Welcome to the Machine: Godtype displayed in Hollywood, Again and Again and Again……..

The following  research  was spurred by the recent episode of “Person of Interest” episode 11 of season 4  “If then, else”.  An amazing episode dealing with concepts of time and cognition.  An episode displaying a computer “GOD” like entity capable of running simulation after simulation – (A view of time from the N position of Godtype / From ABOVE) […]

TMNT Super Heroes present Godtype to a new generation.

          Not quite sure where to begin on this “Film Type” research essay.  It has been sitting on my proverbial shelf for 5 months now……  We created all of our illustrations months ago during the first week of release of the  Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Film reboot.    It […]

The Rational Prophets of Humanity: Douglas Adams, Gnostics & the number 42

It seems the Godtype Continuum (8.33,16.66,33.33,41.66) and its biblical concepts are continually encoded and often distorted within the works of modern day Science-Fiction writers? Also, within the pseudo biblical writings of the ancient Gnostics – the original authors of what can best be called “Theo-Fiction”.  Teachings which are today championed by Ancient Alien adherents….. As editor of both CoverArt.com […]

Superman: A visible Jungian archetype that correlates with Godtype and Space-time

Superman has generally been understood as a visible Jungian archetype of the Judeo-Christian deity and the stories of the Bible.   Whether it is the attenuating simplifications of the biblical stories of Father and Son,   or even the  thousands of years old  practice of displaying paintings of Jesus Christ dressed in blue and  red […]

Once Upon a Time: Personality Types

Yes,  even Villains are created in God’s image.  Please understand, ALL 16 types can play the role of a villain – Its a little thing called “Freewill” that separates the Villains from the Heroes!  Sometimes the differences between them are difficult to comprehend. Help us “type” the following film characters from “Once Upon a Time”. Here is our preliminary […]

Godtype at the movies: Marvel’s Avengers

Godtype at the movies: Marvel’s Avengers Marvel’s new film “The Avengers” is just the latest science fiction blockbuster to demonstrate humanities archetypical relationships and Godtype through out its story line. As we have looked into & researched in the past – Science Fiction film and Television writers and producers are the most likely candidates to […]

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