Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin: Daniel’s hidden prophecy of the end of the age

mene mene tekel upharsen


In this illustration you will be presented with our most shocking discoveries that “Time as pertaining to Empires” has flowed in a pattern of 260/520 year periods.  I documented this pattern as I was building a time map based on the Hebrew 50 year Jubilee’s (100 year great Jubilee’s), based on a basic knowledge of secular history….  I had illustrated it going back to 44 bc and the beginning of the Roman Empire (End of the Republic).  Calling it the Cycle of Empires.  St. John references these cycles of empires in Revelation 17 referencing the previous 5 fallen -“Kings” (Fallen Empires) “the one that is” #6-Rome and the 7th that is to come (see illustration). Our research clearly shows  this as the “Anglo-American Empire”.

David Armitage - Greater Britain

David Armitage – Greater Britain

The first half (260 years) wonderfully researched in the scholarly book –  Greater Britain – 1516-1776 by Harvard professor David Armitage.   Yet that date of 1776 clearly marks the beginning of the second half – 260 year period (1776-2036) of what is referred by most scholars as the Anglo-American Empire. Is it not fitting that the 2nd half of this 520 year cycle also be 260 years as well?  John continues to speak of an 8th Empire?  “The Beast that was and is not” “And is the Eighth but also part of the Seven?”  Can this possibly be the 1040 years (520×2) often referred to as the “Dark Ages”.  A period of time where two (2) pseudo-religious empires (was and is not) were built (Islam/Catholic) upon the ashes of  Pagan Rome.

Rome 44 bc – 476 ad (520 years)

Dark Ages 476 ad – 1516 (520×2= 1040 years) Roman Church’s rule destroyed by Martin Luther’s 95 Theses in 1517.

The 1040 Years of the Dark Ages - or commonly called the Middle Ages (520x2)

The 1040 Years of the Dark Ages – or commonly called the Middle Ages (520×2)

Anglo-American Empire 1516-2036 (520 years)

Consisting of Greater Britain 1516-1776 (260 years) and America 1776-2036 (260 years)

How can we be so blatant as to even suggest a possible end date to the current Empire in 2036?  The answer is twofold – First, it is actually encoded in the Holy scriptures as we will show you below.  Second, it is the statistically impossible patterns in history we document in our Godtype Illustration and Time Map at the bottom of this post.   (click on Thumbnails to enlarge) Two simple discoveries which finally allowed me to complete our graphic illustration and time-map.

mene mene tekel upharsen

mene mene tekel upharsen

  • Evidence #1…   I woke up a few months back with the understanding that I would be documenting these secular patterns of empires back one more cycle from the famous Ides of March (et tu, Brute’) in 44bc.  I called my research partner and let him know that I “had a dream” that I would be solving this secular historical riddle today if I was just willing to open my Bible and study the “Writing on the Wall”.  Sure enough, what must be the Holy Spirit guided me to Daniel’s passages about the final fall of Babylon to Cyrus – in 539bc, 25 years after Nebuchadnezzar’s actual death in 564bc.  History teaches us Babylon fell many years earlier, yet Belshazzar hid for years behind the city’s massive walls.   Daniel’s overlooked cypher & passage do much more than document the final end of Belshazzar and his “party” elites under siege for many years behind Babylon’s massive walls.
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsen - A Prophecy encoded in the book of Daniel

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsen – A Prophecy encoded in the book of Daniel

The illustration linked above was nearly completed  and yet it stood on my desktop for 4 months with a blank space in the upper right corner representing our timelines 7 year period of tribulation, I had also left the lower left section of this timeline incomplete.   Calling this strange “secular’  pattern of 260/520 year periods the “Cycles of empires” for well over a year now…..  It Spanned all the way back from  44bc –2036 (520×4)(260×8).  I understood it was incomplete, but had not put my mind (or prayer) to this problem.  There were so many recent amazing discoveries taking up my time (energy) including the impossible correlation of Chapters and Verses in the Bible divided into Godtype’s proposed “total energy” (i.e. time) on earth being encoded in Genesis 6:3 & Equating to PI to 6 digits!  see research here.

It was finally time. The dream demanded that we study  what was written on the famous “Writing on the wall.   ”Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” .    Just 4 words sprang out upon a wall written from a disembodied ghostly hand.  Could it be?  Dozens of chronologies claim Nebuchadnezzar (the true leader of Babylon) Died circa 564bc.  Exactly 520 years prior to the beginning of the Roman empire in 44bc!

WOW!  We can finally finish this missing lower section of the illustration was my first thought and yet that little voice kept repeating “there is much, much more….”  “Milton, Find out what Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin actually means!”   This is absolutely amazing….. The words simply state 4 numbers used to represent coinage (Gerahs) from that day… (1000,1000,500,20).  Interesting? What on earth does this have to do with the death of Belshazzar and end of Nebuchadnezzar’s empire?   I had always thought the disembodied hand had written something like “your kingdom is over tonight”.  but I instantly simply praised God for his unimaginable Grace in showing me these words.   Beloved, Do you see it?   Further study of the Hebrew  teaches us that these words have secondary meanings….. Hebrew is an Alpha-Numeric  language.

Mene, Mene:   1000,1000  when spoken of twice always means (Eternity)

Tekel:   20  or  it also means (to measure)

Upharsen:   500 (plural) or it also means (to divide)

(Peres, the often misused singular form of 500 is sometimes used but this is an error of Christians trying to force this miracle to mean a literal 2520 year period!  Upharsen! Plural!  Means 520’s!  One must understand this from a Hebrew mindset)

Did you get that?   The writing on the wall actually says

“Eternity is measured and divided by periods of 520 years”  (1000 / 20 +500 / 1000)  Exactly as I had noticed from my study of secular science and nature (history),  long before finding God’s word had quietly encoded it within our scriptures.

Daniel spoke these words to Belshazzar and explained to him that his Fathers “Kingdom” was about to fall that very evening!  I had been calling it “the cycles of Empires” from the onset and God’s word actually shouts out this truth from our amazing scriptures.

WOW!  No Christian pastor or teacher has ever explained this amazing prophetic passage in my lifetime.  Yes, this is prophetic!  Because if we can pinpoint the year that this event took place,  we end up producing a timeline that matches Godtype’s reverse engineering of Space-time as we understand.   Godtype’s  scientifically predicted (MIT Scientists) of a 2029-2036 tribulation period based on patterns hidden within human cognition!  God clearly tells us he divides time and empires by these cycles of 520 years….

!!!!NEWS / RESEARCH UPDATE!!!! In correspondence with my research partner I flippantly told him The EXODUS certainly marked the END of Egypt’s reign and power over the Jews – It surely must have fallen on the 520 year divisions of time!  Sure enough…. A handful of theologians along with the most current Archeological dates from Egyptologist David Rohl in the hit documentary Patterns of Evidence  place the EXODUS at 1604bc!  1040 years (520×2) prior to the writing on the wall of 564bc…  just another coincidence I guess…….  Please see our Research Essay Here   

James Glentworth Butler Chronology. Click on Image for larger file

James Glentworth Butler Chronology. 1604BC!  Click on Image for larger file

!!!!NEWS / RESEARCH UPDATE!!!!  Leviticus 25: Actually encodes both of Godtype’s Timelines!   The 520 year cycles which were marked by the Exodus in 1604BC (see research link above) and the amazing coincidence that God tells the newly freed Slaves to begin a cycle of 50 year Jubilees consisting of 7×7’s +1 but they would have to wait till they reach the promise land.   A 10 base system matching Godtype’s 100 year cycles.  At Mount Sinai where these laws were given the Jews had no idea they would be lost in the desert for 40 years……  1604bc + 40 years = 1564BC!   Perfectly falling on the self evident 100 year Godtype patterns we see in human history.  The self evident cycles Godtype research intuitively mapped out years ago and claimed that both these cycles collide in 2036!   The Bible clearly corroborates and predicted our research which was simply based on known history…..

Mene Mene, has always been an idiom for Jews meaning “Eternity”.  1000,1000.  millennium past and future.  When something bad happens in Jewish culture to a friend or loved one the response is often “mene, mene” meaning “what will be, will be” or ” it is written in stone”.  Jewish view of time is cyclical.  Also, the reason for the strangeness of the Book of Esther, and its duplicitous nature…. Esther only has 10 chapters and represents (eternity).  amazingly works out to PI to 6 digits when we divide her into the other Books of the bible that represent time… Genesis 50 (Past), Exodus 40 (Present) and John’s 20 chapters (Future).  1000, 5000, 4000, 2000 1000 YEARS.  The Godtype Time-Map encoded in the Chapters and Verses of the Bible!

Apophis 2029-2036

Apophis 2029-2036

Evidence #2… Nissan 17 of 2029 was intuitively mapped out as the beginning of a 7 year tribulation over a year earlier due to historical research of Christs resurrection date exactly 2000 years earlier (on a Jubilee year).   Though most scholars claim 33 ad as the date of this point in time and space, exhaustive research (here) understood that there was a 4 year calendar error in our Gregorian Calendar, the reason for 29ad and not 33ad marking Christs death and resurrection.  That is why Pope Benedict’s encyclical pronouncement apologizing to the world that the “Church” made a 4 year error just a few weeks after pinpointing this date in our research was timely.    Beloved, please visit our illustration to graphics see the scientific fact that an Asteroid by the name of Apophis (meaning Destroyer)  whizzes by our amazing blue planet on Nissan 17, 2029!     Quick research of NASA’s websites show us that this Asteroid is coming so close (it will not hit us in 2029) that our earth’s gravitational pull may nudge this asteroid’s trajectory enough to cause a possible impact on its next return…………  How long before its return you may ask?   EXACTLY 7 years to the date!   The actual date’s hold some interesting significance as well.  both passes occur on Friday the 13th.    But we are not done….  Christ’s Resurrection point in time occurred on NISSAN 17.  The 17th day of the Jewish new year.  what are the odds of Apophis’ first pass coinciding with this date I thought to myself….  another quick check and we discover that according to some Jewish calendars, April 13 of 2029 and NISSAN 17 are one and the same!!!!!

!!!!NEWS / RESEARCH UPDATE!!!! 01/01/2018

Our research ABOVE documents the 520 year divisions of “Human” time as we understand – we explain the dual meanings of TEKEL (20 or Divided), Upharsen (500’s or Measure) & MENE-MENE (Eternity or Time). In the 2600 years since Daniel decoded the “Writing on the Wall” Theologians & Bible translators have only focused on Daniel’s secondary meaning of God “MEASURING and DIVIDING (Found Wanting) A man named Belshazzar…..” Last night as I was studying radio actice decay rates of Americium a thought occured to me….”Measure and Divide” is the mechanism God applied to Belshazzar? Yet, it is also the mechanism with which we arrive at what science calls “Half-lives”…. Just about every element on earth has a Half-life. Radio active elements in fact, are WHY our atomic clocks are so accurate at KEEPING TIME! HMM? Half lives used by humanity to keep accurate time? CAN IT BE…. Can humanity have a half-life? Does God use Half-Lives to keep timeas well? Please research this for yourself…… HUMANITY and ALL Life on Earth does in Fact Have A “HALF LIFE” in the form of the molecule of life we call Deoxyribonucleic Acid. We all know it as DNA. According to science, DNA has a Half-Life of right “about” 521 YEARS! I’ll Bet it’s 520 (tekel upharsin)…….

Mene mene tekel upharsen. 520 year half-life of DNA


Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

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  1. Silah

    This is wonderful information and a great find regarding the understanding of the prophecy and overall timelines!

    I am sure your dates are based on the erroneous ‘Jewish’ or Hillel calendar, so you may need to reconcile with the correct Scriptural rendering of time according to YHUH’s calendar.
    Yahusha rose at the end of the 18th day (weekly Sabbath) of the 1st month.

    Also, Scripture describes and true empirical science proves that we are on an immovable plane covered by a firmament dome in which the sun, moon and stars have their ordinances (movements), therefore, any notion of ‘asteroids’, etc. is false fear mongering.
    Research ‘flat earth’. documents much Biblical and empirical evidence for this truth.

  2. […] as well.   To fall within 1/100th of a scientifically proven 26,000 year precession period?  See our UPDATED RESEARCH here discovering that the Pattern continued 520 years further into history colliding with Daniels writing […]

  3. Terry

    I really like your website and it’s content! One question – How do you fit the Byzantine empire and Ottoman empires into the 520 cycle or reasons for excluding?

    • Great question! The Byzantine period, is a major player in the “Dark ages” which we document in the essay. 1040 years, of Government mixing with and fighting to an equilibrium between two Abrahamic religions (islam vs christian). “The Beast that was And is not?” 2×520. “And is to come?” Will not the coming beast need to form alliances with two world religions……. ISLAM, AND Papal Catholicism + “Christian”s searching for ecumenicalism? major alliances with “Evangelicals” are forming as we speak….Believers within ALL churches will need to separate themselves from False teachers who will follow the beast, and take a stand for Christ. Ps I expand on this in response to Bruce above.

  4. Pauline Sereni

    I would love to see this in a video with a verbal walk through explaining these findings with scripture. Do you plan on making or doing one? It would be helpful to have a step by step walk through on these findings. I hope to see a video soon?? God Bless

    • Yes, coming soon, (for a patient researcher who waits for the Holy Spirits guidence, “soon” may be within the next year! Thank you for your encouragement. God Bless, Milton

  5. jen

    Hi, my question is I just watched a documentary called patterns of evidence by Tim Mahoney and his research places the archeology of the exodus in the 13th dynasty during the middle kingdom. Does this change the 520 year measure?

    • David Rohl and Tim Mahoney place the Exodus at the same time as our Godtype research! I finally got to this study………How wonderful, Just as God’s word tells us, Circa 1605 bc. just as Butler’s chronology expounds and Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Demands. God Bless! Milton

  6. Bruce Bennett

    I wholeheartedly agree that the Rapture is much more likely to happen 7, 14, or even 21 years from now rather than in 2015 but most experts agree that the “the beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of the seven” refers to the Ottoman Turkish Empire (the Muslims, or Islam).

    • admin

      Wonderful! We agree on that as well….. The “Dark Ages” encompassed much of the Ottoman Empire. Yet it was the “CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION” that Physically battled an ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION to a point of equilibrium during this period. Anglo-America is simply the 7th….1516-2036 (520). I do not jump on the Hate Catholics bandwagon, I know to many “Born Again Believers” within the Catholic Church…(?I know not ONE within ISLAM?). I am bothered by more HARSHNESS towards Catholics (I became a believer as a Child within the Catholic Church) than the real issue of ISLAM. We must separate the INSTITUTIONS from the PEOPLE and speak in Love with our misguided Catholics.. I believe there will be a Great Divide within the Catholic Church soon, as well as our own “evangelical” institutions.

  7. […] had been a long while since our last major Biblical Codes were broken (PI encoded in the Bible) (Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin).   The words Jumped out at me…. In an instance I understood what I have illustrated below […]

  8. Kellie Barlow

    This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. […] These   (3) books from our  Judeo-Christian texts all represent “Time” on this earth.  The 11k time period prior to the coming 12th Millenium.    They are represented by 3 books representing time…. Past, Present and Future.   It was also my Gut feeling that it was the 10 Chapters of Esther that  represent the duplicitous nature of Eternity…. Mena Mena, 1000, 1000. (as we are taught in the writing on the wall – see research here) […]

  10. […] The “Writing on the Wall”  mene mene tekel upharsen (research here) […]

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