Isaac Newton and the Jerusalem Temple: The Hidden Genome Codes


David Flynn and Godtype’s breaking of the Chapters of Time. PI encoded in the books of the Bible when one understands “Godtype”.   Please Click Links Twice For Full Size Image.

(In Memory of the late David Flynn who introduced me to the works of Isaac Newton)

Isaac Newton and the Jerusalem Temple: The Hidden Genome Codes

The future Implications of these Genome Codes are difficult to fully understand.  This new discovery encoded within the Temple and the religious practices of the Hebrews  goes beyond any statistical probability…. The Temple,  its Judges and the ancient Hebrew language are surely a picture,  a “Type”  of the human genome.    (More Importantly they are a picture of REDEMPTION – as it Christ who is the SOURCE of LIVING WATERS) 

Though Isaac Newton did not crack this Genome code – He supernaturally laid down all the necessary clues  for its future discovery.   Newton believed his Bible,  to Him the Temple portrayed an actual image of God and it’s location in Jerusalem  was truly the center of our Earth!   (Please see our broken Geo-Earth Codes Here)    Newton’s  spirit surely told him that there was something very important here – as he wrote down the  following paragraphs from a previously unpublished manuscript we have posted below.  Newton recorded all the clues  necessary for a researcher two centuries later – who had just naively prayed for God to reveal a new “Newton” code!   All the clues were tightly bundled into two paragraphs of scientific and historical research – in which he meticulously documented  both the Physical “Patterns” of the Temple along with the “patterns” of the religious “practice” of the ancient Hebrews.

Beloved, please read Newton’s words and then study our Illustration…. So that we can all get a feeling of discovery!

I have attempted to graphically highlight the words that jumped out at me…  within 30 seconds of arriving at this manuscript an Epiphany shouted  “This Isaac Newton research of the Temple was recording Human DNA, As well as portraying the Need  for “Living Waters” to cleanse fallen humanity – Living Waters are a picture of Christ!”

chromosomes encoded in the temple of jerusalem

What A Chromosome Really Looks Like. This is the Image that Flashed across my mind as I read the word “Intestines”……My Crazy mind assigned Chromosomes to it? I continued to read…. Spiral Staircases….. Living Waters…… Pairs of 23 Judges….. etc. etc. chromosomes encoded in the temple of jerusalem – My spirit yelled…. the 22 letters of Hebrew + the Yot and Tittle!  PLEASE SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW

“””A Description of “The chamber of the washers was   where they washed the INTESTINES of the victims (Sacrifices),  and from there a   Spiral Staircase (DNA Structure) rose to the roof of the Hipparva.   on the south were the chamber of wood [perhaps of stones, and it was the chamber of the great priest], the chamber of the bubbling spring, (Living Waters) and the chamber of cut stone. – The roofs of these three were level.  (Holy Trinity)   As for the chamber of the bubbling spring, there was a well there, either implanted or excavated, and a pulley wheel was erected over it; from this they drew a supply of water for the whole court [sweet water for drinking, but {a stream} of water or a conduit bubbles up (Living Water) for washing. In the chamber of cut stone half of which was in the holy place, (Digital -Heaven) half in the profane place (Analog-Earth) and which {had} two doors, one door towards the sacred place, the other towards the{profane} place] the great court of Israel sat, and also tried priests. A priest who was found to be guilty put on black [clothes] and veiled himself in black, and went out and went away; but  ANYONE in whom there was no guilt, (Being a Judge was not a requirement, only a clean genome)  put on white clothes and veiled himself in white, and going in [to the Court of the temple] performed the service with his brothers.   The Court of the 71 Judges sat in the chamber of cut stone, and elsewhere there were two courts (pairs) of 23 judgesso organised that one sat at the gate of the temple mount, the other at the gate of the Courtyard (The Spiral Staircase sat in the Middle), and other courts of 23 Judges sat in all the cities of the Israelites. “””


How Interesting….. The Jot is said by many to also represent the 10th Letter of Hebrew known as the YOT. Representative of the “Y” sound of human phonetics…… Representative of the first letter for the name of the Father YHWH….. Representative of the”Y” Chromosome as well….. Just another coincidence? …… Milton Fleitas…..

Isaac Newton Quote: "It is the perfection of God's works that they are all done with the greatest simplicity, He is the God of order and not of confusion."

Isaac Newton Quote: “It is the perfection of God’s works that they are all done with the greatest simplicity, He is the God of order and not of confusion.”

Isaac Newton  may have written  more on Biblical research and study during his final 20 years than on all of his scientific endeavors combined, in fact even his scientific discoveries always focused on the Creator of the Universe and the Patterns which He believed would one day be understood because of their simplicity.   It has been Newton’s scientific “published” research which we have read and applied to Godtype over the last 3 years…. That was untill last night When I finally discovered an online repository of all his religious manuscripts.

As usual, Major Godtype discoveries such as   (PI encoded in the Bible)   &  (Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin)  only seem to happen after prayer for Peace & Wisdom.   I remembered to pray last night…. was tired from work and let the Lord know there was only a short time to study before needing to go to bed.  Selfishly demanding the Holy Spirit to be quick….  “Show me a “Newton” hidden code…” After all, it has been months since our last code breaking essay!”

Below  is a Synopsis of 1 Minute and 30 SECONDS of RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY.   Please visit the Link as well so that you to can go through the discovery process.   Make sure to Ask God for wisdom and remember to “Listen to the Holy Spirit”.   Maybe there are other gems hidden within this research!

Find Newton’s Unpublished Writings!   The Spirit clearly tells you… arrived at this link.

250 Manuscripts to choose from?  1000’s of pages.  STOP, LISTEN.  LISTEN.  Scroll down.  NO, Scroll up.  Choose this Manuscript.  STOP.  Listen, Listen.   Choose this SECTION.

scroll down.   scroll down.   scroll down.  Stop.  Go Up.  STOP.  READ!   You see the Pattern.   instantly.   Clearly written by Isaac newtons hand over 250 years Ago….  The numbers JUMP out at you.   The Words Look 3 x Larger than they really are!   23 Judges.  A spring of sweet water.   A SPIRAL staircase.   A PAIR of 23 Judges.  The CLEANING of the Sacrifices Intestines.   AN IMAGE of DNA packets we call CHROMOSOMES flashes across your mind.   Instantly, we equate Chromosomes with Cow Guts!  You certainly have lost your mind this time you tell yourself……chromosomes-hebrew

But What humanity calls an epiphany encompasses your mind within a microsecond.  It is as if we have done hours of research on this and understand this clearly both forwards and backwards.  We have not even completelly read the paragraph yet!  Just abstractly put a few dozen or so specific words and concepts into a sequence that tells a story…..  This is a story that God has written down in his Temple for you and me…. it is the story of redemption and of his Son.


20 Seconds later another Epiphany clobbers you over the head……

“The Hebrew Alphabet of 22 Letters”  Your spirit screams at you.   “The JOT and the TITTLE  ARE the 23rd Letter – They are a PAIR.  They CHANGE the MEANING of the WORD! “.         “The 23rd CHROMOSOME is the JOT and the TITTLE!”  Your spirit yells at you a second time…..You listen this time and  quickly pull up an image of the 23 CHROMOSOMES from google search engines (see above),  You also pull up An IMAGE of the Jot and Tittle…   They are one in the same!

If we study our Bibles we will learn that Christ referred two these two insignificant strokes of the pen as a “Pair” that will not pass till all is fulfilled!

Mathew  5:18   For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

We also learn from our Bibles that Jesus Christ is always referred to as the source of  “Living Waters” .  My favorite verse is this one:

Revelation 21:6 – And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

“Isaac Newtons” DNA Paragraph once more…..


It’s been less than 1 minute since we  prayed for wisdom on breaking a Newton Code within the Bible.   It takes just an additional 30 seconds to verify what we understand in our minds with scientific documentation archived by Google search engines.   (see images above of Jot&Tittle & 23 Chromosomes) One Minute and Thirty Seconds have passed….. An understanding of this “Grand Pattern” is now much, much clearer…..

Jesus Christ often referred to himself as the source of “Living waters”…. This  meant flowing waters – the Reason John the Baptist used the flowing Jordan river in order to baptize the faithful.  Newton understood this….. He clearly and subtly alludes to the fact that these are “Bubbling” streams and conduits several times.  He mentions the “Victims” i.e. the Sacrifices – which as a Believer  he understood represented Jesus Christ.  Imagine that…. Newton understood this was a “Type” for Christ 250 years ago –  Little did he know that scientists 200 years future would be discovering that Humanity has 2 pairs of 23 Chromosomes! That these two strings of DNA wind about themselves just like a Spiral Staircase! That if there is just one small error in this code of one of the initial 22 Chromosomes it would cause Havoc to the Human Genome.   New Genetic Material must be inserted….. Just as the Judges who were found with Sin (Errors) were forced to wear black and be quickly replaced not by another Judge, but by any person in Good standing from outside the walls of the Temple!   Sin and errors had to be quickly removed from the “master” template of this Genomic code being pictured at the Temple in Jerusalem.   Sin and Errors represented by the “Intestines of the victims” requiring washing in a miraculous bubling stream which is representative of “Living Waters”….. This perfect and sweet water suitable for drinking (a type for Christ)  was used to cleanse and clean the filthy intestines of the “Victims” Sacrifices!


Milton Thomas (X) Fleitas





1. Our previous research of Isaac Newton’s published “Temple studies”  recognized a  spatial “analog” design of the Jerusalem Temple that followed the Godtype patterns.   Our study of Music and Light as documented by Newton also follows these patterns of Time & Space to amazing exactness.  

2.The Genesis of Godtype began with (4) quotes chosen from prominent scientists and philosophers which encapsulated my personal understanding of God’s creation.    it was Isaac Newton’s quote that was the tipping point for our Godtype research….” It is the perfection of God’s works that they are all done with the greatest simplicity”   Surely my own understanding of the simplicity and elegance of the patterns that are part of both Humanity and our Earths design was shared by Isaac Newton!   In fact an;y one who ventures to study this brilliant mans life will learn it was his search for this simple and elegant pattern which He Believed MUST be behind all creation.    It was the Reason he spent so much time and toil studying the Temple in Jerusalem.   He intuitively understood that Man according to the scriptures was a “Temple” himself…. Jesus said so.  It must be true?   And he spent a quarter of his life trying to prove this mathematically and scientifically.

Math and science are at the core of Godtype research.  It is the reason that we have broken so many biblical codes.

Patterns He understood were very important even though it would be another 200 years before the discovery of Human DNA and the the 22+1 (23) Chromosomes of Humanity! Newton understood their were “Higher” reasons for the Design and Functionality of the Jerusalem temple….He did his best to break them…. And understood that the future would one day look back at his meticulous research and break new ground into theological and scientific discoveries which He saw as one and the same!



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