Coincidence? Godtype’s periodic table of 153 possible relationships & the 153 Fish of John 21:3

The Godtype Periodic Table is in simple terms a “relationship table”.   It is the crux of the Godtype Code book’s mission to give each  person who reads  it the tools necessary to live by the most important commandment given by Yeshua during his ministry:

The Golden Rule:  Love your neighbor as yourself, we must even love our enemies?

The Godtype Periodic table gives you the tools to understand friends, loved ones and yes, our enemies by pin pointing the unique relationship pattern created when TWO different Godtype’s come together.
Godtype’s digital (0000, 0001, 1001) breakdown of human cognition allows us to efficiently narrow down relationships and their conflicts down to 17 descriptions…..  16 patterns of human interaction  plus 1.    XXXX.   The 17th and most important relationship pattern possible.   With our mighty counselor in heaven…

The scientific elemental Periodic tables we all know and learned about in school organize  all  the physical matter which  scientists have discovered,  a visual representation of the many possible combination of atoms which in turn create the 120+ elements known to man.   Similarly Godtype’s  periodic table confirms the many possible combinations possible within human interaction (Binary pairs) possible.    01.   Zero and One.   On or Off.

Godtype has exactly 153 possible combinations (pairs).  The Apostles caught exactly 153 fish in their nets *after the resurrection!  There is another miracle in the Holy scriptures concerning fish – The wedding where Jesus appropriately took two fish and multiplied them to feed a giant gathering, how interesting – from just one (pair) of fish – The attendants of the wedding feast were nourished.  (See Godtype’s research of the Jewish wedding feast perfect mirroring of Godtype)

Today, physicist tell us that our elemental periodic table of possible elements on earth will one day reach 153!

“”a third set, the superactinide series (elements 122–153), is predicted to fall outside the main body of the table, but none of these has yet been synthesized or isolated.”” Columbia Enc. 2014″

Imagine that.  A possible hidden reference to modern physics in the ancient Judeo-Christian texts!    We have even more in light of Godtype being a code of “sequence”.   The number 153 happens to be a pyramidal number.   A rare number in which all its  sequential component numbers of 1 through  153 is represented by the number 17!   The Godtype number for Jesus Christ.

How interesting….. Is this evidence that our earth and all her 153 discovered and yet to be discovered elements are  truly the domain of Yeshua HaMashiach

The Number 17 is the Pyramid number which expresses 153

In light of John 21 and the story of the 153 fish caught by the apostles this is an amazing discovery and more evidence of The Godtype Code and Sequence being more than coincidence.


The 153 fish represent the spiritual church known through out scripture as the Bride of Christ (1-16) plus the Bridegroom Jesus Christ…  (17).  Amazing.  Exactly as the Godtype periodical table displays the 16 possible representations of human temperament  plus number  17, Jesus Christ.   (This was created before this discovery).   It shows us  that human cognition has been subtly encoded into the biblical texts all along.   Recognized by many Bible scholars other than Myself!  Dr. Greg Austin wrote this amazing research on the #17 and Jesus Christ (Available Here)  As did prolific Theological writer E.W. Bullinger in his classic treatise on the numbers within the scriptures aptly named  “Number in Scripture” (Available Here)

There is another occurrence of this phenomena in scripture when it comes to the number which represents Man who was created on the 6th day….



Please see our Research Article on Mathew 16:21-23 – Get Behind Me Satan……



The Godtype Periodic Table

The original Godtype periodic table  was created to act as a simple visual (spreadsheet) allowing us to quickly locate the type of  “connection” we are making with friends and loved ones.   To teach us what the conflicts may be ahead of time, and in so doing allowing our internal wisdom to overlook fellow  humanity’s failings and shortcomings.  “The splinter in their eyes” while understanding that we ourselves must look at the Log embedded in ours.

As we assign a 4 bit binary numbering system to each personality type starting appropriately with the “originator” of types at 0000The ENTP.   This in turn establishes the  ISFJ as 1111.  The ENTJ as 0001  and the INTJ as 1001.  And so on and so on.

Based solely on Intuition for the initial sequence, It was interesting to come across the wonderful work from Socionics researchers from Russia who had come up with almost the exact same sequence a decade earlier while also using a binary coding system.  “There is nothing new under the sun”,  Solomon’s words are so true….

Even more amazing was discovering the Godtype Periodic table within the pages of one of the most Brilliant Physicist of our modern times. Stephen Wolfram presents a PERFECT Godtype  “periodic table” within his Life work “A new kind of science”.   please see our research essay here.  This is clear evidence of the Digital original nature of human cognition and time itself. 

Godtype originally formed a quadratic table of 256 elements.  A possible 8 bit system which  was interesting until the discovery that  we were missing a 17th Type.

The perfect representation of humanity,  Yeshua Ha-Mashiach.

The first begotten of all humanity, represented by the Number 17 (16.66) through out all of Godtype’s research – through out the entire bible!   Jesus Christ just happens to also be the 17th type completing Godtype’s periodic table on a cross at Calvary, the crucifixion  just happens to fall on the 17th day of the Jewish new year,  at sundown to be exact – 16.66 days into the new year!   By coincidence once more – forming a total of 153 possible connections!   The 153  fish were caught appropriately after the resurrection!     What can these strange exact numbers mean?  Lets take a  look…….

John 21:11   “Simon Peter went up and dragged the net to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not broken.”

 How strange.  How interesting that commentators have always said that 153 fish must somehow refer to the “Types” of people that could come to the Lord by way of evangelizing.   The Lord requires each and every one of us to share the good news.  When one understands that Christianity is all about a “Relationship” with the risen Lord, this silly story about the apostles catching 153 fish in their nets upon meeting the Risen Messiah for the first time begins to make perfect sense!

Christianity is all about relationships.  About Man and his respect for his fellow human being.  About the most important relationship any of us will ever enter –  A relationship with the risen Christ.

Sharing the Gospel requires at the minimum (2) persons.  This is the “binary pairs” of the periodic table, how interesting that the only other miracle of Christ having to do with “fishes” was at the wedding feast were he multiplied the fishes and bread to feed an entire wedding banquet (symbolic of the Church)  How many fishes did he multiply?  not 1,  not 3,  the  Miracle was based on (2) fishes!    it is my hope that the Godtype periodic table will allow us to not only make better relationships with our friends and loved ones, but to also allow us to share the good news efficiently and with Love. To become great fishers of men…..

Our 4 bit system is appropriately based on the (4) methods human beings process information.   These  (4) “ways of seeing”  are similarly congruent to the Judeo-Christian Trinity as well as the four-fold symmetry of life – self evident across all of creation.  Article Here



Konrad Witz painting (1444) of the miracle of 153 fish. John 21:3

iNtuition (trinity) sequence

Correlative  Thinking (father) past,

Ethical Thinking /Feeling (Son) future

Sensing (Spirit) present


(A human representation of the four-fold symmetry of our Universe- article link here)



What a wonderful fact of Christian theology,  God sent his son to earth allowing each and every one of us the opportunity to interact with him.  A crucial point that “Evangelicals” imply and stress with their statements that being a Christian is equal to a “relationship with Christ”.  A relationship with the perfect God-Man,  A relationship with the creator himself.

 N O T E S

The 17th Man.  The Perfect Man.  how fittingly that Bible scholars tell us 17 is the number of perfection.  10+7.   The number that most represents the Messiah/christ in scriptures.    From the moment I first created the Periodic table with the 16 types of humanity I understood that there was something missing.   As a Christian I understood we must all also interact with The God-man also.  The Perfect Man which can be represented by XXXX.   (X represents Wisdom/perfection  in Godtype – see article here).      How interesting.  Christ, who  research proves is represented by the number 17 throughout scripture is our 17th possible personality type!  Number 17, establishing a total of  153 possible connections.   The 153 Fish caught by 7 apostles at their first meeting with the risen Christ!

153 fish has always been understood by commentators as representative of the Spiritual Church.  And this is where the number 17 has some very interesting properties,  It is one of the few numbers that multiplied by itself  along with its sequential factor equals the same number… The strange number referenced in John 21 of 153 fish.  (A post note of sorts to the gospel of John, please this amazing research into the Chapters of the bible and time)

Holy Spirit 2.0 is clearly taught in the Holy Scriptures as being  promised and ultimately deployed at Pentecost!   A system which demands humanity to pair itself within the sacred act of “marriage” as well as our relationships with others.   A system which Godtype conjectures is incomplete with only one human being.  Why else would Christ tell us that the holy spirit will be there when ever (2) or more are gathered in his name?

William Blake understood this 6000 year period due to his study of Judaism, along with his similar work to godtype he published this prediction of a 6000 year time period.  see  link here

 Milton Thomas Fleitas


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  2. Vashikaran R

    I had a very profound, yet crystal clear dream 2 years ago:

    There were about 6 or 7 people in a room, and a man wearing a veil over his face, with a kind yet authoritative voice is teaching us Organic Chemistry. As a student, this was one subject I really couldn’t understand or memorize properly, and ended up getting bad grades.

    He asks us a series of unanswerable, authoritative questions, almost like in the Book of Job. “Do you know what makes the planets spin? Do you know the secret of perpetual energy? … ” None of us answers, but are sitting in profound mystery and deep thought.

    He draws an element with many concentric circles, and says this element has an Atomic Number of 153. He says he will show us how the planets spin, and what the secret to perpetual energy is. He puts a small quantity of white powder into a small ceramic bowl. As we observe, the powder “melts” into a liquid and slowly starts spinning inside the bowl. It gradually picks up speed until it becomes like a mini motor by itself. “This”, he says “is the perpetual energy element that all humanity is seeking”.

    He repeats 3 times to us: “You must call this element Agnesium, not Magnesium.”

    Then he keeps repeating with pauses: “Seek and You will find. It is all around you”.

    All I know now is that Element 153 (to be called Agnesium) a white powder, probably in abundance (all round you).

  3. […] See original research here.   Just as the computers first move was 17. the number for Christ…  The Ark arrived at its new earth on the 17th day of the new year.   Jesus resurrected as well on Nissan 17,  the 17th day of the new year in 29ad nearly 2000 years ago.  Actually it was at sundown, 16.66 days into the new year – the first begotten of all eternity. […]

  4. […]  xxxx  according to the amazing Godtype periodic table displaying 153 possible interactions.  The 153 fish caught in the nets by the apostles.  Christ was though most assuredly fulfilling the role of the intuitive feeler – The NF. […]

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