The Bible, The Number 17, Jesus and the NF (Intuitive Feeling) Son Types.

The Bible, The Number 17, Jesus and the NF (Intuitive Feeling) Son Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 17 representative of Jesus Christ and its Biblical refferences.  Represented by 16.66% of humanity and the four Intuitive Feeling temperaments. These Idealist are by chance represented by the “Champion” ENFP, the “Healer” INFP, the […]

Bono of U2: An NF (Idealist) Personality

So, Bono is surely an NF Idealist, but which one? is Bono an ENFP or an INFJ? INFP or ENFJ? These are the two most widely “Thrown” personality types attributed to Bono. The way to figure out ones personality is often to simply listen. Listen to his words. listen to his history. His admittance of […]

The paradox of logic: Idealists & The Champion eNfp

A Godtype understanding of  (NF’s) & their Champion ENFP.   As a rational eNtp I’ve spent a lifetime “believing” that my “Rationality” was simply another term for “Logic”.   Logic was my personal domain – Like captain Spock on the enterprise I thought logic to be  cold and factual, simple and dispassionate.  Honest at any cost,   […]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: iNfj

Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer is iNfj He is said to have been a Good listener  by his colleagues & friends. Excellent student, father says he’ (Dietrich), did his work naturally and tidily. Enjoyed painting, reading  and sculpture,   reading fairy tales then acting them out with his sisters. Piano lessons began at 8 years of age. He quickly learned […]

Son Types: The Champion / Advocate – ENFP

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