TMNT Super Heroes present Godtype to a new generation.

newweblogo2          Not quite sure where to begin on this “Film Type” research essay.  It has been sitting on my proverbial shelf for 5 months now……  We created all of our illustrations months ago during the first week of release of the  Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Film reboot.    It was at that time that my Teen aged son asked me a simple question?

“Dad,  I understand your research  – so should not the colors and personalities of the teen age mutant ninja turtles match the 4 Godtypes?”…..  

Sure enough,  as I questioned him on the personalities of each of these “Super Hero’s” each one of them perfectly matched one of the 4 temperaments.   This in and of itself is an expected correlation of the self evident four-fold temperaments…. Yet, what are the odds of the 4 colors of Godtype  (Based on Biblical Research)  matching the branded colors of these now  30 year old comic book hero’s….   Will the Godtype colors be true to type as well?

They certainly were.    To a level of exactness that has brought me… the discoverer of the digital codes and mathematical patterns behind this natural phenomenon we  call  “Godtype”  to a point of bewilderedness .   That is why the further discoveries displaying Godtype’s Assertions that Space-Time is the most important facet of human cognition – being shown  within the Studio’s authorised Movie Posters are certainly amazing!   

It is this understanding of Time and the Judeo Christian Deity of the Holy Trinity which we illustrate on our “Cognitive Cross” showing that T/F functions are one in the same, Just as the Father and the Son are one in the same as well…. It is simply their vantage point that seperates them… 

The following Illustrations, how ever silly it may seem for  a serious researcher to be studying TMNT personalities along with the creative art issued by the move studios may be.  Show (3) levels of four fold coincidences bringing it to statistical impossibilities….

Are we not simply showing the four-fold (Trinitarian) reality of creation?  The four-fold reality William Blake understood and expressed in his art?  How wonderful Blake’s quote  

“For all things are four-fold and repeat in miniature – The Great fourfold of the Universe!” 

The 4 TMNT Teen Age Ninja Turtle display the 4 Archetypes (Godtypes) of Human Personality and Temperament

The 4 TMNT Teen Age Ninja Turtle display the 4 Archetypes (Godtypes) of Human Personality and Temperament













Teachings that make it Clear that God the Father is spirit –Israel’s Provider (eSfj) Protector (iSfj)the Inspector (isTj) of our lives &  the Supervisor (esTj) of all our affairs.  God the Son is the Messiah & Redeemer – our Healer (iNfp) and our Teacher (enFj), the Mighty Counselor (infj) Champion (eNfp) over death as well as a  future battle with the adversary, paradoxically already won on a cross at cavalry.  God the Holy Spirit is our Helper – The Promoter (eStp) of the holy scriptures,  the Composer(isFp) of life on planet earth, the  Performer (eSfp) of miracles who Crafts (iStp) each and every one of  us within the womb.

And yet every creative miracle spoken of in Genesis included all (3) of these “beings”.    Working in unison these  (3) Three Persons are One.  Trinity.   The Inventor (eNtp) of the universe, the Architect (inTp) & Mastermind (iNtj) of our earth – who Marshalled (enTj) every available resource (physical & angelic) during the most incredible project of all eternity which we are taught in the Creation story of Genesis.

The correlations we point out above in our (4) TMNT Personality Illustrations displaying the Godtype patterns with the intuitive colors  chosen by the TMNT Ninja Turtle Creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird back in the 1980’s  is simply just another example of what I claim to be Leeks of this 4 fold phenomena into our Culture through the works of Creative writers and artists.

Yet is is the correlation with my most abstract understanding of how Time and Space are inexplicably linked to Human Cognition which takes this TMNT Research into levels of near unbelief with the most recent Godtype Illustration of the “Cross of Cognition” which displays graphically the inter-conectiveness of Time and Space upon our human thinking processes.   Thinking and feeling are one in the Same I have been Shouting to the world for some time now…  It is simply the direction upon which we Look!   Sure enough,  The Bandana’s of each of these superhero’s which are the only items displaying any time of motion (Time)  are all Flowing in the same directions as Godtype has postulated!   Amazing.  Impossible.  True.

Please see each of our Individual Illustrations posted below.  Click on them for more personality type information and Larger printable images.   

****NEWS/RESEARCH update***** for years now I have been postulating that the Son’s Love (Jesus) Looked forward in time as opposed to the fathers equally valid form of love (just harder to understand) which is driven by rules and sacrifices…. it is driven by LOOKING BACK.  T and F functions simply look towards opposite directions in time.  They are one in the same.  Just as the Father and the Son are one in the same, and yet any google search would not bring up this gut understanding I have had since childhood.  That is until the new Blockbuster movie Cinderella, created by Kenneth Branagh who has time and time again represented Godtype and an amazing understanding of human personality in his movies….  The Final scene and Image from the movie?   An image that has not even hit the search engines yet…..  was simply a “silent quote” placed high on the screen…. telling us that ” to show LOVE – we must LOOK to the FUTURE”!   Amazing…..  You are now privy to a new understanding of LOVE that will soon become part of our culture…. instigated by a silent quote at the end of a movie…. A movie created by Kenneth Branagh who as far as I can tell is sharing information from the HOLY SPIRIT from ABOVE.  As opposed to so much of Hollywood that spews out information from BELOW.

TMNT Leonardo - An SJ Guardian Personality who Looks Back in Time!

TMNT Leonardo – An SJ Guardian Personality who Looks Back in Time!


TMNT Raphael - An Idealist NF Personality who Looks to The FUTURE

TMNT Raphael – An Idealist NF Personality who Looks to The FUTURE


TMNT Donatello - an NT Personality who sees time through Digital eyes...  i.e. All at Once

TMNT Donatello – an NT Personality who sees time through Digital eyes… i.e. All at Once


TMNT Michael Angelo - An SP Personality who Lives in the Present!

TMNT Michael Angelo – An SP Personality who Lives in the Present!

As we have outlined in many essays… and as I am constantly explaining to anyone who will listen….

Science fiction writers (Generally NT’s), and creative abstract artists (Generally NF’s) The abstract thinkers and creators of society are constantly “leaking” the Godtype patterns into society along with just about any creative artist working today…. Cover Art and commercial artists working for the Film and Music industries seem to be the primary emissaries of American (World) culture.

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  1. Zachary Alan Caro

    I really like your research, thanks for publishing.

    Most people on mbti websites and blogs agree that the turtles are the following types:
    LEONARDO-blue: enfj – teacher.
    Raphael-red: istj – protector.
    Donatello-purple: intp – architect
    Michelangelo-orange: esfp performer

    Which I would agree with the SJ, Raphael is very past oriented, dwells on things that happened with a vengeance. Holds grudges. He also often breaks off from the group to take action, so not a leader-rational type, fits in the SJ guardian type. BUT I would disagree with the Internet on his T and say he’s more of an ISFJ–due to wearing his feelings on his sleeve. Either way, his color wouldn’t be red on your diagram, but blue — he’s a guardian. (Incidentally I think guardians should be red anyway.)

    Leo is also very concerned about the group working together and developing their skills as a team. I would put him as an ENTJ but he is more of an F than a T much more concerned about the feelings and development more than a an ENTJ who are more task; he’s oriented towards his team/people oriented in his leadership. Makes him fit the son/future section of the diagram.

    • Wonderful Insights Zachary! Thanks for posting… are understanding the “Time” aspects of cognition.
      It is the Direction in which we “look” that is key…. Just as the Studios poster show in the movement of Each of the Turtles Bandana’s.

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