Isaac Newton and the Jerusalem Temple – DNA Encoded in Hebrew Letters

THIS RESEARCH ESSAY HAS BEEN UPDATED – WITH SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.  PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK  (ALSO THE LINK IS MOBILE FRIENDLY)   (In Memory of the late David Flynn who introduced me to the works of Isaac Newton) Isaac Newton and the Jerusalem Temple: The Hidden Genome Codes The future Implications  to this initial […]

The True Date of the Exodus – 1604 bc: Confirmed by Godtype Pattern Research & Butler’s Chronology

7Part 1 of this important Bible Code breaking research is available here / Though we do review it below Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin – Part 2 Amazing.  Glorious.   These are just a few words to describe our latest discoveries which have taken our Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin research an additional 1040 years back in ‘Time” […]

Obelisks and 6660: A virtual ride through time and space

Please click on images for full size Illustrations:  Like all cracked codes, (Especially our MUST READ breaking of Daniel’s WRITING ON THE WALL) this research began with its Rosetta stone of sorts – the hidden “grand” pattern of Godtype.  A prayer to find an earthly representation of “Time” based on the works of the late […]

The Ancient Triquetra: Symbolic of the Holy Trinitry

The symbol at the center of the Godtype illustration is best described as a Triquetra.   An ancient symbol with an unfortunate controversial history.  Labeled by many  fundamentalist as occult or pagan.    These narrow minded “Believers”  unfortunately apply the concept of  Evil to any symbolic imagery which has been used by “non-Christian” groups prior […]

Genesis 6:3 – Mans appointed 120 years: It’s true meaning

Genesis 6:3 This verse is troubling.  Especially the way in which most popular bibles used in America translate it.  The NLT and the NIV are the worse culprits when it comes to destroying the Bibles most important teachings. New Living Translation Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not put up with humans for such […]

The 12 Apostles: A representation of humanity – Of “Time” itself

The Bible teaches about the 12 Apostles.  About the 12 Tribes of Israel.  The 12 Angels who watch over the 12 Tribes? The 12 sons of Israel (Actually 13, yet only 12 are ever mentioned together)  12 Foundations in the heavenly Jerusalem containing 12 gates and 12 pearls.  TWELVE It was research for a book […]

History of Godtype and its strange parallels to the works of William Blake

* After 15 years of sitting in a box,  over a year of research completed in the 1990’s  into the the many names of the creator as taught in the Bible –  this interesting illustration of “the architect”  came across my desk.  Without any knowledge of who painted it,  I was finally spurred  to create […]

On what year was Jesus Crucified?

On what year was Jesus Crucified? Though the Godtype space-time map originally used 29-36 ad as the likely Resurrection point,  29ad was our final decision prior to creating our latest time-map due to an understanding of a 4 year error in our Gregorian calendar any serious researcher would discover after an in depth study.  How wonderful […]

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: by Nikola Tesla

THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY by Nikola Tesla Including All Illustrations from the original Century Illustrated Magazine With  Notes Pertaining to Tesla’s Understanding of the Human Mind, Its Energy use and  correlation to Godtype Nikola Tesla’s Words pertaining to Godtype are Highlighted in Blue Original Tesla Illustrations are all in Black and White New […]

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