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If there can be more controversial topics (I like to think of them as “interesting”) this is the place to find them.   For many years I published articles under a pseudonym of Milton Thomas X or my screen name Babel as the editor of  SRI,   This was necessary because of the […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Rolling Stones’ Mr. Jimmy & Godtype’s Fringe Research

Jimmy Hutmaker Quote:  “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,  But We Do Get What We Need….. From God”  The last thing on earth that I wanted to do was mix our supernatural “fringe” research with Godtype. For the first time in seven years of writing online and even doing radio interviews under a pseudonym of […]

Isaac Newton’s original Color Wheel correlation with Music displays the Godtype Continuum

The Following Illustration is simply conjecture….  But I could not help but “See” the Godtype Continuum (1,5,4,2,1) (41.66%, 33.33%, 16.66% and 8.33% resonate)  frequencies and ratio’s within the classic illustration drawn by Isaac Newton in which he attempted to visualize how  his research into the primary colors of light had ABSOLUTE correlations with what he […]

Celestial Spheres and Globes of Creation decoded: Space-Time Encoded in Ancient Art

Glorification of the Eucharist by Salimbeni Years ago I was intrigued by a now 40 year old story of  UFO lore being spread about Salimbeni’s painting “Glorification of the Eucharist” possibly depicting the Russian Sputnik  satellite as the “model” being painted by many medieval artists.    ( also called Bonaventura Salimbeni ) SRI and our […]

Tears of Joy, Tears of Laughter – The Testimonies of Royal Artillery Sargent George Brown and Sith Lord Benny Hinn

Below are two amazing videos from a young  Computer graphics / film student.  I guarantee video #1 will have you in tears of joy by the end  …. #2 will have you in tears of laughter within just a few moments.   Godtype theory will argue that these emotions come from our God given abilities […]

Isaac Newton’s Study of the Temple of Solomon

A Description of the TEMPLE of Solomon. ISAAC NEWTON’S NOTE’S ON THE TEMPLE. Godtype Notes and Observations Godtype’s Resonate Frequency of 8.33 (1/12) and PI / Time research of the Biblical texts which give us PI to 6 digits when we understand the Cardinal sequence of Godtype… 5,4,2,1.  which travels along times arrow within the 50 year cycles […]

Obelisks and 6660: A virtual ride through time and space

Please click on images for full size Illustrations:  Like all cracked codes, (Especially our MUST READ breaking of Daniel’s WRITING ON THE WALL) this research began with its Rosetta stone of sorts – the hidden “grand” pattern of Godtype.  A prayer to find an earthly representation of “Time” based on the works of the late […]

The 4 Archangels: Representative of the Personalities of Humanity

    As discussed throughout, and mystically understood by artist poet William Blake,   The four-fold symmetry of the universe displays itself among humanity within the 4 primary temperaments while being linked to time as we understand. In our research essay about the Apostles discussing the likelihood that the 12 apostles were represented by 12 men […]

An Epic Debate on the Personality of the Holy Spirit – Rob Skiba and Cris Putnam

Below is an important discussion about the Holy Spirit that began on Facebook and reached epic proportions by researchers Rob Skiba and Cris Putnam.   I must ultimately side with Chris Putnam even though I have had similar questions about the Holy Spirit rumble through my mind at times.    Godtype’s theoretical suppositions   seem […]

Matthew 16:23 – “Get Behind Me, Satan!” A Godtype understanding.

Matthew 16:21-23 16:21  From that time Jesus began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day. 16:22   Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, “God forbid […]

Chapters in History: The Godtype code & PI (3.14159) hidden within the chapters of the Bible

Note: This is an updated essay. The original Research Essay only correlated the 6 books & their Chapters that discovered to represent time as we understand (due to the simplicity of the Godtype Patterns!) This is evidence of true RESEARCH and not CONSPIRACY theory!  True research establishes a Hypothesis… ie There are Books/Chapters that represent time. […]

Superman: A visible Jungian archetype that correlates with Godtype and Space-time

Superman has generally been understood as a visible Jungian archetype of the Judeo-Christian deity and the stories of the Bible.   Whether it is the attenuating simplifications of the biblical stories of Father and Son,   or even the  thousands of years old  practice of displaying paintings of Jesus Christ dressed in blue and  red […]

Fourier Transforms: Symmetry, Periodicity, Time-Space & Godtype

Fourier Transforms: Symmetry, Periodicity, Time-space & Godtype Wonderful Lecture Series from Stanford professor Brad Osgood. The Fourier series of physics is the key scientific study which  initially set  out to quantify and understand Heat Transfer & Vibrations.    This led its inventor Joseph Fourier’s (1768-1730) applications to be be used in the study of Patterns and […]

Booz Allen Hiring IT professionals (snoops) at Ridgecreat facility: Anatomy of a service provider hack?

Anatomy of a Government Hacked internet connection and discovery due to Google Analytics. As editor of SRI and several other web properties, I also serve as a webmaster so to speak.   That is why a bit over a month ago as I checked out the web analytic s  offered by Google I began to […]

Time Travel: Humanity’s gift from God?

Time Travel: Humanity’s gift from God? (originally published at SRI) For many years I have explained to friends and loved ones who venture off into the world of science fiction with the subject of Time Travel – “Do you realize that we (humanity) are actual time travelers!  That this is the “Gift” that humans posses that is […]

The Shoes of the Fisherman: The Last Good Pope and the False Prophet Yet To Come

From the moment Pope Francis was elected the speculations by many christian researchers including myself became clearer.  The prophecies of Malachy   which we had all skewed to represent a “final bad pope” were  eradicated.  I had begun to have doubts, within the pages or our Malachy research article that pointed to a 112th “final” […]

33.3 and the Parallels of David Flynn’s Isaac Newton Inspired Research

The Ancient Triquetra: Symbolic of the Holy Trinitry

The symbol at the center of the Godtype illustration is best described as a Triquetra.   An ancient symbol with an unfortunate controversial history.  Labeled by many  fundamentalist as occult or pagan.    These narrow minded “Believers”  unfortunately apply the concept of  Evil to any symbolic imagery which has been used by “non-Christian” groups prior […]

Protected: Cycles of Time: Hidden in the Genealogy of the Patriarchs – The Sequence Codes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Discovering your Jewish Roots

Discovering your  Jewish Roots In the last 20 years well meaning Jewish acquaintances have asked me at least a dozen times- Are you Jewish?  You look like my oldest son, Nephew etc. (My 4 year old thinks I’m Mandy Patinkin’s character in the Princess Bride) My standard reply in search of dialog and some humor has always […]

Protected: missing 166 from the excess of time?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Symbolism: Good or Bad, God or Baal – The choice is yours

It seems that just about every symbol known to man is being attributed to the Illuminati or other secret societies.  I can not help but ask myself why on earth do we give these folks so much power? Just look at this collection of “Illuminati’ symbols by Freeman of,   (I love Freeman’s work, […]

The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Supertramp: 9-11 and Jung’s Collective Unconscious

Milton Thomas X (Fleitas) of – and breaks one of the  years most viral internet story!   “The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Supertramp….” Below is the original short essay and illustrations I created which caused several months of viral status.   Our work and illustrations have been duplicated across […]

Patterns in History: 9-11, The Beast of the Abyss and the Lion

  Originally posted 6/4/2011 In the few weeks since Osama Bin Laden’s death I had been very troubled by our governments disposal of his body at sea. That is until I finally prayed for Peace & Wisdom on this matter and then sat down to write an essay about a long time  personal hero of mine – […]

Ayn Rand and the Organismic vs Mechanistic World Views

  Recently the United Nations decided to possibly give rights to mother earth! The following News Report stating the possible recognition by the the U.N. giving “Mother Earth” the same rights as human beings requires a post describing what may be at the core of the philosophical differences between Libertarian minded Americans and those from the progressive […]

Time & Space: A Personal Experience with the SupernaturaI: Emil Matasareanu

Through a lens Darkly – 1 Corinthians 13 Emil Matasareanu was a client, acquaintance and a friend for many years.  (He was an aspiring programmer and designed an early DOS accounting program I purchased from him back around 1992).  I did not learn about him being the 2nd shooter until several  months after the Bank […]

Apophis and YHWH – Douglas Hamp Bible Study

Apophis returns? for 7 years? Interesting biblical correlations of the ancient Egyptians and their Nemesis God Apophis. Does this have correlations with the coming of an asteroid Apophis at the exact 2000 year anniversary of Christs resurection?

“For Now We See Through a glass darkly” Presidential Politics

Is it Biblical if visions of the future come to us in “dreams” or through historical research and what the church has called “listening to the holy spirit” ? – Does not Judeo-Christian teaching allow for this? Or are these prophetic visions  “extreme” strategic simulations from pattern “seeing minds”? “For Now We See Through A Glass Darkly” […]

Patterns in History: Sarah Palin and Joe Biden’s V.P. Nominations

I had felt this before on a handful occasions in my life,  I was just given a glimpse at the future after many hours of research, study and prayer.  I had never heard of Sarah Palin just 24 hours prior to publishing this article  on World Net Daily.   So what does a good christian […]

Patterns in History: Statin Coverup revisited

 After 15 years of preaching and blogging on the subject of Statins and their  responsibility for hundreds of thousands of cases of brain dysfunction (cognition)  and memory loss as well as thousands of  falsely diagnosed rheumatoid Arthritis cases along with  my gut feeling that  statins are  the most likely cause of the exponential increase of […]

Digi-Matter 10/25/2006

Just located my first ever blog posts from 2004 through 2006 at blogger.  In light that I rarely have visual prophetic dreams, and a dream from late 1998 about the first African American president being elected in 2008….10 years prior!   This following post from October 2006 is about to turn 10 years?  Will scientists […]

Genesis 1-12. The story of half-Life’s stolen source code

Just heard that half life – one of the early highly recognized first person shooters from several years back has again delayed its new intro date because its “source code” was stolen. One of the pioneering 3d games with many unique features often copied by many of its competitors. I cant help but see a […]

Isaac Newton’s Notes on the Temple of Solomon (Translated from the latin)

Drafts concerning Solomon’s Temple and the sacred cubit translated from the Latin to English via Google Translate   Josephus and Philo described thus far from the temple who had seen the place , held his distinct form . and the disposition of the parts to each other . They write these Talmudic agreement , but […]

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