The Bible, The Number 42, God the Father and the SJ (Sensory Judgers) Father Types.

The Bible, The Number 42, God the Father YHWH and the SJ (Sensory Judging) Father Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 42 {41.66%) representative of God the Father and its Biblical references.  Represented by 41.33% of humanity and the four SJ Sensory Judging temperaments. These Guardians of society who are overwhelmingly represented in our armed forces were by […]

Father Types: esFj – Provider / Facilitator

The (12) Undeniable Traits of the ESFJ Provider / Facilitator   Caring Pragmatic Gregarious Ability to “read” people Hero Worshiper Energetic Sensitive to the needs of others Encourager Empathy Confident Sympathetic Cooperative   (3) Areas of Weakness Controlling Discouraged by Criticism Emotionally Vulnerable   Percentage of Humanity = About 10% Primary View of “Time’ = […]

Father Types: esTj – Supervisor / Implementer

The (12) Undeniable Traits of the ESTJ – Supervisor / Implementer Godtype Decisive Organized Responsible Outspoken Hard Working Digs in and get the job done Community Minded Leader Traditional Respect of established institutions Pragmatism Decisiveness Devotion to Logic (3) Areas of weakness requiring work: Overly Aggressive Building relationships with their followers Appearance of not considering other perspectives […]

ISTJ: Mitt Romney and Harry S Truman

In light of the 2012 Election, I  could not help but see some similarities in the styles, temperaments and Historical patterns between Mitt Romney and Harry S Truman.  Though these two men find themselves in opposite political parties separated by time and space – They are very similar not just in personality, but in their […]

Father Types: Protector / Conservator – iSfj

Digital Sequence Based on Godtype Periodic Table:  1 . 1 . 1 . 1 Core Value :  Security Super Power: Devotion Functions: 1. Memory – Si 2. Sympathy – Fe  3. Analysis – Ti 4. Brainstorming – Ne The (12) Undeniable Traits of the ISFJ – Protector / Conservator Protector, Relentless,  Loyal, Sense of Personal Duty,  Nurturing, Instinctive Action, […]

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