The Bible, The Number 17, Jesus and the NF (Intuitive Feeling) Son Types.

The Bible, The Number 17, Jesus and the NF (Intuitive Feeling) Son Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 17 representative of Jesus Christ and its Biblical refferences.  Represented by 16.66% of humanity and the four Intuitive Feeling temperaments. These Idealist are by chance represented by the “Champion” ENFP, the “Healer” INFP, the […]

Greg Austin’s Research on the Number 17 and Jesus Christ

It was wonderful to see that our Godtype discovery showing the number 17 as representative of Jesus Christ within our scientific research of human cognition, was similarly researched by many Theologians including Bullinger in his epic thesis on “Number in Scripture” and also by reverend Greg Austin in the following research paper.  Please click on […]

Coincidence? Godtype’s periodic table of 153 possible relationships & the 153 Fish of John 21:3

The Godtype Periodic Table is in simple terms a “relationship table”.   It is the crux of the Godtype Code book’s mission to give each  person who reads  it the tools necessary to live by the most important commandment given by Yeshua during his ministry: The Golden Rule:  Love your neighbor as yourself, we must […]

The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Supertramp: 9-11 and Jung’s Collective Unconscious

Milton Thomas X (Fleitas) of – and breaks one of the  years most viral internet story!   “The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Supertramp….” Below is the original short essay and illustrations I created which caused several months of viral status.   Our work and illustrations have been duplicated across […]

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