The Bible, The Number 42, God the Father and the SJ (Sensory Judgers) Father Types.

The Bible, The Number 42, God the Father YHWH and the SJ (Sensory Judging) Father Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 42 {41.66%) representative of God the Father and its Biblical references.  Represented by 41.33% of humanity and the four SJ Sensory Judging temperaments. These Guardians of society who are overwhelmingly represented in our armed forces were by […]

The Rational Prophets of Humanity: Douglas Adams, Gnostics & the number 42

It seems the Godtype Continuum (8.33,16.66,33.33,41.66) and its biblical concepts are continually encoded and often distorted within the works of modern day Science-Fiction writers? Also, within the pseudo biblical writings of the ancient Gnostics – the original authors of what can best be called “Theo-Fiction”.  Teachings which are today championed by Ancient Alien adherents….. As editor of both […]

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