is representative of Time on earth.  Representative of fallen man.  Representative of the “System of Things” spoken of by the apostle Paul.  It is paradoxically a holy number as well and yet like most things that spend enough time on this earth,  it seems to represent evil.    God or Baal…..  The choice is yours.

Is this not what the Bible teaches?   Can the use of “SATAN” in this verse possibly point to Humanity as a whole… our “Collective Quantum operating system” so to speak that was hijacked by Lucifer long ago.   A system representative of this most brilliant and beautiful of angels.  A system now worthy of personification as “the devil”  “Satan”  “Baal” to name a few.    A system that is  qualitatively  completely human?   A “system” (Time & Energy) our Lord referred to as SATAN in Mathew 16:23.

 (Many biblical teachers and Rabbis  teach that when the word SATAN appears in our bibles it generally does not refer to an individual “being” but to a collective…  a “system of things” as referenced by Paul in 2 Cor:4:3-4.)

2. Corinthians 4:3-4  

“If, now, the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through”.  

I was always troubled in my youth by Christ’s  telling Peter “Get Behind Me Satan”.   Is Peter possessed?   Does Peter represent the devil?  Does Satan represent the Catholic church?   These were very harsh words for the man Jesus has  just told he would be building his church on.  Can it be that our Lord was  referencing time/energy  itself?  

The continuum  separating  the just completing 4000 years of SP (Spirit/33.33/Earthly) time from a  fast approaching  2000 year  age of grace (NF/Son/16.33) just a few days away?

This is after all is how this expression is generally used…. In Reference to TIME & Energy.

“Put your troubles  behind you”  “Leave your troubles behind” .    “Put that bad experience behind you”.  etc.

When we stop applying (within our minds) the powerful created angel Lucifer in every instance that SATAN is used, the Bible begins to make more sense.   In some cases we need to see this word as the “System”.   Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek scholars understand this much clearer than us folks left to read our english bibles requiring study of all the added  footnotes that clear this up in our better study bibles.   Please  read these verses above  once more…..

Was Christ not perturbed at Peter’s insinuation that Jesus did not have to Die and Suffer for humanity at this point in “time”.   That the “System” could simply keep running as it always had… (4000 years of SP time)   referencing the old “system”  which all Jews were born into……

The Lord responded with  an expression that is used to describe putting “Time” Behind us….  And this is exactly what happened just a few days Later at the Resurrection of Christ on the 17th day of the Jewish new year.  Sundown to be exact…. 16.66 days into the new year.   The Age of Grace (12k x 16.66%=2k) replaced the previously hijacked 4000 year age of the Spirit / Earth (12k x 33.33%=4k)  we know as Jewish History. 2k years / Days of desolation + 2k years / Days of Elijah (Jews are considered the people of The Earth / Ruah Ha Kodesh).   Is this not the 2000 years of Grace followed by 1000 years (12k x 8.33%=1k) of Millennium?  The 3 days of Hosea 6:2?

After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

This is the simplest of explanations,  at least for me, that do not require mental gymnastics to grasp this confusing passage.   No, Peter did not become the Devil.  The Devil was not quitly standing behind him (I was taught this in parochial shool) etc. etc. 

Jesus was simply telling “The System of Things”  Humanity, (Peter) SATAN and its author Lucifer  to literally get behind him on time’s unforgiving arrow.   Telling him he will no longer be the only choice on earth.  That Gods preordained  “time” of  redemptive cycles that the Jewish people maintained for (4) Mellenniums within their observances of ancient Jubilee Cycles and Festivals had finally arrived….. In our modern english I can imagine the Lord saying

“Take a back seat you devil”   “eat my dust as we meet My future”   “Get behind me Satan”.   A point in time that shattered time and space.

 Christ made it clear to the apostles – He was  not completely replacing the flawed  and hijacked system of old completely.     He  refers to The Holy Spirit (3rd person of the Trinity) at Pentecost as “the helper”.   This 2.0 upgrade is unique and distinct from the Spirit of the “System of Things” (Earth-Below).  It is from  (Heaven-Above) and it now battles the fallen system which has been compromised now for nearly 6000 years.   (The 6000 years ancient Judaic scholars believe is  allotted to humanity)

The Bible also tells us that there will be a time coming at the end of this Great 2000 year NF/Son period  (age of grace) where our chance to upgrade prior to the Lords return will no longer be available.

This “Holy Spirit” is  a free gift,  available to those willing to humble themselves and execute the greatest programming routine unique to man…… Our  Free-Will acceptance of  Redemption.   A free  gift made possible by the “covering” and final shed blood of Yeshua HaMashiak on a cross at Calvary. 29/30 ad.


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