Obelisks and 6660: A virtual ride through time and space

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Like all cracked codes, (Especially our MUST READ breaking of Daniel’s WRITING ON THE WALL) this research began with its Rosetta stone of sorts – the hidden “grand” pattern of Godtype.  A prayer to find an earthly representation of “Time” based on the works of the late David Flynn’s research & Isaac Newton’s assertions that the Temple signified the “Center of Time and Space” on our earth.   The original discovery was very similar to David Flynn’s Roswell discoveries and its many impossible coincidences which actually seemed to predict the date of the iconic UFO event.

Discovery 001:


July 1951 Issue of FATE Magazine. The Issue that made Adamski a national UFO celebrity.

I prayed to our creator before going to bed for a similar discovery, to show that Time and Space as we show in Godtype is linked to humanity’s design,  is also linked to our Earth’s design and construction. (Job 48:4-6).  I woke up with an impossible understanding….. More famous than Roswell at the time was the supposed UFO pictures and actual contact by a man named George Adamski in the 1950’s.

So credible was his photographs and contact stories (he claimed to have messages for th Pope), that the Vatican gave him a Papal meeting to relay the “Aliens Message” and he was given a special Gold Medallion as an award!    So I pulled up from my collection the Magazine which made Adamski famous….PLEASE Scroll past following Image

It was the July, 1951 Issue of Fate magazine.    Sure enough as outlined in the original discovery essay on SRI (SupernaturalResearch.com)  I understood that the Jerusalem Temple was too far away to act as our measuring point… So what could it be in our hemisphere?…. “The Washington Monument!”  A dream shouted at me upon waking up the following morning…..  An occult symbol located at the seat of GOVERNMENT power of the United States.   Please!  try this for yourself and get a feeling of discovery.   Place your Google earth measuring point at the Pool at the Adamski Property (location 0001) where he shot his photos that made world wide news on the cover of July 1951’s cover of Fate Magazine.

Adamski's Property

Adamski’s Property: Exactly 1951.58 N. Miles from the Washington Monument. (Can this be a measurement of time?)

Now set it to Nautical Miles as we were taught by David Flynn in his wonderful book “Temple at the Center of Time”.  Stretch this pseudo occult line to the Washington monument…..   Exactly 1951.58 nautical miles…. the numerical signification of  of July 1951!   Just a coincidence I thought. and then I remembered that Flynn’s Roswell discoveries were all based on the Latitude of 33.3.   Check it out… The 33.3 latitude runs right through the Adamski Property – Another strange coincidence. We will discover after several more dreams and understandings that there is much much more to be discovered….. sure, there may be one or two impossible coincidences due to naturally forming anomalies…. but We will be documenting dozens of predicted patterns which brings this research to the realm of scientific fact.

Discovery 002:

010balancedrock33d1It was another dream that woke me up almost a full year  later.   Job ‘s claim that God has measured the continents was stuck repeating in my mind…

Job 48:   Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth (Continental Edges) Who has laid the measure thereof (Nautical miles divide our earth into 360 degrees) Who has stretched the line upon it…Were upon are the foundations thereof fastened? who laid the cornerstone thereof!”

“Stretch the line to find its true conclusion”.   As described in the original essay on SRI I was confounded because it did not measure my expectations when I stretched the line to the edge of California.  It did not measure Godtype’s 2029-2036 dates established from years of Biblical pattern research.   But as I looked out into the ocean there it was.  Big and Beautiful… The Island of San Clemente named for Saint Clement, the First martyred bishop  of Rome of the catholic / christian church.  Sure enough the measurements strangely read from 2029/30 on the south to 2036/7 on the north.  The exact years we had conjectured years ago representing the Tribulation period of Christian philosophy.   Interesting.  Is this more than a coincidence.  Here is the location for the midpoint of the “Shadow of the Monument”.  It measures 2033.6… the exact midpoint Godtype arrived at after applying time and space measurements to human cognition!  Also being measured on our earth. It still must just be another crazy coincidence I thought….  Lets move on to the next discovery.

****NEWS / RESEARCH FLASH   ******  Apophis Asteroid which just went past our earth in 2013 will return in 2029,  What are the odds of this falling on NISSAN 17 (According to some Jewish Calendars) , the same day as the Lord’s resurrection? The same day of the Ark’s landing on dry land?  The DAY representing major Time Domain shifts on earth!    Scientists at MIT claim that its pass in 2029 will be very, very close – so close that our Earths gravity may perturb its current orbit for its next return….. When is the next return? Exactly 7 years later in 2036 ON THE DATES I HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT FOR YEARS NOW?

apophis 2029-2036

apophis 2029-2036

Not 7 years and a few days plus or minus!  EXACTLY 7 years!   Is this not a possible period of tribulation on earth as we attempt to keep this giant rock from striking us on its return.   Does not the Bible teach us of such a period in time…….

Discovery 003:   the initial discovery of 6660

The  initial dream of following Job’s words to measure the “edges of the continents” was still rumbling through my mind.   We must now measure this line in the opposite direction.  This will discover something amazing my Spirit was shouting within my mind as I woke up the following day.  Let us take that same heading from our Papal Island across the United States to the Washington monument and continue across the ocean –  we arrive at an anomalous indiscreet location on a beach in Ghana?  There is nothing of importance at this location but I was struck by the strange number being reported by Google earth… 6660 Nautical Miles.  What is this, add the fact that this line crosses the Prime Meridian of 0.0 and the 6.66 latitude and It gave me an ominous feeling… is this of God?  is 6660 demonic?  I did not understand and yet the Philosopher in me still viewed all these “coincidences” as simply that….  Anomalies that may mean nothing at all….  But we move on…

Discovery 004:  (I still consider these coincidences)

Strange measurements attached to this location and the Prime Meridian seem to collide with the prophecies of Mallachy.   please see the original essay here as it was understood at the time.   It includes the coincidence of this measurement beginning with the first “supposed” Pope and measures exactly  111.66 degrees?   can this be the 111 Popes of Malachy + the final pope? represented by .666?  sure enough there was another coincidence….  The Prime Meridian runs right through England where the london  stone was set centuries ago…. The location of this stone to our anomaly has another perfect measurement.  44.66 degrees.  we have the coincidence of of 111.66 possibly measuring the 112 popes of Malachy.   I wondered out loud how many Popes have been elected since the schism with England and the Church of Rome….   You guessed it.   44+1 ,  44.66.  These are  still just coincidence for my “doubting” mind, But please read on – there are many more impossible to deny patterns yet to discover.




Discovery 005:

 I had understood  from a vision at the age of 6.  one of the few (handful) visionary experiences I had ever had.  As my teacher (catholic school) was reading us the story of Babel I left my body and watched the earth from space.  I was shown amazing things.   I watched a smaller earth, a “paradise” earth begin to expand – (much like a video camera set on fast forward) my focus was on a great continent…. Antarctica.  I watched as it peeled away from the western coast of South America to its current location at the bottom of the earth. (all pangea theories incorrectly show Antarctica on the east of south America)   I walked up to the globe at the corner of our classroom and spoke up for the first time in class…  “You got it all wrong…” I told my teacher –  God did not punish us for trying to reach him up in the sky, we became to smart…  The continents began to quickly move from each other and people were separated for our own good!    I was sent to the corner to sit and face the wall   for 30 minutes for not believing the Church’s standard line….  A young 6 year old heretic was born…  Please see expanding earth/Babel/Atlantis/Antarctica research here.

OK, the above story was a rare one, I was not some “new age” kid having out of body experiences all the time. the reason that the very few experiences that I did go through have been indelibly etched within my mind….  leaving important understandings for the future.

These measurements of 6660 are still troubling.  Unless we can connect each line to a secondary point they are nothing more than anomalies.

So here we go…. (5) more IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCES!   The  locations we have mapped above were simply the center points of a bifurcated 13,320 true measurement!   Measure a line from our first occult marker of the Washington Monument and bring it directly DUE SOUTH to the edge of Antarctica which I have claimed is Babel since the age of six…… It measures 6660 nautical miles. Ok that was strange. Is their another Obelisk on our earth we should measure from? Yes! there is a great obelisk at the Vatican. go ahead take a measurement from this monument DUE SOUTH once more to Antarctica…. It also measures 6660. BUT MILTON! you may ask… these are occult in you estimation… where is God’s true measurement?

Discovery 006:  I finally “Believe”.  This is much more than coincidences….

My soul was troubled.   6660.   Occult Monuments.  6.66 latitude.   I did not understand, was I seeing the work of the adversary,  the works of our creator,  or both ?  I prayed for wisdom on this matter and once more I was awoken with a rare shout from my sleep, It called me by my name, softly first and then a shout!


so, I got up and verified the exact location of the center of the Temple according to David Flynn’s research. Drew a line from this silly location on an island off the coast of California to the center of the Temple  –   I was in tears…. go check it out for yourself…. EXACTLY 6660 Nautical Miles!   But wait….There is still much more…….

My inborn doubting mind, which challenged our creator at the age of 13 at my Catholic Confirmation – St. Thomas (Doubting)  was my choice for my confirmation name. A middle name I actually legally added  on the day I turned 18 because it was my silent challenge to our creator.   I still would not believe in the God I trusted so easily in childhood.   It was Thomas’ DOUBT that I admired….  

All the other measurements have 6660×2?   So lets take that point at the Jerusalem temple and follow the same Ancient Heading which likely followed the earth previous rotation prior to Babel… continue that line so to speak in the same direction…. you will arrive at the edge of Antarctica once more… 

The measurement? 6660 nautical Miles!  THIS IS GOD’s true measurement for our original Paradise earth.  It even follows the ancient heading scientists tell us was parallel to our Earth’s previous rotation! 

A point that stops short of a continent I have claimed since the age of 6 represented Babel. Represented the location of Eden. The location of our future Holy City.    Represented the ancient stories of Atlantis which truly did sink….not to the bottom of the ocean, but  to the bottom of the earth as I had seen in my vision in childhood.  

Interesting fact: Antarctica is the largest and Highest plateau on earth!   Eden in Hebrew means – “High Plateau” just thought you should know this.

We have truly found God’s true measurements!  We had spent the prior week establishing that all these measurements x2 = 13,320.    The other measurements were just pseudo measurements from the God of this world…. Pseudo measurements using occult man made obelisks throughout the world to measure time and space within our fallen world… our fallen Time-line.

Discovery 007:

The Illustration we created above makes the supposition that these lines measure time. Our discovery that the true measurements all consisted of 6660×2.  or 13,320.   There is a number that does not feel so ominous.  It corresponds with the 13,000 year timeline when we measure by the ancient Lunar Months calendar of the Hebrews!  It measures 50% of a full precession period for our earth.   We show being hidden within the writing on the wall and Daniels Interpretation of Mene Mene Tekel Upharsen.   We cracked this amazing code in the following essay.      It simply means “Eternity is measured and divided by periods of 520 years”.  This is the most amazing and easy to understand code we have broken… please visit the essay.

Surely a contrived point - testing Job 48: Based on the strange Ghana Anomaly.....

Surely a contrived point – testing Job 48: Based on the strange Ghana Anomaly…..

Discovery 007 was fully contrived based on what I had learned from previous dreams. We stretched a line to the edges of Asia from our Ghana Anomaly, until arriving at a 6660 nautical mile measurement.  This is surely contrived.  but what if we now take this line and go 6660 nautical miles in the other direction following the same heading?  At first I was disappointed…. the coast of Chili was off the 6660 I expected to find….. but once again…. I saw some tiny islands off in the vast pacific ocean…. Islands I had studied for several years because of A connection I was certain of dating back to the vision at the age of 6 concerning  Antarctica/Babel.  Sure enough….  The exact EDGE of Easter Island was also exactly   6660 nautical miles from our Ghana Anomaly from Discovery #2. Please see illustrations for more information on Easter Island and Antarctica.

Easter Island - A prison Island? All Monuments face Antarctica / Babel. The island is in the exact proportions of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico.

Easter Island – A prison Island? All Monuments face Antarctica / Babel. The island is in the exact proportions of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico.


My research from nearly 20 years ago, A chapter for an unpublished book on Atlantis and Babel being one and the same came rushing back to me… I have always contended that Easter Island was a “Prison Island” for the Elite’s from the Babel stories.    This is the reason for a discovery I made 20 years ago that I have never heard from other researchers… All the giant megalith sculptures face south.   not due south, but no matter where they are on the Island they face the exact center of Antarctica. (Our curent geographical south pole)  Their long lost home Judeo Christian folks must understand as ancient Babel…  Secular and New age folks understand it as Atlantis.


Why is Eden’s meaning “High Plateau”?   This is understood when you study our godtype research, also I would recommend that you study the books by Douglas Hamp who has put his research into the coming millennium and Heaven’s arrival on earth.  Though Douglas paints Eden/New Jerusalem’s landing point on the Northern pole –  quick research shows that Jewish wisdom teaches us that the new Jerusalem will arrive SOUTH of Jerusalem!   Think about it…. according to Hamp and others The New Jerusalem is 2800 miles across.   Can this massive Extraterrestrial  city truly arrive at such an inhabited area of our earth?   Is it not, more logical that it will arrive on the High Plateau of a continent that is completely barren.   A continent that is known as the HIGHEST and LARGEST plateau on earth….  A continent that is currently strangely rising at alarming rates according to dozens of news outlets just the other day…

Antarctica / Ancient Babel Rising News Link

Would not our creator who calls Eden “The high plateau” truly mean the great plateau of Antarctica/Babel….  A lost continent that matches Critias descriptions of ancient Atlantis,  or as I have understood since childhood….. Ancient Babel.   Atlantis and Babel are one in the same.

AMAZING NEW DISCOVERIES:  APOPHIS Asteroid Fly By’s coincide with Godtype’s long ago Illustrated time maps to the EXACT DAY of a 7 year tribulation period.  See the Upper Right corner of our Godtype 2.0 infographic

True research is never finished..  misc. discoveries not yet added include the discovery / realizaation of a 3640  exact year span from the Exodus to 2029 (3600 year perfect clock when e deduct 40 years lost “time” in the wilderness- Research Here.    7×520 cycles of empires which correlate with the research of Isaac Newton into the 7 musical notes and  primary colors of light perfectly matching our illustrations and Godtype colors!  Research Here.  3600  x 1.8333 (the godtype resonate factor) = 6660.   (3600 = the amount of Verses in the Chapters of Time which calculate PI to 6 digits! research here ) o

Wheels of Time…. (needs essay)

 New and impossible!…. the city in Africa I call the “Ghana Anomaly” is called ACCRA, it means “Wheel”  i.e. wheel of time, in Sanskrit….. by chance I drive past the St. clemente  island point along the beautiful California coastline every day on my commute to work…… Camp pendleton marine base owns this land on the coast…..nothing there….not even an exit…. and yet as I turned on my GPS to estimate my arrival time at work an interesting name popped up on my map….. a town with no residents….. exactly at the point where our time line hits the edge of  California…. it’s name?  Aggra?   A word with the same meaning…. simply a different language . …  what are the odds….. ps… the Island of San Clemente so important in our research?  It to is controlled by our military and is Off Limits to mere citizens. 


Apophis 2029-2036

Apophis 2029-2036


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  1. Daniel peterson

    So what is your brief conclusion?

    • Brief: Evidence of inteligent design.

      Not so brief: SPACE (earth+heaven) and TIME Are linked and expressed on earth through degrees (nautical miles). With established markers from heaven (natural continental crust borders centered upon the Temple in Jerusalem). But “Earth” fallen and under control of the adversary has established occult markers as well…

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