How PI and Godtype are encoded in the Gospels


This essay is under construction.  Please though  study our illustration showing the patterns within the gospels and visit our PI in the Bible AMAZING BROKEN CODE HERE.


PI endoded in the New and Old Testaments of tbyhe Bible.  How Time itself possibly reversed at the time of Babel.

There are several conjectures Godtype research has concluded due to our  discoveries of “Time and Space”.   The amazing scriptures seem to be encoding these intuitive understandings of our scriptures subtle teaches us within the clear and often misunderstood stories.

1.  Babel and its story is one of Technology.   Babel actually represents a period of “Time Reversal”.   In some ways it seems to also represent the end of the Millienium,  A paradox of an event documented as happening Long ago (Pre our current timeline)  An event that Archelogical evidences and Intuitive readings of the Holy Scriptures seems to teach us it is an event that is in our past…..  and yet it is also in our futures!

As I Have described across a few essays, Godtype research began when I was only 6 years old.   It was an out of Body vision that dealt with the story of Babel,  when I described what I had learned from this daytime vision  to my parachial school teacher – explaining that she had incorrectly taught that Babel was a story of God discipling his children for trying to reach him high up in the sky –  Man simply became to smart I told her,  God seperated the continents and sent out the people all over the world!    I went up to the globe sitting on a pedestel and showed her how California once waqs connected to Asia and the Alleutian Arc was like a giant hinge…. I turned the globe around to see even more exact evidence…. surely anyone can see  how Africa once fit into the East coast of the Americas.  At the age of 6 I had discovered the truth of Earth Expansion.  I have research essays Here.

PI endoded in the New and Old Testaments of the Bible

PI endoded in the New and Old Testaments of the Bible

cMy understanding of Earth Mechanics began to be revealed to me during several out of body experiences which occured during these years… Ages 6-9.   I suffered from Night Fright.  A terrifying event not due to bad dreams and monsters but due to Children waking up with their physical bodies during a period where their brains are actually flatlined in the deepest part of sleep.  These children who wake up during these periods tend to recall amazing understandings…  so complex  that it overloads their physical minds…. This is what is so terrifying!   I would wake up at least once a month over several years and find my way to my parents room to tell them I could feel the pressure of the  entire world upon me.  An Anxiety riddel feeling of not belonging or being comfortable within my own body. For weeks I had only one thing I would explain to my parents…. You Dont understand!  Our world is not what you think (evoluitonary piece of dirt inhabited by evolved apes) It is a Perfect running Machine.  It is a perfect running “Time” Machine!  over and over I would try to explain to my parents the mechanics behind the concepts I had learned.  But how does a 6 or 7 year old do this?   Years later as an adult I asked My Mom and Dad when they were together visiting  “How strange was it that I constantly went to your bedrooms at night during those night frights and always talked about “The Earth being a Machine” and trying to explain how it worked…..  Both simply turned and told me that they never understood anything I was saying…..  I was Babling like those people in church, inconprehensible – and my eyes were rolled back in my head… only the whites of my eyes were visible… I basicly freaked them out every time… How I was able to walk  and find my way to their bedroom seemed impossible to them.

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