Once Upon a Time: Personality Types

Yes,  even Villains are created in God’s image.  Please understand, ALL 16 types can play the role of a villain – Its a little thing called “Freewill” that separates the Villains from the Heroes!  Sometimes the differences between them are difficult to comprehend.

Help us “type” the following film characters from “Once Upon a Time”. Here is our preliminary choices. scroll to bottom and Choose (3) descriptions for each Villain.
ENTJ – Fieldmarshall
King George. Should he even be on this list? A military general who does what ever it takes and takes advantage of all his resources to reach his objectives.
ESFP – Performer / Motivator
Captain Hook? A flamboyant performer and sweet talker capable of even fooling Emma Swan. (motivating others to do his evil deeds) What other man could wear eye liner better than Captain hook or even Captain Jack Sparrow.
ISTJ – Inspector
Cora, Regina’s Even more evil mother. A collector of human hearts who has planned every single moment and action of her daughters life well ahead of time
INFJ – Idealist
Regina, her youthful idealism was shattered by the death of her one true love – she is now set on revenge at any cost. Will she follow her mothers footsteps or find redemption and turn her brilliance towards good….
INTJ – Mastermind
Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin, A once mild mannered man – has been given power beyond comprehension. N matter how many years in advance – most find themselves simply following his precisely detailed plans.

Personality types of the villains of “Once Upon a Time”

(Snow Whites evil Step-Mother)

What Personality type is Regina from Once Upon a Time?

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Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin)

What Personality type is Mr. Gold from Once Upon a Time?

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If your favorite Villain from “Once Upon a Time” does not have a poll above please let us know your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

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4 Comments for “Once Upon a Time: Personality Types”

  1. Grace

    I’d actually say that Rumple is a very psychologically damaged and cursed INFP with a warped and unhealthy sense of personal values, who’s very avaricious, and wants it all, or he can’t be happy; true love, power, and heroism.

  2. Karen

    Actually, Regina is an Extravert… the only reason she’s alone is because everyone hates her because of what she’s done… It proven that she hates being alone andonly want to be accepted and before Emma came to Storybrooke shewas outgoing and had a charming personality.

    Regina- ENFJ

    • After the last two years of episodes, And our polls data which agrees with you! You are definitely right. I agree with the ENFJ type cast. Its just to easy to type villains as introverts…… especially since the ENFJ and INFJ share the same 4 functions. ENFJ…FeNi SeTi / INFJ…. NiFe TiSe. They are “mirror” temperaments. The ENFJ has Fe (extroverted feeling) as their first function. This according to Godtype is a function that looks to the Future. It is Ethical Logic, and it sure seems that Regina has been doing her best to do the “right thing” of late… Just as I had hoped in the original essay.

  3. Val

    You should have captain hook (though i’m not sure if he would be considered a villain) and Peter Pan (definitely him)

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