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Mid Trib? The unspoken truth of a pre-wrath rapture.

Google+ Gmail Web more ↰ The rapture 6th and 7th of September 2032 and Jesus return 1st of October 2036! 3/12/11martus The rapture will occur in 6th and 7th of September 2032 and Jesus return to rule will occur in 1st of October 2036 and here is why: The way in which Jesus fulfilled the […]

The meaning of 33.3: A Judeo-Christian perspective of the Old Testament Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh), and the Holy Spirit from above

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Forgive me, but i write slowly (live online) as inspiration on subject matter arrives… seems crazy.. but is responsible for important discoveries… including:   Its been 5 years since my research partner and I created the website.   Our website is highly illustrated,  i.e.  most of our essays begin with Illustrative art […]

The Bible, The Number 42, God the Father and the SJ (Sensory Judgers) Father Types.

The Bible, The Number 42, God the Father YHWH and the SJ (Sensory Judging) Father Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 42 {41.66%) representative of God the Father and its Biblical references.  Represented by 41.33% of humanity and the four SJ Sensory Judging temperaments. These Guardians of society who are overwhelmingly represented in our armed forces were by […]

The Bible, The Number 33, The Spirit of God and the SP (Sensing Perceivers) Spirit Types.

The Bible, The Number 33.3, The Spirit of God  and the SP (Sensing Perceivers) Spirit Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 33 representative of the SPIRIT (Ruah Ha Kodesh) and its Biblical references.  Represented in Godtype by a ~ , THE CENTER OF TIME/SPACE. Represented by 33.33% of humanity and the four Sensory […]

The Bible, The Number 17, Jesus and the NF (Intuitive Feeling) Son Types.

The Bible, The Number 17, Jesus and the NF (Intuitive Feeling) Son Types. An on going study and research notes on the number 17 representative of Jesus Christ and its Biblical refferences.  Represented by 16.66% of humanity and the four Intuitive Feeling temperaments. These Idealist are by chance represented by the “Champion” ENFP, the “Healer” INFP, the […]

Personality godtype illustrations in the works

Biblical Briggs Myers (God) Types Father types: Moses. ISFJ. Quote.  “Let us number our days”  the reluctant leader, known as the Father of the Hebrews.   Illustration should Show how George Washington (ISFJ) with the same Godtype fulfilled the same role  on the cycle of empires. 3640-260=3380 years from Exodus. 1604bc to 1776ad. = 3380! […]

Acts 29: A lost book of the Bible with many end Times prophecies. Is it True?

Complete Acts 29 Text: ACTS Chapter 29 Verse 1. Paul, full of the blessing of Christ, and overflowing in the Spirit, left Rome, having decided to go into Spain, becuase he had wanted to travel there for a long time, and he thought also to go from there to Britain. Verse 2. Because he had […]

Isaac Newton and the Jerusalem Temple – DNA Encoded in Hebrew Letters

THIS RESEARCH ESSAY HAS BEEN UPDATED – WITH SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.  PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK  (ALSO THE LINK IS MOBILE FRIENDLY)   (In Memory of the late David Flynn who introduced me to the works of Isaac Newton) Isaac Newton and the Jerusalem Temple: The Hidden Genome Codes The future Implications  to this initial […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Rolling Stones’ Mr. Jimmy & Godtype’s Fringe Research

Jimmy Hutmaker Quote:  “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,  But We Do Get What We Need….. From God”  The last thing on earth that I wanted to do was mix our supernatural “fringe” research with Godtype. For the first time in seven years of writing online and even doing radio interviews under a pseudonym of […]

Welcome to the Machine: Godtype displayed in Hollywood, Again and Again and Again……..

The following  research  was spurred by the recent episode of “Person of Interest” episode 11 of season 4  “If then, else”.  An amazing episode dealing with concepts of time and cognition.  An episode displaying a computer “GOD” like entity capable of running simulation after simulation – (A view of time from the N position of Godtype / From ABOVE) […]

TMNT Super Heroes present Godtype to a new generation.

          Not quite sure where to begin on this “Film Type” research essay.  It has been sitting on my proverbial shelf for 5 months now……  We created all of our illustrations months ago during the first week of release of the  Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Film reboot.    It […]

Stephen Wolfram’s discoveries perfectly match the patterns of Human Cognition (Godtype)

Stephen Wolfram’s Discoveries in His Most Important Book “A New Kind of Science” Perfectly Match the Cognitive Patterns Discovered Here on Godtype. Back in 1987 I was 22 year old  self taught Computer Geek crazy enough to leave a career in Architecture to create a computer graphics company building high end workstations  (infinity design systems).   I did […]

Isaac Newton’s original Color Wheel correlation with Music displays the Godtype Continuum

The Following Illustration is simply conjecture….  But I could not help but “See” the Godtype Continuum (1,5,4,2,1) (41.66%, 33.33%, 16.66% and 8.33% resonate)  frequencies and ratio’s within the classic illustration drawn by Isaac Newton in which he attempted to visualize how  his research into the primary colors of light had ABSOLUTE correlations with what he […]

The True Date of the Exodus – 1604 bc: Confirmed by Godtype Pattern Research & Butler’s Chronology

7Part 1 of this important Bible Code breaking research is available here / Though we do review it below Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin – Part 2 Amazing.  Glorious.   These are just a few words to describe our latest discoveries which have taken our Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin research an additional 1040 years back in ‘Time” […]

The Rational Prophets of Humanity: Douglas Adams, Gnostics & the number 42

It seems the Godtype Continuum (8.33,16.66,33.33,41.66) and its biblical concepts are continually encoded and often distorted within the works of modern day Science-Fiction writers? Also, within the pseudo biblical writings of the ancient Gnostics – the original authors of what can best be called “Theo-Fiction”.  Teachings which are today championed by Ancient Alien adherents….. As editor of both […]

Celestial Spheres and Globes of Creation decoded: Space-Time Encoded in Ancient Art

Glorification of the Eucharist by Salimbeni Years ago I was intrigued by a now 40 year old story of  UFO lore being spread about Salimbeni’s painting “Glorification of the Eucharist” possibly depicting the Russian Sputnik  satellite as the “model” being painted by many medieval artists.    ( also called Bonaventura Salimbeni ) SRI and our […]

Greg Austin’s Research on the Number 17 and Jesus Christ

It was wonderful to see that our Godtype discovery showing the number 17 as representative of Jesus Christ within our scientific research of human cognition, was similarly researched by many Theologians including Bullinger in his epic thesis on “Number in Scripture” and also by reverend Greg Austin in the following research paper.  Please click on […]

Tears of Joy, Tears of Laughter – The Testimonies of Royal Artillery Sargent George Brown and Sith Lord Benny Hinn

Below are two amazing videos from a young  Computer graphics / film student.  I guarantee video #1 will have you in tears of joy by the end  …. #2 will have you in tears of laughter within just a few moments.   Godtype theory will argue that these emotions come from our God given abilities […]

Introduction to Godtype: Evidence Time & Space is encoded within the Bible & Human Cognition

**VIDEO and Godtype INFOGRAPHIC at Bottom of Post** Welcome,  After 16+ years of writing and using “Illustrations” to help inform readers on our supernatural research subjects We’ve  finally gone to Multimedia.   The following video is our first attempt (evidenced by the low volume levels).   Please crank up both speaker and youtube settings.   […]

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin: Daniel’s hidden prophecy of the end of the age

  In this illustration you will be presented with our most shocking discoveries that “Time as pertaining to Empires” has flowed in a pattern of 260/520 year periods.  I documented this pattern as I was building a time map based on the Hebrew 50 year Jubilee’s (100 year great Jubilee’s), based on a basic knowledge of […]

Trinity Types: Mastermind / Conceptualizer – inTj

Digital Sequence Based on Godtype Periodic Table:  1 0 0 1   Core Value : Competence Super Power: Conceptualizing / Operations   Functions: 1. Mental model – Ni 2. Deduction – Te 3. Empathy – Fi 4. Looking – Se   The (12) Undeniable Traits of the INTJ– Mastermind / Conceptualizer Godtype     (3) Areas of possible weakness:    

Isaac Newton’s Study of the Temple of Solomon

A Description of the TEMPLE of Solomon. ISAAC NEWTON’S NOTE’S ON THE TEMPLE. Godtype Notes and Observations Godtype’s Resonate Frequency of 8.33 (1/12) and PI / Time research of the Biblical texts which give us PI to 6 digits when we understand the Cardinal sequence of Godtype… 5,4,2,1.  which travels along times arrow within the 50 year cycles […]

Obelisks and 6660: A virtual ride through time and space

Please click on images for full size Illustrations:  Like all cracked codes, (Especially our MUST READ breaking of Daniel’s WRITING ON THE WALL) this research began with its Rosetta stone of sorts – the hidden “grand” pattern of Godtype.  A prayer to find an earthly representation of “Time” based on the works of the late […]

The 4 Archangels: Representative of the Personalities of Humanity

    As discussed throughout, and mystically understood by artist poet William Blake,   The four-fold symmetry of the universe displays itself among humanity within the 4 primary temperaments while being linked to time as we understand. In our research essay about the Apostles discussing the likelihood that the 12 apostles were represented by 12 men […]

An Epic Debate on the Personality of the Holy Spirit – Rob Skiba and Cris Putnam

Below is an important discussion about the Holy Spirit that began on Facebook and reached epic proportions by researchers Rob Skiba and Cris Putnam.   I must ultimately side with Chris Putnam even though I have had similar questions about the Holy Spirit rumble through my mind at times.    Godtype’s theoretical suppositions   seem […]

Matthew 16:23 – “Get Behind Me, Satan!” A Godtype understanding.

Matthew 16:21-23 16:21  From that time Jesus began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised up on the third day. 16:22   Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, “God forbid […]

Bono of U2: An NF (Idealist) Personality

So, Bono is surely an NF Idealist, but which one? is Bono an ENFP or an INFJ? INFP or ENFJ? These are the two most widely “Thrown” personality types attributed to Bono. The way to figure out ones personality is often to simply listen. Listen to his words. listen to his history. His admittance of […]

Chapters in History: The Godtype code & PI (3.14159) hidden within the chapters of the Bible

Note: This is an updated essay. The original Research Essay only correlated the 6 books & their Chapters that discovered to represent time as we understand (due to the simplicity of the Godtype Patterns!) This is evidence of true RESEARCH and not CONSPIRACY theory!  True research establishes a Hypothesis… ie There are Books/Chapters that represent time. […]

Superman: A visible Jungian archetype that correlates with Godtype and Space-time

Superman has generally been understood as a visible Jungian archetype of the Judeo-Christian deity and the stories of the Bible.   Whether it is the attenuating simplifications of the biblical stories of Father and Son,   or even the  thousands of years old  practice of displaying paintings of Jesus Christ dressed in blue and  red […]

Fourier Transforms: Symmetry, Periodicity, Time-Space & Godtype

Fourier Transforms: Symmetry, Periodicity, Time-space & Godtype Wonderful Lecture Series from Stanford professor Brad Osgood. The Fourier series of physics is the key scientific study which  initially set  out to quantify and understand Heat Transfer & Vibrations.    This led its inventor Joseph Fourier’s (1768-1730) applications to be be used in the study of Patterns and […]

Booz Allen Hiring IT professionals (snoops) at Ridgecreat facility: Anatomy of a service provider hack?

Anatomy of a Government Hacked internet connection and discovery due to Google Analytics. As editor of SRI and several other web properties, I also serve as a webmaster so to speak.   That is why a bit over a month ago as I checked out the web analytic s  offered by Google I began to […]

Steve Jobs: ENTP

                This Research article was originally posted on SRI a few days after Steve Jobs passing.   But is explicitly tied to the work of Steve Jobs: Technical Marketer Extraordinaire passes Steve Jobs was the quintessential ENTP Inventor*,  and a role model for that small  percentage of the population […]

Jungian Terms

Jungian Terms   Active imagination. Method of assimilation of unconscious contents through their experimentation as fantasies in the wakeful state. Alchemy. The chemistry from prehistory until the 17th century, in which laboratory experiments were combined with intuitive, pictorial, partly religious experiences about nature and man. Many symbols which we recognize today as contents of the unconscious were […]

Milton Thomas X: Blog – Out of the closet

Milton Fleitas

If there can be more controversial topics (I like to think of them as “interesting”) this is the place to find them.   For many years I published articles under a pseudonym of Milton Thomas X or my screen name Babel as the editor of  SRI,   This was necessary because of the […]

Time Travel: Humanity’s gift from God?

Time Travel: Humanity’s gift from God? (originally published at SRI) For many years I have explained to friends and loved ones who venture off into the world of science fiction with the subject of Time Travel – “Do you realize that we (humanity) are actual time travelers!  That this is the “Gift” that humans posses that is […]

The Shoes of the Fisherman: The Last Good Pope and the False Prophet Yet To Come

From the moment Pope Francis was elected the speculations by many christian researchers including myself became clearer.  The prophecies of Malachy   which we had all skewed to represent a “final bad pope” were  eradicated.  I had begun to have doubts, within the pages or our Malachy research article that pointed to a 112th “final” […]

The Godtype Code & Jubilee Periods of the Bible: Permanent waves of Culture

How does one describe the impossible?  Coincidence after coincidence lining up and substantiating Godtype’s premises and theories.  An understanding that Man is truly created in the image of God according to Genesis 1:26.  But, what does this  “Image” mean?   Godtype research shows it has nothing to do about our appearance –  it has everything to do […]

Once Upon a Time: Personality Types

Yes,  even Villains are created in God’s image.  Please understand, ALL 16 types can play the role of a villain – Its a little thing called “Freewill” that separates the Villains from the Heroes!  Sometimes the differences between them are difficult to comprehend. Help us “type” the following film characters from “Once Upon a Time”. Here is our preliminary […]

The -Identical- Relationship

The paradox of logic: Idealists & The Champion eNfp

A Godtype understanding of  (NF’s) & their Champion ENFP.   As a rational eNtp I’ve spent a lifetime “believing” that my “Rationality” was simply another term for “Logic”.   Logic was my personal domain – Like captain Spock on the enterprise I thought logic to be  cold and factual, simple and dispassionate.  Honest at any cost,   […]

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