Father Types: Pragmatist / Inspector – iStj

The (12) Undeniable Traits of the iStj Godtype

Norm following
Respects authority
Hard working
Self confident

Inspector Father types (ISTJs) are faithful, logical and earnest traditionalists who enjoy keeping their lives and environments well-regulated. Highly organized & sensible – They insist to play by the rules. Typically reserved and serious individuals, they earn success through their thoroughness and extraordinary dependability. Capable of shutting out distractions in order to focus their minds on practical, logical approaches to their endeavors. Pragmatist, ISTJ’s throughout history have been known to make the tough decisions that other types avoid. Realistic and responsible, The ISTJs resemblance to “The Father” Godtype is unmistakable.

Mitt Romney and Harry S Truman – ISTJ’s that were needed by their country at a difficult time in American History

Mitt Romney – ISTJ / Harry S Truman – ISTJ / Parallels

Godtype Evidence in Science

SJ Total Population based on David Keirsey’s Research: 41.66%

Frequency / Factor: 5

Percentage of ISFJ’s in Humanity = About 10%

View of “Time” = PAST

Energy Use: Correlation of Energy

Biblical Personality: God the Father

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