Tears of Joy, Tears of Laughter – The Testimonies of Royal Artillery Sargent George Brown and Sith Lord Benny Hinn

ntfs-time-spaceBelow are two amazing videos from a young  Computer graphics / film student.  I guarantee video #1 will have you in tears of joy by the end  …. #2 will have you in tears of laughter within just a few moments.   Godtype theory will argue that these emotions come from our God given abilities to “Feel” and “Think”.   ie.   Correlative Logic (Thinking) – our Gift from our heavenly Father, YHWH – The Ancient of days.  And ethical Logic (Feeling) our gift from the Son, Messiah – our Future redeemer.  In other words…. are not tears of Joy and Sadness a visible manifestation of our ability to LOVE?  Surely this is a gift from both The Father and the Son.

Miracle at El Alamein: The World War Two Testimony of Royal Artillery Sargent George Brown

George Brown was a Sargent with the Royal Artillery fighting in East Africa during the second world war.   Becoming deathly ill with malaria, George had two encounters (First audible and then physical) with whom he believed was the risen Lord.   According to his doctors, George had been healed directly by a “physician” greater then themselves.

Testimony of Royal Artilary Sgt. George Brown – A miracle at El Alemein

The same young man who produced this wonderful testimony displaying George’s  supernatural encounter with the risen Lord – a video that will bring many to tears. Also produced the following brilliant video at the end of this post – A video that went viral a few years ago and yet his more important production capturing George Brown’s testimony only had a few dozen “Views” when I first linked to it at SRI a few years ago.  The Benny Hinn video shows a sad and yet hilarious side of the Church…. A video that I guarantee will have you laughing out loud.

Benny Hinn - Sith Lord

Benny Hinn – Sith Lord

Wonderful to see (2) productions from one talented young man (I personally taught film and Computer Animation at the College level for many years) Videos that paradoxically brought my soul to the height of joyful tears and then back down to excruciating laughter within just a few moments…

I Believe George (who has since went to be with the Lord) gives us a beautiful picture of the simplicity of the Gospel

And our favorite Sith Lord (Benny Hinn) shows us just how complicated and silly man can turn a good thing into…..


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