John’s 25 test

John’s 25 Question Personality Test,
The Following test is from
John Hawksley

This is the quickest accurate Cognitive Test we have ever discovered 


Just 25 questions – You do not need to answer every question (it may sometimes extend to 30 questions)

If you do not understand or are not sure just skip the question and John gives you additional questions – Also this test is “Dynamic”, it will change and adapt to your answers!


Kudo’s to John Hawksley –

you can contact him at or take the test directly on his website at

One of the most accurate, quick  and complete tests available to discover your cognitive patterns (Godtype)
Below are the 8 cognitive processes. These are very important to understand because they are at the root of who we are. The evidence for the duality (positive and negative) feedback is overwhelming and yet academia still refers to these important cognitive functions and their amazing order and design as “theory”. Why? The answer is simple, Cognitive science as researched in America by researchers such as Kearsey (Jr. & Sr.) Nardi and Russian Socionics pioneers  give absolute Evidence to a “mechanistic” and “created” cognitive genotype – Godtype.

We have arranged the 16 base temperament types according to our innitial research into the sequence and order we  intuitively proposed for the Godtype Code.   Amazingly, Russian scientists had mathematically computated the exact same order!  Another statistical anamoly that gives credence to inteligent design of our God given personalities .

Conscious Processes

Subconscious Processes

Run in Reverse

Godtype code as defined by  • Keirsey / Socionics • USA / Rusia 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH TH5 TH6 TH7 TH8
#1 ENTP—0000 Inventor Explorer Ne Ti Fe Si iN eT iF eS
#2 ENTJ—0001 Fieldmarshal Mobilizer Te N S Fi iT eN iS eF
#3 ENFP —0010 Champion Advocate Ne Fi Te Si iN eF iT eS
#4 ENFJ —0011 Teacher Mentor Fe Ni Se Ti iF eN iS eT
#5 ESTP —0100 Promoter / Conquerer Se Ti Fe Ni iS eT iF eN
#6 ESTJ  0101 Supervisor/Implementor Te Si Ne Fi iT eS iN eF
 #7 ESFP  0110  Motivator / Performer Se Fi Te Ni iS eF iT eN
#8 ESFJ —0111  Provider/Caretaker  Fe Si Ne Ti iF eS iN eT
#9 INTP —1000 Architect/Theorizer Ti Ne Si Fe eT iN eS iF
#10 INTJ 1001  Mastermind/Director Ni Te Fi Se eN
eF iS
#11 INFP —1010 Healer/Clarifier Fi Ne Si Te eF iN eS iT
#12 INFJ—1011  Counselor/Foreseer Ni Fe Ti Se eN iF eT iS
#13 ISTP —1100 Analyzer/Operator Ti Se Ni Fe eT iS eN iF
#14 ISTJ —1101   Inspector/Planner
 Te Fi Ne eS  iT eF iN
#15 ISFP —1110 Composer/Producer Fi Se Ni Te eF iS eN iT
#16 ISFJ—1111 Protector/Supporter Si Fe Ti Ne eS iF eT iN



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