The 4 Archangels: Representative of the Personalities of Humanity

The 4 Arch Angels - intj, intp, entj, entp

The 4 Arch Angels – INTP+SP’s, ENTJ + SJ’s, ENTP + NF’s The INTJ MASTERMIND +NT’s. in other words…. The Architect (Raphael) + all his SP Crafters. The Field Marshall (Micheal) + all his SJ Warriors. The Messenger (Gabriel) + all his NF Prophets. and the Mastermind (Uriel) + all his Rational and VIRTUAL NT Leaders….. Lucifer was Replaced by Uriel after his fall from his first estate.



As discussed throughout, and mystically understood by artist poet William Blake,   The four-fold symmetry of the universe displays itself among humanity within the 4 primary temperaments while being linked to time as we understand.

In our research essay about the Apostles discussing the likelihood that the 12 apostles were represented by 12 men with distinct personalities that mirror the Godtype resonate sequence of  (mene)-1+ 5~4~2+1 (mene). representing the Image of the fourfold trinity we are taught in Genesis 1:26.

12 it seems is the minimum”total” we can present a complete system with at least one (1) person from each temperament. I have always envisioned this as a “circuit” in which time and cognition (information)  travel upon its precisely mapped sequences established by our creator.(see our early illustrations / essays that unknowingly perfectly matching the works of brilliant physicist Stephen Wolfram’s research in his Thesis “A new type of science”)   A mapped sequence understood as the Godtype Continuum which travels from the concrete to abstraction and ultimately back to its initial beginning outside of time…  A digital period of time we understand as millenium future and millenium Past.   The 7th day of rest from our creation story….  The 7th day of ultimate redemption at the coming of Jesus Christ.    (Please see essay on the 6 days of humanity)

The 12 apostles correspond with the 12 primary personalities of humanity

The 12 apostles correspond with the 12 primary personalities of humanity

The Apostles likely consisted of 5 SJ’s who look to the past (to the beginnings).  4 SP’s who live in the MOMENT.  2 NF’s who look towards the FUTURE and (1) NT, the VIRTUAL type that represents the abstract Trinity and Eternity (non-linear time).

Bullinger tells us that 12  is a perfect number,

“signifying governmental perfection. The sun which “rules” the day, and the moon and stars which “govern” the night, do so by their passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac which completes the great circle of the heavens of 360 (12 x 30) degrees or divisions, and thus govern the year.  ((Did not Judas, representative of the first fallen Millenium, betray the Lord for 30 pieces of silver, 1/12 of 360? ))

Twelve is the product of 3 (the perfectly Divine and heavenly number) and 4 (the earthly, the number of what is material and organic).”
How interesting that 4 is designated the earthly number representing the material and organic.  please see the amazing correlation of human DNA’s 4x genetic code being alluded to within the Holy Scriptures.
More Interesting is the fact that we know and are taught about  4 Arch Angels?   Can these 4 powerful beings represent the 4 temperaments we have diligently researched within Godtype?
Arch Angels Micheal and Gabriel. The Father/Son Virtual Copy Relationship. ENTJ + ENTP

Arch Angels Micheal and Gabriel. The Father/Son Virtual Copy Relationship. ENTJ+SJ Father Types / ENTP+NF Son types

Michael:  (ENTJ+all SJ’s) The Warrior + all his soldiers.   The most mentioned Arch Angel in scripture – Certainly it seems that Michael is the great warrior…   Representative of the ENTJ Fieldmarshall  and his kindred temperament of SJ (Sensory   Judgers).   If the ENTJ is ever  mis-typed outside of their true temperament (NT) it is always as an SJ –    These 5 types  ENTJ + ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ & ISFJ make up a statistically over representation within all military  forces.. They are the Protectors of humanity.
Michael in Hebrew means  who is Like YHWH.   ie who is like the Father!  This is a clear understanding…….  Add the fact that ALL SJ’s and the ENTJ represent the critical “FATHER”  relationship with their corresponding (virtual copy).  This is often the most important relationship of the Godtype Periodic Table.    ie  ENTJ+ENTP,  ESTJ+ESTP and so on, please see essay on the Father/Son relationship.   How interesting… The Father and the Son relation ship in scriptures surely designates Christ as his Virtual Copy.  (please see our Godtype Periodic Table)  the correlation with YHWH/ FATHER can not be any clearer.  Ask any SJ or ENTJ which Arch Angel they have an affinity to and Michael will always be mentioned.
Gabriel: (ENTP+all NF’s) The Messenger + all his Prophets  The 2nd Most mentioned arch Angel  ….   In Hebrew his name means “Man of God” or “Might of God.” He is the herald of the mysteries of God, especially the Incarnation of Yeshua – Jesus Christ.  The ENTP and all NF’s are the 5 Abstract “Feelers” representative of the Son and all other mysteries related to him.  he is often shown in art  holding a mirror of green jasper… this signifies God’s hidden wisdom.  The mysteries every  ENTP inventor spends a lifetime searching for!   Ask an entp what their favorite color is? they will likely respond with green.   Their affinity with the NF personalities which they are most often mistyped as because of their Fe (external fealing) which they wear on their sleeves are representative of Jesus Christ.  The Son
How wonderful the story in Job where Gabriel comes to Job’s rescue yet is stopped in his tracks and actually delayed (within virtual/eternity time) by the Powers and principalities of Persia….  Who does Gabriel summon for help?   Michael of course –  his Father type is prepared and equipped to deal with this  warfare in heaven that we can not ever truly understand…. Gabriel is simply a messenger – A prophet of things to come….. The roles of the archangels are clearly explained to us within the amazing scriptures.
The Arch Angels Raphael and Uriel. The Virtual Copy relationship. Father/Son. INTJ+INTP

The Arch Angels Raphael and Uriel. The Virtual Copy relationship. Father/Son. INTJ+INTP

Raphael:  (INTP+all SP’s) The Architect + all his crafters.  The 3rd Arch Angel is lesser spoken of… Raphael.  He does though play the major role in rebuilding and healing  the earth according to the apocrypha’s most quoted book “the book of Enoch”.    His role is reminiscent of God’s Holy Spirit during the 6 days of creation except for now this mighty Angel was responsible for healing the physical land & systems on earth.  This role surely correlates with the INTP Architect  and his kindred 4 SP’s.. The ISTP Crafters, The ESFP Performers, The ISFP Composers and ESTP Promoters who represent Kinetic Energy within both Godtype and Jung’s original theories of human cognition.   They are responsible for returning the earth back to its original state before its  corruption at the hands of the most Beautiful Arch Angel of all.  Lucifer.
URIEL: The Angel who replaced Lucifer (INTJ+all NT’s)  He is the Mastermind who manages the other Virtual NT types in “Time”.   Uriel has the most powerful yet lonely position among God’s angelic host.  His role is to “connect” and oversee his fellow arch-angels.  He is one step removed from God’s  creation of “Man”, unlike the three other Archangels who are genuinely involved with humanity.  
One can almost “understand” the reasoning for the fall….. The reason so many have
sympathy for the devil.
Lucifer:  The most beautiful of all angels.  The Highest Ranking Angel from Eternity.    
The fallen Arch Angel who was given the highest responsibility for managing our earth and humanity.    For reasons that confound any believer he is designated the  “God of this world”..  Was not Lucifer – the mastermind personality echoed thousands of years later by the Apostle Judas,  the one NT personality originally chosen by the Lord.   These INTJ personalities also have a strong affinity to manage and control all systems on earth.  They are known as the Masterminds.   They are  equal to the INTP in intelligence with a very important need that the INTP completely disregards… CONTROL.   Just  Like the INTP’s  their next greatest affinity after management of the 3 other NT’s is to  the earthly SP Spirit types.    The SP’s coincidentally compose exactly 33.3 % of personality on earth?   Lucifer fell with 33% of the angelic host did he not….
THIS IS NOT a CONDEMNATION of the Brilliant INTJ.  This Archetypal resemblance to   Lucifer & Judas in scripture as well as the countless sympathetic villains of modern Film is simply evidence of both humanity’s and Angels ability to express FREEWILL.   Lucifer was replaced  by Uriel.   Saul of Tarsus became Paul.  Judas was replaced by Paul!   All are created  in the Image of God.   Both Man and God’s created Angels have been given FREE WILL.  Scriptures are clear on this –  Christ redeems us all….  ALL TYPES,  ALL HUMANITY rebels against God’s sovereignty and ALL types have an equal chance at redemption.
Godtype’s suppositions that the NT’s though a specific temperament type on earth are in some ways virtual and representative of eternity/intuition/Arch Angels among the other 12 personalities with 1 NT joining the group they have the most Affinity towards.  ENTJ+SJ’s(PAST).  ENTP’s + NF’s(FUTURE).    INTP’s+SP’s(PRESENT)    INTJ’s+NT’s (Eternity)
These 3 earthly groups (temperaments) of 4 which total the (12) earthly personality types (Corelative Energy SJ’s,  Kinetic Energy SP’s, Energy Conversion NF’s) each combine with  one  of the (Trinity/NT potential energy) types.   4+1,   to form  3 groups of 5  (Five)!
How interesting Bullingers words from Number in Scripture….

If four is the number of the world, then it represents man’s weakness, and helplessness, and vanity, as we have seen.

But four plus one (4+1=5) is significant of Divine strength added to and made perfect in that weakness; of omnipotence combined with the impotence of earth; of Divine favour uninfluenced and invincible.”
 NT Trinity types are representative of the virtual personality of the Holy Trinity.   THE HOLY TRINITY is not a person.   The Christian creeds all acknowledge that the Trinity is composed of 3 persons – FATHER, SON and SPIRIT.   This is why these abstract NT Intuitive’s who see time as Virtual,  from all possible angles seem to be representative of the 4 Arch Angels most mentioned in scriptures.   These rational / powerful angels reside within the Virtual (likely digital) dimension of eternity.   Godtype has inferred long before discovering Bullinger’s understanding of the numerical significance of the numbers 4 and 5 that these Rationals of society… the Wizards and Creators who are responsible for so much wisdom and modern technology (destruction can also be part of their legacy) are unique first all for reasons of their scarcity among humanity…. only 1 in 12 persons….  They are also unique because  their abstract reasoning is worn on their sleeves.   These abilities which are due to their cognitive sequences of  Intuition/Thinking (Wisdom) are similarly shared by ALL PERSONALITIES at differing available levels within every human temperament.
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  1. Ludo

    Oops .. i am very sorry if my last comment “never mind all this is … Ni drivel” sounded like a comment of your article : it was meant to be a sarcastic comment on my own post 🙂
    By the way, I really do love all these fantastic ideas of yours : keep up the good work !
    And yes I do find Entps tend to be the smartest ones when one considers what has come to be recognized as “intelligence” , an objective one based on eternal adaptability, analysis and recognizable by every one.
    But I tend to define intelligence in quite a different way, a Ni Dom way … And that’s when I was tempted to explain the difference in my previous post before realizing that I would bring into the arena big sounding names like Heidegger, Kant Nietzsche Descartes John’gospel Rowling , Heidegger especially a text called “overcoming metaphysics” and that all that would sound a bit smug, overkilled and that my broken English wouldn’t help : that’s why I decided for a comment on my “Ni drivel” instead … Really it wasn’t intended against your article : I really find it fantastic , I love it trough and through except that I do give it a very very different meaning that’s all….
    Oops I did it again : more Ni drivel !!!!

  2. Ludo

    “they (INTJ) are almost equal to the INTP in intelligence with a very important need that the INTP completely disregards… CONTROL”

    Ah ah … I am afraid this statement divulges a lot about the beliefs and the blind spots of the author regarding the one and only type of intelligence … Well, at least on this page 🙂 What’s the next step ? Asserting that all those who claim to have a vision or an understanding or a knowing of something absolute are mistaken and are taking God’s place ? Oops, I thought that only those who weren’t aware they were capable of such a thing could fall into this trap (sin). By the way, I do hope the author’s understanding of intelligence will remain prevalent in our world as long as possible because this error is kind of a corner stone for all the other human errors ( sin/miss the target) and once this error can not be sustained any more, the meaning of “forgiving one’s another” could become quite explosive …
    Never mind, all this is only non-sense non-intelligent and non proven Ni drivel at best…

    Love you,

    Just a night owl (here it’s 1:20 in the morning)

    • admin

      actually, Ne dribble….(from an entp) who considers intj’s and intp’s because of their deep Ni and deep Ti as the archetypical “inteligent types”. Thanks for pointing out my biases though… ie my preference for the INTP’s TiNe Logic over the INTJ’s NiTe. Heck, every one knows the entp’s are truly the smartest of all! Giving some Love Back…. Thanks for the comments

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