Personality godtype illustrations in the works

Biblical Briggs Myers (God) Types

Father types:

Moses. ISFJ. Quote.  “Let us number our days”  the reluctant leader, known as the Father of the Hebrews.   Illustration should Show how George Washington (ISFJ) with the same Godtype fulfilled the same role  on the cycle of empires. 3640-260=3380 years from Exodus. 1604bc to 1776ad. = 3380!  (13) 260 year cycles!

Dual illustration.. Moses+Washington ISFJs.  Reluctant leaders.the Father’s of Nations.

Son types:

Joseph. ENTP.  REPRESENTATIVE OF the 4 NFs.   The Christ Types. COUNSELING Kings, TEACHING , HEALING divisions. INVENTING systems to physically save the world (Egypt). #17 is all over Joseph’s life.  THIS NEEDS AN ILLUSTRATION as well….

An illustration showing how RATIONALS (NTs) bring systematic order (view from ABOVE taking account of ALL TIME) to their  NON VIRTUAL TYPES!

(ENTP+ idealist NF’s, infp,enfp,infj,enfj)

St. Paul.  ENTJ.  Representing the 4 SJ’s Providing, Protecting, Leading, establishing and managing  a church and it’s heirarchy.

An illustration showing how ENTJs St. PAUL bringS systematic order (a view from above seeing all-time) to All Guardian SJ’s. Who tend to see things Parallel.  i.e. SJ’s St. PETER, ST. MATHEW,  St. THOMAS.

King David. ENFP!  Representing the Son Type NF warrior. The Champion over Golliath.   Brilliant Abstract Thinkers what can unfortunately  get caught up struggling with the Spirit of this world.

King Saul.  Representing All “Father” type warriors.  All SJ’S (ISTJ,ESTJ,ISFJ,ESFJ)+ ENTJ.

Sons of thunder.  James and John.  The two NF apostles singled out by the Lord himself As sons of thunder, the actual Greek word used by Jesus describes CONVERSION OF ENERGY!   ILLUSTRATION.

St. Peter.  Absolute SJ.  “On this Rock”  he was a warrior, who spoke without thinking (TE), ocasionally influenced by Spirit (S) of this world not  (N) Spirit from God above.

ST. MARK, DEFINITIVE NT. Was an outsider, an evangelist.

ST. LUKE’S, DEFINITIVE  SP.  WROTE acts of the Apostles, the shooting script of the Gospels. His Gospel to the present, the Romans.

St. MATHEW, DEFINITIVE SJ, wrote his Gospel to the Jews….. the PAST

St. JOHN, DEFINITIVE NF, INFP? WROTE his Gospel to the Future…. Church…

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