Welcome to the Machine: Godtype displayed in Hollywood, Again and Again and Again……..

The following  research  was spurred by the recent episode of “Person of Interest” episode 11 of season 4  “If then, else”.  An amazing episode dealing with concepts of time and cognition.  An episode displaying a computer “GOD” like entity capable of running simulation after simulation – (A view of time from the N position of Godtype / From ABOVE)

God's (the computer's) final move in its attempt to save a human life..... 833, 333.33 or 8.33

God’s (the computer’s) final move in its attempt to save a human life….. 833, 333.33 or 8.33


 The reason it is the NT rationals who excell at virtual technology and seeing the “BIG” picture. They are actualy viewing TIME from above.  See our Cognition and Time Illustrations Here.

Until this entity was able to achieve results that would not cause harm to humanity.   I’m no longer surprised at seeing the Godtype sequences and numbers showing up on screen,   I was actually expecting them and we have had to devote an entire column towards these “Leeks” from Hollywood.   So when I noticed Godtype’s resonate frequency show up in the final simulation scene – representing  an “Eternity” of possible choices for the “machine” with the number 833,333.  I simply shrugged it off and mentioned it in passing to my son who was also watching.  It was many weeks later when my spirit prompted me to review the film to find more hidden gems – As  I reviewed the film from Back to Front – I watched Finch’s   conversation with  the “AI” dealing with  the difficult choices necessary in this world… of the sacrifices that were necessary…  I understood it instantly…. The number 17 representing Jesus Christ was going to present itself!   It certainly did…. The computers first move….The very first choice, In the very first scene of the “Chess Game”…. The Choice was number #17.  

"God's" aka the Computer's first move in the game of Chess.... #17

“God’s” aka the Computer’s first move in the game of Chess…. #17

We will be discussing this actual episode in much more detail in the second half of this essay,  along with the years final episode aptly named “YHWH”,   but let us first review some of our Godtype research for those who may be new to these amazing discoveries with in Human Cognition and Space-Time  –  Which are absolutely linked to the  Judeo Christian teachings of the Holy Trinity.  Teachings that have been encoded in the ancient scriptures for thousands of years.

Original Godtype Time Map showing correlation of human cognition, time and the bible. The Chapters of the Bible correlate as well....Genesis' 50 Chapters = 5000. Exodus' 40 Chapters = 4000, John's 20 Chapters = 2000 years - aka, the 2 days of hosea.

Original Godtype Time Map showing correlation of human cognition, time and the bible. The Chapters of the Bible correlate as well….Genesis’ 50 Chapters = 5000. Exodus’ 40 Chapters = 4000, John’s 20 Chapters = 2000 years – aka, the 2 days of Hosea.

The Godtype continuum codes represent the 4 great Space-Time domains domains consisting of 5000 years, 4000 years, 2000 years and 1000 years. …. PAST, Present, Future. Eternity. Each represented by irrational percentages  within a 6k x2 12,000 year Time allotment given to man in Genesis 6:3.   Research Essay Here.

They flow within our world from Eternity to Eternity.  From Mene to Mene.  From Babel to Babel.   They follow the ancient Jubilee years which were reestablished by Moses nearly 3600 years ago.  (8.33%, 41.33%) + (33.33%, 16.66%)  and back to 8.33%.


God's (the computer's) final move in its attempt to save a human life..... 833, 333.33 or 8.33

God’s (the computer’s) final move in its attempt to save a human life….. Took 833,333.33 or 8.33.  In other words….. An Entire Eternity was spent processing how to Save these Human Souls from the Adversary.

Please review the 5  concise  Illustrations posted below along with the following updated  summary.  (This will  equip you to recognize these “information” leaks from what Carl Jung called the “Collective Unconscious.”)

The Collective “unconscious” is certainly the spirit of earthly man… The Spirit Christ referred to as SATAN –  Which Jesus literally put behind him in Time & Space when he told Peter just prior to the crucifixion  “Get behind me Satan”.    Jung  coined an excellent term, yet Godtype research and 3600 years of Judeo-Christian orthodoxy irrefutably  teaches us that these “leaks” originate from one of two locations.   Either (S)(Sensory Logic) the “Spirit of this world”  or  (N) (Intuitive Logic) the “Spirit from Above”.  Two sources…. Two very different locations which our ancient scriptures tell us are indelibly  linked with-in Space-Time as we understand.

mastercross   Remember… The Spirit of this world according to the scriptures is under the near complete control of  a mighty angel named Lucifer.  It is not Evil per se’,  It is a necessary “Power” system on our earth…. That Lucifer Hijacked in the Garden (The beginning of OUR story on earth).

911 and supertramp. What are the odds that the owner of CoverArt.com discoveres these hidden codes within the first (2) covers that began his love of this art form 30 years earlier

The Great Harlot of Rev.17 – She’s a Super Tramp. ART from the Spirit of this World.
911 and supertramp. What are the odds that the publisher of CoverArt.com is also the discoverer of Goddtype. It is a God given nature capable of seeing what is just below the surface… What are the odds of the first two albums I ever purchased would become a viral internet story 30 years later? Patience is key… Waiting for God’s time and not our own…

  In  some ways it can be considered the virtual “Mind” of  this fallen and once beautiful Cherub.  A virtual mind that mimics the true creator of time and space…. Trinity. i.e. Holy Spirit.    We are also taught in the ancient scriptures about This Holy Spirit from above who was deployed to earth at Pentecost.  50 days after Christ’s crucifixion.  It is this Spirit that also battles for the hearts and minds of humanity…. It too spreads its message subtly and mightily through the creative and artistic abilities of humanity in such diverse creative minds such as commercial artists.   Musicians,  Film and Television writers, etc..  It too can be seen as a virtual “MIND”….  The virtual collective mind of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Trinity.  The Mind of God.  

Godtype Time & Cognition Table. Please Click on Image for Larger Image

Godtype Time & Cognition Table. Please Click on Image for Larger Image




Godtype Basics

The most important number – 120, 12, 12000:  This represents our “Human Domain” in its entirety.  A complete Cycle.  Just as the short arrow of an analog clock must revolve around the circle of time twice (2x) to complete a full cycle so to must our bifurcated time domain.   A total of 3600 seconds.  following the Godtype continuum of 5,4,2,1.   Or as we show in our research essay on PI and the Bible… 50 chapters Genesis/Beginnings.  40 chapters Exodus/Middle. 20 Chapters John/End.  just a coincidence? except for the fact that those 3 books add up to 3600 verses!  Encapsulated by the 12 Chapters and 222 verses of Ecclesiastes representing ALL of Man’s flawed time allotted to him.  Add 222 (virtual time) to 3600 and we have 3822…. divide into our total allotted time in Genesis 6:3 plus the 7 years of tribulation and we arrive at PI to 6 digits.  3.141592 .  Just another coincidence?  Unlikely….. Especially since it was a dream that revealed this to me after a prayer for wisdom on the strange coincidences of the chapters matching the Godtype continnuum… Again the sequence we must watch for…… 5,4,2,1. or  41.66, 33.33, 16.66., 8.33 or 5000 years, 4000 years, 2000 years, 1000 years or 50 chapters, 40 chaptrs, 20 chapters and 10 chapters..

Godtype Illustration: A brief overview

Godtype Illustration: A brief overview

Thinking / Feeling is one cognitive process separated by time!

Thinking / Feeling is one cognitive process separated by time!

12,000 bifurcated years.  6,000+6000.   It is our “TOTAL”   availability of  time and space.   We are firmly told that it is 120 years.   or as Godtype has decoded – the 12,000 year current age in which we are living since the end of the previous world we know as the “Pleistocene”.   A time when Giant mammals ruled the earth.  It also represents the 120 Jubilee “years” God taught us to count in Deuteronomy.  The 6000 years of a bifurcated reality in which humanity must  travel along times unforgiving arrow.

The reason we all use a 12 hour x 2 Clock system to represent a full day/night  in  time.

Godtype Frequencies:  16.66, 33.33, 41.66 and 8.33

Represented in our Analogous world  by the numbers 17, 33, 42 and 8.

8.33% is our resonate frequency. 833.33%, 8333.33%.   it DOES NOT MATTER.  They are all simply representative of differing ACCURACY within the system.  8.33 represents the virtual domain of God.  it Represents TRINITY, the combined synergy of the Father, Son and Spirit.  Heaven.  Mene Mene.  The coming millennium.   8.33% x 12000 = 1000

16.66% represents the Son.  16.66% of  12,000 years gives our redeemer a set 2000 year  domain on earth in which Grace and ever lasting life is just a “Free will” choice away from every human being alive during this “time” domain. A domain prophesied by Hosea and many other prophets of old.  After 2 days he will revive us (16.66) on the 3rd day he will restore us  (8.33).   Displayed on earth the number 17 has been understood by myself as the analogous representation of 16.66 representing Christ.  I am not alone on this understanding of the 17 representing Christ….. many theologians have understood this including Bullinger and Austin due to their fervent study of scripture.   As usual, I came to the understanding through science and research.  It became a self evident fact when I was creating the Godtype Periodic table of human cognition.   Jesus was unique.   He was the God-Man.   He was the 17th “Human Type” in our Godtype Periodic Table.

The Reason for the 153 Fish of John 21.

Godtype periodic table. Jesus is number 17 (16.66)

Godtype periodic table. Jesus is number 17 (16.66)

Does not the bible tell us that all things have been created through Jesus, the first begotten?   How interesting that secular scientists tell us that our actual Physical Periodic table of elements will one day possibly reach 153……

 “”a third set, the superactinide series (elements 122–153), is predicted to fall outside the main body of the table, but none of these has yet been synthesized or isolated.”” Columbia Enc. 2014″”

See original research here.   Just as the computers first move was 17. the number for Christ…  The Ark arrived at its new earth on the 17th day of the new year.   Jesus resurrected as well on Nissan 17,  the 17th day of the new year in 29ad nearly 2000 years ago.  Actually it was at sundown, 16.66 days into the new year – the first begotten of all eternity.

standard_model_aiNew discovery!  The Standard Model of Particle Physics…… The Realm I have referred to in past essays as representing the Angelic realm because of our scriptures subtle teachings…. The standard Model of Particle Physics is based on how many particles?   17 of Course!  And they perfectly match up to our Godtype research….. Please See Research Here.

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0


A show created by a rational creative artist Jonathan Nolan. A rational who “See’s” the Machine that is all around us.

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