Fourier Transforms

 A complete Play List of Stanford’s Brad Osgood Lecturing on Physics and Fourier Transforms

Fourier Transforms, which I give a brief introduction to in this post here, are key to a Godtype understanding of the cycles of time and the true digital nature of eternity and heaven.    It was interesting to see Chuck Missler devote a small chapter to them in one of his books…. Digital thinking Rationals such as Missler and Myself are fully aware of their importance in decoding the digital nature of space-time.   I believe they are key to decoding the digital nature of the Biblical canon as well!  See how we get PI from the ancient Jewish Canon in this research essay.   How amazing to have all these lectures free online.  I challenge you to sit down and take the time to learn from these lectures.  Brad Osgood is a wonderful teacher!

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