Introduction to Godtype: Evidence Time & Space is encoded within the Bible & Human Cognition

**VIDEO and Godtype INFOGRAPHIC at Bottom of Post** Welcome,  After 16+ years of writing and using “Illustrations” to help inform readers on our supernatural research subjects We’ve  finally gone to Multimedia.   The following video is our first attempt (evidenced by the low volume levels).   Please crank up both speaker and youtube settings.   […]

Godtype diagram – A brief outline of the (4) person(alities) of the Holy Trinity

Nearly 15 years since first learning of Cognitive Personality Theory &  soon realizing that my own minds understanding of the Judeo-Christian teachings of the Holy Trinity were looking right back at me from within the documented personalities of  humanity.  The greatest problem over the years has been describing the paradoxical yet orthodox truth of   the […]

Godtype Space-Time Map

The following is the original discovery of the Godtpe Space-Time map.   Unknowingly creating a time map  just as Erich Sauer did in his most important book “From Eternity to Eternity”.   The difference was that by using the supposition that God  created humanity in his image, quite possibly  “Time” was created in this image as […]

Godtype at the movies: Marvel’s Avengers

Godtype at the movies: Marvel’s Avengers Marvel’s new film “The Avengers” is just the latest science fiction blockbuster to demonstrate humanities archetypical relationships and Godtype through out its story line. As we have looked into & researched in the past – Science Fiction film and Television writers and producers are the most likely candidates to […]

The 8 cognitive processes

Below are the 8 cognitive processes. These are very important to understand because they are at the root of who we are. The evidence for the duality (positive and negative) feedback is overwhelming and yet academia still refers to these important cognitive functions and their amazing order and design as “theory”. Why? The answer is […]

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: by Nikola Tesla

THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY by Nikola Tesla Including All Illustrations from the original Century Illustrated Magazine With  Notes Pertaining to Tesla’s Understanding of the Human Mind, Its Energy use and  correlation to Godtype Nikola Tesla’s Words pertaining to Godtype are Highlighted in Blue Original Tesla Illustrations are all in Black and White New […]

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