The meaning of 33.3: A Judeo-Christian perspective of the Old Testament Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh), and the Holy Spirit from above

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Forgive me, but i write slowly (live online) as inspiration on subject matter arrives… seems crazy.. but is responsible for important discoveries… including:   Its been 5 years since my research partner and I created the website.   Our website is highly illustrated,  i.e.  most of our essays begin with Illustrative art […]

The Bible, The Number 33, The Spirit of God and the SP (Sensing Perceivers) Spirit Types.

The Bible, The Number 33.3, The Spirit of God  and the SP (Sensing Perceivers) Spirit Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 33 representative of the SPIRIT (Ruah Ha Kodesh) and its Biblical references.  Represented in Godtype by a ~ , THE CENTER OF TIME/SPACE. Represented by 33.33% of humanity and the four Sensory […]

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