Superman: A visible Jungian archetype that correlates with Godtype and Space-time

Jesus and Superman Archetypes

Superman has generally been understood as a visible Jungian archetype of the Judeo-Christian deity and the stories of the Bible.   Whether it is the attenuating simplifications of the biblical stories of Father and Son,   or even the  thousands of years old  practice of displaying paintings of Jesus Christ dressed in blue and  red with cape in hand…

The recent cover of the most widely seen digital news source spurred me to finally delve into  coincidences and correlations discovered over a year ago which caused me to make a prediction that a 2013 reboot of Superman was destined to portray and NF Idealist Jesus Christ.    The cover of Drudge ( Jesus =  Superman , The reboot was timely in mid 2013 just as Godtype Space-Time  predicts)

Superman Man of Steel cover of Drudge Report. Exactly as predicted by the Godtype time maps (2013 ) created years earlier.

This new “cover art” on drudge documents how Culture and its primary emissary (Hollywood)   reacts to the “*cycles of time” documented on Godtype.    leaks from the collective unconscious of Jungian philosophy. (*the periodicity of  God’s realm on earth – Father  Son, Spirit, Trinity)   Once again  timed  within Godtypes Space time premises.   This research article also helps us delve into the differences between:

“Archetypes” a human centered view which “Academia” with its evolutionary and “Pagan” mindset  (teaching God, man and Creation are One vs Judeo-Christian teachings that claim our Creator is distinctly separate from his creation) has  done its best in recent years to advance humanity into an all encompassing pagan culture.

The Evolutionary and distinctly Organismic model of Secular & humanist philosophy  is:

(Man’s creation of God and symbolism in his own image)  versus

“Godtypes”    our Judeo-Christian tainted view of

 (God’s creation of Man and symbolism in his Holy Image!)

A Mechanistic and distinct “Creation” model of Judeo Christian philosophy

The Godtype Space Time map hashes out the visible cycles of time in human history which follow Godytpe’s resonate cycles based on the Code we discovered along with its never ending cycles of both macro (12,000 years) and Micro (100 year) accelerating sequences from creation  to destruction.

1929 – 1938 – 1980 – 2013 – 2029 – 2038*         ie

8.33 – 41.66 years – 33.33 – 16.66  – 8.33

Trinity – Father – Spirit – Son  – Trinity

Great Depression 8.33 (Destruction/Creation) Golden Age 41.66 (Cautious) Kinetec Period 33.33 (Energy)Conversion Period 16.66 (Idealistic)  Tribulation 8.33 (Destruction/Creation)

The Supeman Franchise which presents a "Jesus" Savior has progressed exactly on the Godtype Continuum patterns which follow the Jubilees of Ancient Judaism

The Supeman Franchise which presents a “Jesus” Savior has progressed exactly on the Godtype Continuum patterns which follow the Jubilees of Ancient Judaism

It is a resonate frequency based on one of the Bibles most prolific  number – 12.   It is a cycle Godtype research illustrates beyond a shadow of a doubt. Godtype Space-Time Maps    and our new research on the parallel cycles of Empires which run on a 13,000 year / 520 year  cycle clearly taught to us by Daniel in his famous interpretation of the “Writing on the Wall” of King Nebuchadnezzar fame.   Amazing!  All Cycles collide in 2029/2036 coinciding with the 2000 year anniversary of Christs Resurrection to the exact date.  The ominous coincidence that a first pass of a Meteor named Apophis (Destroyer) is on that exact date and that it returns exactly 7 years later should make any human being STOP AND THINK!

Apophis 2029-2036

Apophis 2029-2036

The cycle and code is one of acceleration – of destruction and rebirth.   It follows the percentages of the (4) personality types that make up humanity and the scientifically proven way in which each of these personalities sees time as well as how each personality uses Energy.

 It correlates with the Judeo-Christian teachings of the Holy Trinity.    The SJ’s (Past/Correlation of Energy/Father/YHWH) are 41.66%,   The SP’s (Present/Kinetic Energy/Spirit) are 33.33%.   The NF’s (Future/Conversion of Energy/Son/Messiah) are 16.66% and the NT rationals who see time in (sequence/virtual/Potential Energy /trinity) are only 8.33%.  Together they equal 100%,  they represent 3 unique “persons” and yet they are represented by 4 abstract concepts – The Four fold symmetry of the universe and its physical manifestation on earth represented by humanity as a whole.  (See the research article here)

The  reason things are more visible today as we move forward on times arrow is technology.   If the last NT cycle of 1929-1938 was so destructive…. imagine what may be coming in 2029-2038?    Will a benevolent creator cut this period short and  keep us from destroying ourselves?   Maybe 7 years in to this period would be a good point to step in….. The Apophis coincidental fly by’s exactly 7 years apart and falling on Nissan 17, the resurrection date of Christ is a  bit unnerving!

This brings us finally to 1938 and Superman.  

In early research we discovered that the original Superman from the Golden Age of America surely Represents the SJ personality Types and time.   Peace ,  Justice and the American way….

Original Superman Comic Book issued at the Godtype cycle leading to 41.66 Golden years.

Original Superman Comic Book issued at the Godtype cycle leading to 41.66 Golden years. Exactly as predicted by our Godtype Time maps created years earlier.

Superman was surely a Father figure in those early days – but could the first Superman Cover Art to hit the public consciousness correlate with  Godtype cycles these last 100 years?    Sure enough I was shocked at first!    The first Superman Cover art ever to hit the streets of America was issued  41 years prior to  Richard Donner’s version.  Though rushed to a December 1978 release date – Donner claims he should have stuck to his time schedule and released the film in The summer of 1979!

Superman created by the King of Action oriented films – Richard Donner’s franchise of an SP artisan Superman lasted exactly 33.3 year ?    With Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeves he presented the world and SP (Holy Spirit) living in the moment, kinetic action Superman (1979-2012).

A wonderful line from the Superman films  spoken by Marlon Brando playing Superman’s Father Jorel….

“The Father becomes the son,  The son becomes the Father”.  

It always stuck with me, after all does not the Bible teach us that the Christ is the FIRST and only BEGOTTEN?  That the Father (Ancient of days) and the Son (Future redeemer) are one?

SJ’s  protect their land,  they Provide for their children.   They overwhelmingly represent our hero’s within the armed forces.   They Inspect and Guard against inefficiency’s and waste.    Surely Superman of old,   represented here by the first ever comic book cover issued  41.66 years prior to the previously discovered cycle shift date  of 1979/80  as  research  of “Cover Art” shows the End of an Era.   Even the title of the only major record album issued on January 1, 1980 “Permanent Waves”  perfectly explains the cycles of Godtype discovered here.

The Superman of our Golden Age comics and even the campy yet original TV representation by George  Reeves displayed Godtype’s (4) Super abilities we claim are the domain of the SJ’s… 

The Supeman Franchise which presents a "Jesus" Savior has progressed exactly on the Godtype Continuum patterns which follow the Jubilees of Ancient Judaism

The Supeman Franchise which presents a “Jesus” Savior has progressed exactly on the Godtype Continuum patterns which follow the Jubilees of Ancient Judaism


They are Dedicated (ESTJ), Detail Oriented (ISTJ) Helpful (ISFJ) and surely Devoted (ESFJ) to America.

George Reeves: An SJ Guardian Superman                   1938-1979

The Superman reboot Movie of my youth must have been issued in 1979 was my first thought.  It surely was…..  The  Character  played by Christopher Reeves presented an SP type Superman… one of Kinetic Action  (Sp’s represent Kinetic Energy) which was brought to the screen by the decades long king of action movies Richard Donner.   Quick research surely shows that the mega blockbuster Superman movie that presented us with a new Superman for a new world.    A very different Athletic physical specimen of humanity.  Very different then the one we followed for 41.66 years.   It presented a new “Physical” attribute we rarely saw before….    Superman “In Love” and his physical union with a woman (spirit).   A superman that actually stopped “Time” in order to bring back Lois Lane from the pit of death.   The Christopher Reeve’s Superman?  surely portrayed an SP – A  ESFP performer who played his alter ego Clark Kent to bumbling exactness.   A  ESTP Conqueror who outwitted his foes,   an ISTP HERO so dominant in all action movie scripts between 1980 and 2013.  The humorous one liners spoken by actors such as (Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone – all ISTP’s)  – with his quick wit and humor Christopher Reeves represented the SP Hero wonderfully.  The four dominant super abilities of the SP’s as researched on Godtype were surely part of his Character  –

Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh Portray Superman during a 33 year SP cycle in time.                    1979-2012

Shrewd and Clever (estp),  Cool under pressure (istp),  Friendly and easy Going (esfp),  Calm and oriented to peace (isfp)

This brings us to today.    A few days ago I

2013 Superman Man of Steel as Clark Kent: An Idealist NF Jesus Personality Appropriately Represented with a Christ Like Beard

began to finally research my hunches….  The Leaks of the different types of (Supermans) representative of the spiritual makeup of humanity represented in the Trinity of Judeo-Christian philosophy.   Surely the new reboot of Superman that coincides with the year Godtype infers is not the end of the world as so many Mayan Calender folks had been claiming…  2013 simply represents the beginning of a final 16.66 year NF period.  A period represented by Idealism and the Son (Jesus).   sure enough on the very next day after I started this post here is the cover of the most widely seen media of today…. The Drudge report with its headline…..  Superman=Jesus!   Surely the “Man of Steel” reboot presents an NF Idealist Superman.   Why else would this Action movie spend over a minute of precious film displaying a stained glass image of Jesus Christ just over his shoulders as superman seeks counsel from a Catholic priest?     His super powers according to Godtype?    

Virtuous (infp ),  Articulate(enfp),   Compasionate(enfj) and Mystical(infj)!

   Surely this is the Superman just presented to us in Man of Steel.    Just As Godtype Space Time theory and our Judeo-Christian philosophical understanding of Carl Jung’s Collective unconscious demands.  Superman of the widely anticipated 2013 reboot surely is representing Jesus Christ.     How much do those original words spoken by acting giant Marlon Brando ring true…. The Son becomes the Father and the Father becomes the son………*

So,  Here is a prediction for 16.6 years from now as we approach 2029…..   A new reboot of Superman will likely begin to be in the works in the mid 2020’s.   He will be the most different Superman of all….  Will he have more in common with the original ‘Superman’ character ideas Siegal & Thurman began creating  in 1933 during the great depression based on Niche’s Super ‘Uber-Mensch’ ideas?  

He will be a cold and factual Rational.  He will have much more in common with the original ‘concepts” of Siegel and Thurman.   An Enterpriser and Field Marshall (entj) supporting other super heroes (Justice League?)  An Inventor (entp) and originator.  A Mastermind (intj) who’s motives will be unclear and quite possibly self serving.   A dispassionate Architect (intp) who may have more in common with the Adversary of biblical teachings than the Hero SJ Superman of the Golden Age of America.

Surely the next reboot of Superman will be a shock to the system.  


Please see part two of this Essay dealing with the original “Evil’ aspects of  the original “The Super Man” created by Siegal and Thurman precisely 100 years prior to the Midpoint of the Apophis / Destroyer Asteroid period of ‘World Distress’ that is certainly waiting for us on the horizon…. Is it just coincidence that the Midpoint of Tribulation as Godtype predicts in 2033 which according to Christian theology also marks the unveiling of a pseudo Christ upon God’s holy temple?   A godlike being capable of amazing technological abilities?   Was this not exactly what Jerry Siegel wrote about and illustrated exactly 100 years earlier in 1933!   Please see part two here.  Please see my predictions of VP candidates due to 100 year patterns here.

*Godtype in no way supports Modalism.   The Gnostic and unorthodox teaching that the son, father and spirit are simply one being that transforms from one “God to another”.   Our research simply shows that The “Son’s time” becomes the “Fathers time” and vice versa…. The bible is clear on this paradox.  The amazing ancient teachings of Jubilee periods confirm these truths.   They confirm and shout out to the world the Cycles of time eloquently taught to us in Ecclesiastes 1:9.    “What is” has been before –  The father and the Son are one.

Please watch the following Superman documentary at this link which wonderfully reviews the entire history of the Superman franchise.   showing  the cycles of time and their mirroring of human cognition through what must be considered America’s most beloved “mythical” character… Superman.   From the  (SJ Father)  “Truth, Justice & the American Way” Superman of 1938-1978.   which was rebooted by the 1979 and 1980 blockbusters (incidentally filmed at the same time)   All these films portrayed the SP (Spirit) Superman.  How interesting…. The latest  reboot in 2013 of a decidedly “Jesus” NF Idealist superman which the directors and producers have not tried to hide in the least….just as Godtype predicts.

This video documentary was appropriately produced by the final director of the previous Superman ” Reboot” of 1979/1980 portrayed by Christopher Reeves in Superman 1-4 and finally by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns.  how appropriate that an SP directore chose to document the history of the franchise just as SP apostle Luke was the documentarian so to speak of the biblical stories when he wrote the “Acts” of the apostles.


important notes

The tipping point research that discovered 1979/1980 being a marker on our earths timeline was the “leaked” cover art illustrations was the original “point” in history which Godtype has been able to correlate with time as we know it.    1979 marked the obvious end of the Golden Age of America as we transitioned into a Kinetic 33 year SP/Artisan/Present/Kinetic energy period  initiated  by the Reagan revolution.   The previous 41 year  SJ (Guardian/Past/Correlative Energy) period of history where time was cautions and linear.  Was it just a coincidence that the leaked (collective unconscious) artworks which began this ‘Artistic” 33 year period of time were the “tipping points” for this authors first ever commercial website at over 12 years ago?   The  viral essay cracking the codes behind Supertramp’s Breakfast in America cover art?

supertramp 9-11 and permanent waves rush

supertramp 9-11 and permanent waves rush

A quick primer of Godtype Space-Time Theory

A quick check of our previous research will show you how 16.66 and the number 17 is the most widely number attributed to Jesus Christ.  Most inspiring to myself was the discovery of the Day which was the Rosetta stone for Godtype – The resurrection point of the Messiah on the 17th day of the new Jewish year in 30 ad….. The Biblical record actually records the resurrection at Sundown of the 17th day……. 16.66 days into the new year, the first begotten of all eternity!.

Likewise… The number 33.3  which represents the Holy Spirit (This number has been hijacked here on earth by Gnostic and occult practitioners)  Surely it was the Holy Spirit which Lucifer usurped in the story of the Fall in the Garden.  The reason which a re-deployment was necessary in 30 ad shortly after the resurrection of Christ.  We know this as Pentecost.  I like to refer to it as Holy Spirit 2.0.

41.66?    This is an amazing coincidence…. the Rainbow.   The symbol God the Father showed his children after the flood is an amazing optical reality that could only be seen after the earth finished its destructive period known as the Flood.  A period of kinetic energy and earth expansion increasing the mass of the earth (size) to the point that the tiny little drops of water that reflect God’s glory could finally fall to earth and display the amazing rainbow.  (prior to the Flood,  A much smaller earth did not have the mass necessary for what we call rain to drop out of the sky!)  The Bible is clear on these scientific facts!  In Fact it was my earliest research project which I understood since the age of 6 and researched extensively almost 20 years ago.   The rainbow amazingly can only be seen by a unique viewer at exactly  a 41.66 degree angle!   j the unique (to each viewer) amazing rainbow the colors representative of Jesus Christ and the Father (Red/Blue) diverge to display a multitude of colors.   

8.33 is simply the base frequency upon which the other 3 are comprised from.   It is a part of each of them and it also completes the cycle.


(See Tesla’s amazing research article entitled “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy…Godtype is all over it and I have highlighted Tesla’s  brilliant understanding of the problem with “ever increasing energy” which Godtype verifies through modern cognitive science. 

Excess Notes

It was in the first week of the discovery of the Godtype Code and sequence a couple of years ago….

( due to the discovery of our “Rosetta stone” ,   The point of 29/30 ad – The Crucifixion of Christ and its correlation with a point in time  1950 years in the future…. 39 Jubilees.  commemorated by both the occult and rational prophets of our time)  

The coincidences began to pile on.   We were able to predict future history based on patterns in time.   Many predictions  came true.  Patterns and Cycles of time have been proven.  And they correlate with the ancient Judeo-Christian teachings of Jubilees.

The most basic of historical research shows our 8.33 year time  periods are cycles of system collapse and renewal.   It is fitting that NT Rationals are considered “Potential Energy”  They see time virtually/sequential.   They are the Creators of civilizations.  paradoxically history proves they also bring them down. (this was a tough discovery being an eNTp myself)

NT Energy  is 1:1   it is the resonate frequency of 8.33 or  1/12.  It is the underlying frequency.    Old systems are collapsed and new systems are born under these Trinity types.    Sure enough I wondered out loud if the Great depression occurred between 1929 and 1938?  sure enough…. it did.   And by coincidence  again there was another even greater depression 100 years earlier in 1829…..


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