The True Date of the Exodus – 1604 bc: Confirmed by Godtype Pattern Research & Butler’s Chronology

7Part 1 of this important Bible Code breaking research is available here / Though we do review it below

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin – Part 2

Amazing.  Glorious.   These are just a few words to describe our latest discoveries which have taken our Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin research an additional 1040 years back in ‘Time”  all the way to 1604 bc  & the Exodus! (Our Mene Mene research shows a historical division of “Time” by “Empires” which last 260/520 years recorded in secular history! –  Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin simply means “Empires (Mene, Mene – Time/Eternity) are divided by periods of 500 (Upharsin)+ 20 (Tekel) years.  We now have an extended 3640 year timeline showing the rise and fall of empires upon a precise 260 / 520 year sequence in history!

Supported by one of the 20th centuries most prolific biblical expositors – James Glentworth Butler.  Butler headed up Epic multi-volume commentaries on the scriptures as one of Funk and Wagnall’s top theologians in the late 20th Century.  His expositions and commentaries laid out dozens of reasons of why Usher’s chronology of the time of Exodus was absolutely wrong!     Butler places the Exodus exactly (2)520 or 1040 years before the death of King Nebuchadnezzer in 564bc.   Confirmed and decoded 25 years later during the reign of his Grandson Belshazzar – by Daniel with his translation of “the writing on the wall” which amazingly  teaches us of the 520 year cycles of empires!  Glorious… our creator has revealed to us a 3640 year timeline with major Empires beginning or falling within a 260/520 year pattern. With an exact (40) year excess of 3600….. (total verses representing time).  Can this be the reason for 40 lost years in the desert before the Jewish Kingdom truly began?  This was our simple question prior to discovering God’s word actually teaches us in Leviticus 25 (Just after the Exodus)  that the Jews were to begin celebrating and marking “Time” on a 10 base cycle using 50 year Jubilees!  But there was a catch…. They must not begin the Jubilee count untill they reach the promised land…..  40 years Later!  A commandment from God that set up a 3600 year Time Clock from the establishment of Jerusalem in 1564bc to our Godtype 2029/2036 dates.   Represented by by the 3 books in the Bible which represent  our time domains….. Genesis (Beginings/ 50 chapters / 5000 years) Exodus (PRESENT / 40 chapters / 4000 years) John’s 20 Chapters (Future / 2000 years)*e

So Rather than repeat our essays on the discovery of the original ‘520 year Cycles of Empires’   lets just expand upon  Butler’s  reasoning on why the Exodus occurred in 1604 bc and not 111 years later in 1493 bc as so many  researchers continue the errors of  Usher’s faulty yet well intentioned Chronologies.   A chronology that has overlooked  historical  evidences from both secular and biblical sources including St. Luke’s Acts of the Apostles and its quoting of St. Paul on the ‘Time of the Judges’.     Our Transcriptions of Butler’s Bible-Work exposition of Genesis and Exodus is below with added notes from our own research in italics.   you can read Butler’s Bible-Work complete commentary available in scanned form from google.books here.

mene mene tekel upharsin gives evidence tha the true date of the Exodus was 1604 BC

mene mene tekel upharsin gives evidence tha the true date of the Exodus was 1604 BC


Excerpted from Butler’s Bible-work – Old Testament Vol 1 (Funk&Wagnalls 1887):

Hebrew Chronology – Its more important Points of Divergence By General consent the birth of Christ is made the central point of all sacred chronology.  The Christian ages being reckoned forward from that point (AD).  Going backward from the Christian era, there is a general agreement and no reasonable ground for diversity till we reach the period of the Judges of Israel.  The cardinal points are: The decree of Cyrus for the restoration of the Jews…..536bc The duration of the captivity. from the fourth year of Jehoiakim 70 years….606bc (but counted from the fall of the city under Zedekiah, 52 years only) From the revolt, first year of Rehoboam to the fall of the city, 388 years….976bc To the founding of the temple, beginning of Solomon’s fourth year, 37 years…. 1013bc The last epoch has chronological importance – The foundation of the temple laid  AD 1013. The first dispute, diversely estimated, point is the period of Judges ; yet the proof texts and authorities cover the period from the Exodus to the temple.  Usher makes the period of the Judges 339 years ; which conflicts with Jahn and many others who place this number at 450.

James Glentworth Butler Chronology. Click on Image for larger file

James Glentworth Butler Chronology. Click on Image for larger file

 Usher relies on 1K. 6:1:   ‘In   the 480th year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s rein over Israel….. he began to build the house of the Lord’   His computation runs thus; Moses 40 years ; Joshua 40 years: Samuel and Saul 40 : David (2 Sam 5;4-5) 41.  Solomon up to the founding of the Temple 3.  Judges-to fill out 480-339. The long period for the Judges rests primarily on Acts 13:20 which states that ‘After having divided to them the land of Canaan by lot, God gave them judges 450 years until Samuel the Prophet.’  Placing 450 years in the above computation in place of 339 – an excess of 111 years.  We find the date of the Exodus to then be 1604 BC! instead of usher’s figures of 1491.  Also in support of this long period for the Judges may be 1. The authority of Paul as above (Acts 13:20) which makes this period 450 years. 

2. Josephus makes the interval from the Exodus to the founding of the temple 592 years and not 480 (also a difference of 111 years)  

3. The Jews of China also make it 592 years   – Facts that favor the 1604 bc date for the Exodus.   It can not be argued that Josephus or the Chinese Jews adjusted their figures to harmonize with Paul / Acts 13:20. The internal dates in the Book of Judges demand the long period and cannot be harmonized with the short period of Usher’s Chronology.  Thus Judges 11:26 shows that the Hebrews had then dwelt in Hesbon, Aroer and along the coast of Arnon 300 years.  These years lie between the entrance into Canaan and the beginning of Jephthah’s Judgeship.   We have then this computation: 300 years minus 17 years for the term of Joshua is…………………… 284                                  Add for Jepthah (Judges 12:6)………………………………………………………6                                   For Ibzan 7 years, for Elon 10, for Abdon 8, Judg 12:8-14) …………… 25                                    Servitude to the Philistines (judg 13:1)……………………………………..40                       Samson (Judg 15:20 and 16:31) not less than ………………………………20                                 Eli (1 Sam. 4:18) ……………………………………………………………………………40                          A period without dates (narated Judg. 17-21) estimated at …………………40                                                                                                                                                             ___ Total ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..454

In a Nutshell,  This Proves that it is entirely impossible to bring these internal dates in the history within the short period of 339 years for the Judges required of Usher’s Chronology.  If we were to do this, we would be demanding that Luke misquoted Paul!   We must therefore accept the Long Period demanded by Luke’s inerrant scriptural account of Paul’s assertion  in Acts which has always been 450 years! and places the Exodus at 1013+591 = BC 1604 .      A simple error of 111 years………. 

mene mene tekel upharsen

mene mene tekel upharsen

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. additional notes and review of original research….

True Science has always been a sequential and linear exercise of research and discovery.   Godtype’s discoveries are akin to “Code Breaking”.   Code breaking at amazing speeds of late due to the discovery of the Godtype Continuum Codes which have served as our Rosetta Stone –  our cipher keys so to speak which has helped us decipher some of the most confusing passages and prophecies in the Bible.   Including:

#1 Image of Man.    #2 The 153 fish of John 21 #3 The 120 years of Genesis 6:3.  #4 Job’s pronouncements that our Continents are precisely measured.  #5 Discovery of PI hidden within the Chapters/verses of the Bible.    #6 The Initial breaking of Mene Mene Tekel Uphparsin.   #7 NEW DISCOVERY – Human DNA encoded in the Temple in Jerusalem

There has been a scientific process in breaking these Godtype Continuum Codes which is very similar to how American and British Code Breakers such as Alan Turing (entp)  broke the many NAZI ciphers during WWII. #1 The Intuitive and often visual recognition of patterns of symmetry. #2 The establishment of suppositions and theories on how these “Patterns” will display in the future. (A quasi-prophetic exercise…. #3  The Documentation of Historical & Scientific evidences to support our theories.  For myself, and similarly tempered scientists such as Turring & Tesla,  these discoveries are made through intuitive leaps  discovered with-in our dreams.  (For myself, only when we remember to  pray for Peace & Wisdom the night before).

Step one… Symmetry was discovered     Godtype was an epiphany.  An Epiphany that formed over 20 years!  It remained in the simple realm of symmetry due to its perfect mirroring of the 16 human temperements with the Trinity of Judeo Christian philosophy for many years…..(it is expressed in my earliest essays and Illustrations found here) .   Until,  a dream woke me up a few years ago shouting… “”TIME is made in God’s image as well’ ‘David Kearsey’s research is exact”” (into the percentages of Personality Type on earth)  Within just a few hours, symmetry’s within recorded history was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. We now had “Facts” ie  documented history supporting our original theories and postulations.   The added discovery that Isaac Newton formulated similar theories 250 years earlier was interesting…  Newton, was even crazier then myself, Believing and claiming the Temple in Jerusalem actually sat at the center of time!   Godtype research is responsible for breaking and proving  Newton’s assertions of the Temple representing the center of Time by my  expanding of Christian researcher David Flynn’s  work’s  in the following essays.  Obelisks and 6660

Step two…. Suppositions are established  The Bible is clear…. God the Father claims all Empires are established and allowed to rule through his sovereignty.   This requires the 520 year patterns to be from  “the Father”  YHWH.      It seems to be part of a 13,000 year timeline 520×25 or (1 cycle x25) Is this possibly the reason that each section of the New Testament ends with 1 Chapter of 25 verses?

ie; the 4 Gospels end with John’s 21st added chapter of grace = 1 Chapter/ 25 Verses the Pauline Epistles end with the Epistle to Philemon = 1 Chapter / 25 Verses the General Epistles end with the Epistle of Jude = 1 Chapter / 25 Verses

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

Step three….. Research is established of both secular and biblical sources.

David Armitage - Greater Britain 1516-1776 - exactly 260 years or 50% of a Biblical Empire

David Armitage – Greater Britain 1516-1776 – exactly 260 years or 50% of a Biblical Empire.

In review of our original essay….. It was a dream that shouted to me to finally complete my Illustration posted above.  Read Daniels writing on the wall!  A shout woke up early in the morning.    Sure enough we discovered that Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin has multiple meanings.   surely the Meaning that has been understood for centuries was true… “Your Empire will be (measured / Tekel) and (Divided / Upharsin)”.   It marked the end of King Nebuchadnezzar’s empire.  But there is a much more simpler understanding of the text that is also just as “Prophetic’.   It is the numbers behind the words…. The reason it was hiding in plain sight for 2600 years.  Just as the Hebrew Language and letters all have dual meanings.  (Both words and numbers – alphanumeric).  Mene’s most understood meaning is simple… it was a coin worth 1000,  it simply meant 1000 and it is the source for our modern english word of “Millenium”.   When spoken of twice in Jewish Culture… “mene mene” it  ALWAYS  means ETERNITY not 2000.  A Tekel was also a coin of 20 besides being a word meaning to measure!   An Upharsin was a coin of 500 besides meaning to Divide. Do you see it?

Hebrew and Eastern methods of counting express the 10’s column first (right to left) and then the 100’s… ie  20+500=520  as oppose to our western methods of left to right addition ie 500+20…… more evidence for “mene mene” truly meaning Eternity and not 2000!

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin has two clear and distinct meanings.  The words tell us…. “Your Kingdom is about to be measured and divided” but the numbers behind the words tell us something else…  They shout out Mene Mene (Eternity) (& your Kingdom) Tekel Upharsin (are measured and divided) Tekel Upharsin (by periods of 520 years)

“Amazing & Glorious’ the two words with which we began this essay on our latest discoveries  still does not begin to describe the elation this researcher felt when discovering a proven  ‘secular scientific phenomena’  clearly written about within the “book’  (Bible) I would not believe as a young man.

It has been over 33 years since I first challenged our impossible creator…. At the age of 13 – at my Catholic confirmation I took the name “Thomas” not because I believed in ‘The Way’ but to the contrary…  my scientific soul had began to question the faith I so easily believed as a child… I had unwittingly put my faith in my science books and science heroes such as Hawking, Gould, Feinman and Jastrow.    I took the name ‘Thomas’ because I did not believe…. a quintessential  “Doubting Thomas”  arrogantly demanding  from our creator on that day – that He would need to give me undeniable evidence…I was not a gullible believer….   Like Thomas I required “proof” for the Bible, nothing less than seeing our lord’s stripes & wounds would allow my mind to believe in silly fairy tales…   Now humbled beyond words… God has answered my prayers and it is difficult to now write and confront these truths without  ‘tears of joy’ in the  knowledge that the price that was paid on that old rugged cross 2000 years ago covered me in full –  It covered my  arrogance, the universal human stain….. my sin.

Discovering Butlers chronology matching these patterns should give any researcher studying the date of the exodus to throw away the error filled chronologies of William Usher that as far as I can see have caused more errors and disbelief in the Bible. The Bible says ETERNITY is measured and divided by cycles of 520 years!  ETERNITY   is not the silly 6000 year time line Usher has forced upon Christendom.  The 6000 year timeline that disregards the 12,000 years of history of our current epoch since the Pleistocene.  12,000 years shouted out in Genesis 6:3 – 120 GREAT Jubilees! A bifurcated 6k/12k period of time which clearly began after man’s ultimate test of arrogance (technology) in the story of Babel. Understanding that a Dream woke me up and demanded I open my bible to Daniel to understand what seemed to be a Secular 520 year pattern in history was all about.   There was nothing secular about it.   God the Father claims that ALL Kingdoms are in power only because of his will.

Romans 13:1   “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” Daniel 2:21 “He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” Daniel 4:17‘The decision is announced by messengers, the holy ones declare the verdict, so that the living may know that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of people.’ John 19:11  “Jesus answered, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.” 1 Peter 2:13  “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority,’


Milton Thomas Fleitas

**** AMAZING RESEARCH UPDATE****** –   The Bible always comes through! ******  This essay now brings our 260/520 year cycles I first illustrated years ago without a full understanding into the realm of FACT and not just amazing COINCIDENCES.  If you see our Master Godtype Poster Illustration you will see that I was struggling to bring two very different timelines together…. One based on 100 year cycles of Jubilees which intersects with our Lord’s resurrection and a 260/520 year self evident (secular history) cycles of empires?  As we show in our PI research the books that represent “Time” total 3600 verses…. yet our complete timeline from 1604bc to 2036 totals 3640 total years.  An EXCESS of 40 years.   PLEASE READ Leviticus 25!   God commands his children just after the Exodus to begin counting off and measuring time by 50 year Jubilees (100 year great Jubilees)  A ten base time clock that runs all the way to 2029!  Yet there was a small hitch…..  The Hebrews must wait untill they reach the promised land!   Little did they ever imagine they would be lost in the desert for 40 years…. 3640-40=3600 –  A perfect 10 base  measurement of time  (3600 years) from the jews arrival in Israel and 2029.   Yet the 520 year Empires extends exactly 7 years to 2036!    (7) exact years of scientifically proven tribulation with the coming of the Apophis asteroid in 2029 on Nissan 17 and its return and possible strike exactly 7 years later!  All this correlates with the 3600 verses of our books and chapters of time….  Books and Chapters that compute to PI to 7 digits… 3.1415926 (see research here or a brief overview below)

Godtype and PI in the Bible…  A brief overview of the original discovery of the “Chapters of Time” correlating Chapters of the Bible to the Godtype time map, and the follow up research after a dream shouted at me…… “VERSES also represented time and would total PI!”

Original Godtype Time Map showing correlation of human cognition, time and the bible

Original Godtype Time Map showing correlation of human cognition, time and the bible



*……  It was an amazing coincidence to discover these 3 books I dreamed of, GENESIS – 50 Chapters, EXODUS – 40 Chapters  and JOHN’s original 20 Chapters correlated and represented the (3) physical time domains of the Holy Trinity which Godtype shows consist of 41.66%- 5000 years.  33.33% – 4000 years and 16.66% – 2000 years.

But it was on the next morning when another shout woke me up that for the first time in my life, I could not be certain it was simply my subconscious mind…..  It yelled at me!  Called me by my first name! Softly first, followed by a SHOUT.

 “”milton, MILTON!  if you truly trust the scriptures are the word of God, you will find out that VERSES correlate with TIME as well…You WILL calculate PI just as David Flynn did””

Sure enough, thanks to the wonderful resources at I was able to quickly confirm that these 3 books I had recently wrote an essay about showing the “coincidence” of their chapters partially matching the Godtype Continuum ( 5, 4, 2, ) or (50,40,20) totaled exactly 3600 verses?  A perfect representation of 50% of a Circle of Time!  one  12 hour Clock face (60 minutes x 60 seconds = 3600)

Now, I must  conclude,  this amazing coincidence goes beyond calculable statistics – it must be evidence of a Creator who sits outside of time and space and see’s ALL TIME.   But how on earth do we calculate PI? It must deal with Eternity and my spirit understood due to the recent (a few days) breaking of the code behind the “Mene Mene” of Daniels writing on the wall.    So,  are there possibly 2 books in the Bible with only 10 chapters each? Maybe 1 book representing man’s flawed time on earth with 12 chapters?  YES!   – Esther/Ezra have  10 chapters each representing the Mene Mene (eternity).  I also instantly understood the Book of Ecclesiastes represented the entirety of our Human Timeline on this Earth. Representing  both man’s wisdom and failings here on this earth. Representing the totality of humanities flawed wisdom and the 12  millenniums of Gen 6:3.   Sure enough, as I checked blueletterbible.

Ecclesiastes totals 12 chapters!   (Ecclesiastes 12 chapters and an amazing  222 verses).

We arrive at PI not once, but twice!  3600 verses (earth time)  + 222 verses (Heaven/ eternal time)  =  3822.     Heaven and Eternity sits above us and yet must still be  taken account of.   Divide this intuitive understanding of time and space with the  total energy allotted in Genesis 6:3, 12000 years plus 7 years of tribulation that I Illustrated on our timeline several years ago and we arrive at PI to 5 digits,  The odds of arriving at 3 digits are slim, yet each successive digit places this to a chance of 1 in millions.    Add the .1666 “Missing Excess of the Total” from a strange dream I had over 3 years ago.   I did not understand it,,,, I had woken up with the biggest epiphinay of my life, a feeling of elation which is hard to explain and yet within moments of opening my eyes….. it was gone!   All I could remember was the number .1666 represented the missing excess of time?   what the heck did this mean, it was so real I wrote for the first time ever a full page of notes trying to decipher it.   That was untill a few years later when I discovered from fellow researchers like Gavin Finley and Doug Krieger who wonderfully teach us that their is an excess of time after the tribulation…. it is known as the marriage supper of Christ and it may include a period known as the wrath of God.  Researchers vary claims between 45 or possibly  75 days.  An excess of time?  what if it is 60 days?  .166 of a year?   12,007.166 ?  divide this by our 3822 time verses of the bible and we arrive at PI to 7 digits!   3.1415926    

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