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Godtype.com  is the home for three simple theories (philosophical  concepts)  which have sprung from a lifetime of research into the Mechanistic vs Organismic  world views.   Research that has best been described by theologian Peter Jones thesis of their ultimately  only  being “Two” possible philosophical decisions on earth…. One-ism (organismic & human centered teaching All is One) vs Two-ism  (Mechanistic & God centered teaching that the Creator is distinct from his creation). Godtype discoveries bring together three seemingly unrelated subjects: Judeo-Christian Theology, Philosophy of Time and the science of Cognitive Psychology.  Created and edited by Milton Thomas Fleitas,  A philosopher of science who has come to view humanity and time through the tainted views of orthodox Christianity & Judaism.

The first discovery was:

Godtype © (as described in Genesis 1:26 – which states Man was created in the “Image” of God.)   

If the Judeo-Christian faith is  to be taken seriously – then Genesis 1:26 should stand the test of science?

“Then God said, let Us make man in Our image, according to Our Likeness.  God Created man in his Own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.”

4-Dimensional Godtype Sphere

Godtype is represented by a (3) circle colored Venn diagram (A Triquetra) which represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of Orthodox Christianity.   Likewise it paradoxically displays YHWH, Messiah and Ruaḥ ha-Ḳodesh (Holy Spirit) of ancient Judaism!   This diagram/ illustration creates a unique  Infinity/3 fish symbol at its center which represents the Trinity in time.  This two-dimensional image below is a simplistic representation of  what must be at the minimum a 4 Dimensional sphere.  (Godtype’s sequence gives evidence to 5 Dimensions) Yet the 3 Circle Venn Diagram is a very accurate representation of a 4 Dimensional  sphere.   Please see our research here.

Godtype simply displays what is so obvious within modern cognitive science.   Each temperament  when grouped by “time” mirror the historical descriptions of the Biblical Trinity.    Judeo-Christian orthodoxy teaches that the Image of God is much more than  physical*.  Both Jewish & Christian teachings show us that  God the father and the God of Abraham is Spirit/Energy.  The image must then refer to our “Spirit”?  to our energy, or what theology calls the  soul –  which manifests itself on this earth (time) within  the

incredible human mind.    This is what cognitive  sciences have been giving  evidence to  since their  inception.  The Judeo-Christian texts  have likewise been teaching this as well.    The  (4) undeniable human base temperaments (NT, NF, SP & SJ) has been taught for centuries.   A paradox which  I have “heretically” called  “The four person(alities)  of the Holy Trinity”.

Heretical on the surface, true and orthodox at its core.

Teachings that make it Clear that God the Father is spirit – Israel’s Provider (eSfj) Protector (iSfj)the Inspector (isTj) of our lives &  the Supervisor (esTj) of all our affairs.  God the Son is the Messiah & Redeemer – our Healer (iNfp) and our Teacher (enFj),  the Mighty Counselor (infj) Champion (eNfp) over death as well as a  future battle with the adversary, paradoxically already won on a cross at cavalry.  God the Holy Spirit is our Helper – The Promoter (eStp) of the holy scriptures,  the Composer (isFp) of life on planet earth, the  Performer (eSfp) of miracles who Crafts (iStp) each and every one of  us within the womb.

And yet every creative miracle spoken of in Genesis included all (3) of these “beings”.    Working in unison these  (3) Three Persons are One.  Trinity.   The Inventor (eNtp) of the universe, the Architect (inTp) & Mastermind (iNtj) of  creation  – who Marshalled (enTj) every available resource (physical & angelic) during the most incredible project of all eternity which we are taught in the Creation story of Genesis.

Find out THE 4-LETTER CODE to  your Godtype! We have two of the best Secular tests on our top bar or following links (MIT’S John’s 25) (UCLA’s Dario Nardi’s Test)

If the Bible is to be taken seriously, then science should point to these important verses of the ancient scripture

As a philosopher / scientist  it has been my  goal to  find further evidences for this  Godtype Code or what can also be called for our secular leaning readers the Cognitive Genotype Sequence*  which has  been written within  humanity’s history.  A code that distributes human personality at precise percentages through out time* Percentages that miraculously mirror the Judeo-Christian texts unique references to Time  itself.    Past, Present and Future  (Prophecy). Bringing us to our most incredible findings that gives evidence that God, Man and Time are  inexplicably linked.

The discovery that Space-Time is amazingly linked to Godtype …..

The key breakthrough for Godtype was a philosophical understanding of “time”. Idealist NF’s see time as FUTURE (John’s Gospel).    Artisan SP’s Live in the MOMENT (Luke’s Gospel).    Guardian   SJ’s focus on the PAST (Mathew’s Gospel).      NT’s are in some ways a virtual “type” so clearly represented in our illustration, they see time from above – VIRTUALLY (Mark’s Gospel).  They are also represented by the 8.33% factor that represents (1000) Millennium & Virtual (non-linear) Time.

Godtype Space-time (If God created man in his image? could he also have created “time” in his image as well?)

Godtype Space-time  simply acknowledges the statistically impossible correlations I discovered within  personality percentages among humanity and “time” as we understand.  Time it seems is perfectly mapped and proportioned to mirror humanity.  to mirror the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible.  When we multiply the proven (frequency) percentages of “Godtype” within the human population with “known” time (energy) of 12,000 years we arrive at a perfect time map –  A time map that gives evidence to a cognitive (vibration) shift at exactly 3 points in time.

Two (2) of these points in time amazingly fell exactly at the two most important shifts known to Orthodox Christianity and Judaism.   The misunderstood “creation” date of orthodox Judaism and the Resurrection point of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Leaving one future date still to come.

How appropriate were  Nikola Tesla’s words ” To understand the universe, one must first understand Energy, Vibration and Frequency…”

(ADDENDUM Link 1)  A year or so after publishing this page Godtype Research broke one of the oldest hidden cyphers (code) in the Bible.  Please see our breaking of Daniel’s “writing on the wall” after several dreams and epiphanies….. The GODTYPE pattern undeniably recorded through out History as we understand…. Patterns you can verify yourself!

Our 3rd discovery is simply the “Code” & “pattern”.  Which we call  “The Godtype Continuum”

This Godtype Code (Cognitive Genotype Sequence) was the original reason for this website.  As an ENTP I was  aware of my usual role as a “tipping point”.  Number  “zero” in the sequence.   I felt that there would be some brilliant mathematical geniuses out there  in the world that could take my  initial findings and take them to the next level.   To discover the pattern,  the mathematical code so to speak that permeates humanity and time itself.

By surprise and several  intuitive leaps for which I must thank the Creator,  we  located  various parts of the code which had been  discovered  by cognitive researchers in both America and Russia.   These codes only needed to be mapped and brought together by an entp who is for all intents and purposes   “outside of his mind”.

It is the Godtype understanding of the Digital Nature of cognition….. The digital nature of eternity which manifests upon our earth in what we perceive to be “linear” time.  An Analog manifestation requiring Cycles of repetitive history so clearly described in the ancient texts.   Cycles foreshadowed within our discovery that Jubilee years of the ancient Hebrew religion coincided with our Godtype Space-Time map which we had intuitively mapped out.

Equally “Interesting”  was the discovery of the Godtype “Periodic” table which I put together to show the digital nature of cognition and how we can all simplify Christ’s most important commandment to love each other as we would love ourselves?   This table which was similarly discovered by brilliant Russian cognitive scientists in Russia assigns a 4 digit code to each of the 16 personalities.   It amazingly shows that there are exactly 153 possible relationships among humanity!  Just as the strangest of verses in John 21:  tells us that the Apostles caught 153 fish within their nets in the presence of the risen Christ.  It shows us the 17 possible relationships each of us encounter in our lives.   Godtype’s irrational representative number for Jesus Christ (16.66) or more simply the number 17.  The  number most attributed to Christ within the scriptures according to many theologians including Bullinger.

A discovery which forces me to  humbly  quote Solomon’s words once more.   “There is nothing new under the sun”.   We are simply re-discovering “Former”  things today because it is their time.  By God’s grace and time, we can publish these  findings on a media that will surely surpass the readership of any book or traditional peer-reviewed publication ever could.

This web site and corresponding book are simply meant to be  “Tipping points” –  A beginning dialog dealing with the amazing scientific coincidences we discover with-in the ancient Judeo-Christian texts.

Scientific Coincidences that have been so overwhelming that at least for this philosopher  –  A rare decision had to be made…….

A decision for Christ


Milton Thomas Fleitas  / April 20th 2012

(Addendum Link 2) Once again, we broke some impossible Biblical codes a year or so after creating this research website!  The Chapters and Verses of the Bible are precise…They follow The Godtype patterns to impossible precision, and total PI to 7 digits (3.141659). Genesis, Exodus, John, Esther, Eclesiastes.  Impossible correlations only possible to discover after recieving wisdom from the Holy Spirit from above!

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For Basic Research Outlines Please Visit the Following Links

Godtype Space-Time Prelim. Outline         Godtype Code Prelim. Outline        Godtype (4 personalities of the Holy Trinity) Outline


* Initial Intuitive understanding of a possible “Godtype Code” would lead me to propose that it is not one being fully played out Genetically.  The term “Cognitive Genotype sequence” is on the surface misleading in that its design is so simple that it is more likely in tune with QED & Light.   Yet this is still the  best current description that the popular culture will understand.    Judeo-Christian orthodoxy would surmise  that this is  a “creative” code that is subtly influencing humanity among time and space, a code implemented directly by our Creator from outside time (Trinity).  A code performed  within our time and space by the Holy Spirit.

** Solomon’s words “There is nothing new under the sun”,    rings so true.  We are only discovering “former things” within the initial Godtype theory,  yet the Godtype space-time  discoveries are truly historically groundbreaking or quite possibly nothing at all.    That you must decide for yourself.   Godtype.com is simply unearthing truths that have been hidden before our very eyes.  Solomon’s words also point to the cyclical (spiral) view of time.  A view that has been held by many Jewish and Christian scholars throughout history.

Ecc 1:9     That which has been [is] what will be, That which [is] done is what will be done,

                             And [there is] nothing new under the sun.

Ecc 1:10   Is there anything of which it may be said, “See, this [is] new”? It has already been

                             in ancient times before us.

Ecc 1:11   There is no remembrance of former things, Nor will there be any remembrance


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