The Rational Prophets of Humanity: Douglas Adams, Gnostics & the number 42

It seems the Godtype Continuum (8.33,16.66,33.33,41.66) and its biblical concepts are continually encoded and often distorted within the works of modern day Science-Fiction writers? Also, within the pseudo biblical writings of the ancient Gnostics – the original authors of what can best be called “Theo-Fiction”.  Teachings which are today championed by Ancient Alien adherents…..

supertramp 9-11 and permanent waves rush

supertramp 9-11 and permanent waves rush

As editor of both and – I had my two very different worlds  collide a few years ago.  SRI   broke the story of Supertramp’s breakfast in America’s 1979 Grammy winning albums strange 911 coincidences and its Biblical Implications in our viral essay  “The Great Harlot of revelation 17 – She’s a Supertramp” with a strange  displaying of 9-11 above the twin towers.   The Artwork also showed a clear Biblical representation of a modern Babylon as described by St. John.

It has always been my personal assumption that artists  leak through their chosen crafts information from what Jung called the collective unconscious.  Christians must understand this phenomena as either the Spirit of this world or the Holy Spirit of God.   Art can take many forms: Visual paintings and Illustrations. The written word and of course Music.  As Christians we must understand this phenomena as originating from one of two possible locations….Either  leaks from the “Spirit of this World” which St. Paul warns us about…. or actual declarations from God’s true & Holy Spirit.   Though the initial concepts of Godtype were made nearly 20 years ago, the Time aspects were recently discovered over the last few years due to several dreams and epiphanies.

It was the morning after completing my first illustration for Godtype shown below,

Godtype Illustration: A brief overview

Godtype Illustration: A brief overview

A rare manic period of artistic and creative energy in which I set out to consolidate a box of research material from the 1990’s into  a one page illustration.   As I reviewed it on my screen for simple errors and possible corrections I had an overwhelming understanding that I needed to go watch an episode of the classic Doctor who  show.     I am a rational person…. This was an irrational and crazy request my subconscious mind was demanding from me!   It has been nearly 30 years since last watching  Tom Baker’s Doctor Who….. Surely I did not remember any episodes….  Tom Baker’s Doctor Who portrayal was  a strange role model for my own personality growing up… sure enough most folks type Baker’s Dr. Who as an ENTP inventor.   (See Godtype’s The 4 Doctors essay here)  By luck   Netflix had many of the episodes available,  the choices consisted of  over two dozen episodes… Of which I was strangely drawn and chose the only title that I disliked…  It had nothing to do with Time, Space, personality etc. Its title: City of Death.    I clicked on this episode just a few hours from finishing the initial Godtype Illustration and sat down to watch it like a student following an assignment  from his teacher…. I now realize it was an assignment from my own Spirit – Paul eloquently teaches us of….

1 Corinthians 2:10-13    10 for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.  11 For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, 13 which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.

The City of Death episode  was interestingly written by a young 26 year old Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fame.   It  had everything to do with “Time and Space”.   It also delved into the occult Gnostic gospels and their Ancient Alien teachings of a lower level god which created humanity and our earth.   Douglas adds an evolutionary spin where this alien god is merged with the god of Darwinian evolution –  The episode also represented Time  in 3 domains just as Godtype postulates,   It represented  an alien grotesque creature’s (SATAN?) arrival at a primordial earth.    It represented him as (3) persons separated by time itself which was created at a great explosion when earth was simply a planet filled with the primordial pond scum evolutionist worship as their creator!

Douglas Adams - INTP

Douglas Adams – INTP – 42

Interestingly,   Douglas Adams was  a quasi atheist just his very good friend & mentor Richard Dawkins.   Dawkins is Darwins greatest living defender – his modern day  bull dog and greatest living apologist.   Yet Richard Dawkins once made a slip of the tongue and let the world know that he in some ways shared Adams pseudo biblical retelling of the biblical narrative… He told Ben Stein in his documentary Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed  that he believed Earth was possibly seeded by ALIENS!   Just As  Douglas Adams represented in this classic  episode of Doctor Who.     How interesting that from the initial Explosion, the Alien God was blown into three domains…. PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.   never to meet his other selves again.   The creation of  time according to gnostic thought and Adams script  is simply a by-product of this (little) god’s eternal separation into 3 domains.  3 Persons…. A pseudo occult Trinity.

Surely Douglas Adams view of time and space was  influenced by his Darwinian upbringing along with an eclectic mix Gnostic teachings.   Just as my own writings are influenced by Judeo-Christian theology.   Adams protypical  Gnostic retelling of the Judeo-Christian scriptures is surely interesting.   mirroring the  illustrating and writing I had just completed about just 12 hours earlier.  Yet there are very important differences…..  Adam’s and the Gnostics understanding are a pseudo (misleading & contrived) efforts that place  a created being (Lucifer) as the only true God of this earth….

Add to this one of the concepts which Douglas Adams is responsible for engraving into  our culture….   “42 –  the answer to life the universe and everything” just happens to be the ultimate number representing YHWH’s domain,   our creator and Father in heaven according to Godtype as well.  Is this not just another PSEUDO retelling of the importance of the number 42?   A retelling that ridicules and attaches little green men, satirical humor as expressed by a devout atheist… Douglas Adams.

Please!  go ahead and search google for yourself… Ask the Google spirit   “The Answer to Everything”   Its first answer is 42! Is this not the irrational 41.66 of Godtype?

Heck, lets have some fun with Gematria.  Gematria is the hebrew system of numerology that assigns numbers to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.   I wonder what the Hebrew word for Google represents….   Sure enough Google in Hebrew equals 42 !

גוגל = 42 = Google


In summary I am simply trying to drive home the fact that there are two competing spirits on this earth with which we must all contend with.  The Holy Spirit from our true creator  who was deployed at Pentecost by Christ himself.   The Holy Spirit which came “from above” representative of Eternity / Heaven.  We must though,  also contend with the Spirit of this world…  The spirit from Below / Earth which was usurped by a mighty angel Lucifer long ago – a counterfeit of  God’s true Spirit.  A spirit that though it has been given reign on earth is limited and imprisoned within a set time and future end.   newweblogo2 A counterfeit that spreads convincing pseudo biblical stories of the creation of humanity.  Pseudo biblical stories which the Gnostic literature’s spread to an unwitting humanity searching for answers.   These teachings and  concepts are simply well told distortions of the truth we are taught in the Holy Scriptures.  The reason why Gnosticism is  so dangerous.



Yet I must believe that our research here at Godtype is Orthodox at its core…..It is from the true creator of the universe.   A creator that confirms his place above time and space by giving us exact predictions of future events.   Exact maps of time artistically represented within the words, verses, chapters and books of the bible!     

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0




Lets not leave out music, which is one of the strongest of artistic mediums in which both the God of this world and our Creator communicate with humanity.  There is only one song in history with “The Answer to Everything” in its title….
The Answer to Everything:  written and sung by Douglas Adams fellow countryman David Alexander – wonderful lyrics  that could surely be understood as a “spiritual” which answers our question.   What is the Answer to (Life the Universe) and everything?   It is to Love God back – as he has already loved us…… YOU are the answer to everything, if you do…  David Alexander’s words wonderfully point this out in his lyrics. Surely this “Art” is from our God above……  (Listen to the words with Christ / Father in mind)

David Alexander – the answer to everything by carl trevor jones




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