The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Supertramp: 9-11 and Jung’s Collective Unconscious

Milton Thomas X (Fleitas) of – and breaks one of the  years most viral internet story!  

“The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, She’s a Supertramp….”

Below is the original short essay and illustrations I created which caused several months of viral status.   Our work and illustrations have been duplicated across dozens of websites searching for your ad dollars (Always omitting the Biblical understanding!) and yet we are still showing up years later on pages 1 and 2 of any google search on this subject.  Why is this on Godtype? you may ask……  You see, Godtype inferred that the end of the last Jubilee (50 year) cycle was in 1979/80 within our time maps!   This album cover along with the Permanent Waves cover of January 1st 1980  both represent an end of an era.  The models within the images are both wearing 1950’s golden age dress.  They made me realize long before discovering the date of our Lord’s resurrection in 29ad that 1979/80 marked some type of division in time that was being expressed by what Jung called the collective unconscious.  Judeo-Christian believers must understand this as the works of the Spirit of this earth (from below).  Yet, as Believers –  it is the Holy Spirit (from above)  unleashed at Pentecost which gives  us all a true choice,   The Holy Spirit battles for the hearts and minds of human artists as well…… (Music, Art, Writing etc.) ! 


911 and supertramp

Supertramp’s Breakfast in America Cover Art and 9-11

Coincidence? At first glance one would think a perfectly centered 9-11 on the mirror image of the twin towers must be. Let me first tell you that this album cover was very special to me, It was one of the *two first record albums I ever purchased back in 1980 out of a bargain bin from the top floor of a local department store**. I did not choose these albums for their music, instead it was their covers which had captured my soul at the age of 15.

Cover Art became so important that I developed 10 years ago with the quest of documenting this influential art form which has been used for good, yet it is also capable of influencing the masses with sinister plots. (Just ask Joseph Goebbels)

So as the internet begins to be a buzz about this 9-11 mirror image on supertramp’s breakfast in America cover, whether this is a coincidence or the supernatural – there is truly a deeper and more serious symbolism playing out right in front of our eyes.

Supertramps Breakfast in America Cover Art:

Presents New York City & The Statue of Liberty (in the guise of an all american 1950’s waitress wearing a chilling nervous smile) along with the words Super Tramp above the great city. The waitress is holding up a “golden” cup on a serving plate right up to the twin towers whose mirror image show a clear 9-11 just above the buildings (The “Harlot” symbolizes the City, not the Statue/Waitress)

911 and supertramp

America and the Bible

Is not the group’s name “Super Tramp” actually a synonym for “Great Harlot” ?

As an American who was born in the great city of Manhattan, It has taken me many years to finally confront hunches about whether or not America is mentioned in the Bible. Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51 when studied together show this is a possibility.  America is quite possibly mentioned…..  a difficult proposition for any American who takes the Bible seriously.

Even if this 9-11 mirror image is just a coincidence, or more likely a pseudo gospel from our Gnostic friends – Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51 clearly teach that the Great Harlot (a Super Tramp) is partially represented by the great city which our statue of liberty overlooks as she sits on many waters, holding a “golden cup” over this city (home of the U.N.) which can be argued to be responsible for the finances and commerce of the world!

Revelation 17: v15
And he saith unto me, The Waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
v18 And the Woman which thou sawest is that great City, which reigned over the kings of the earth.

supertramp 9-11

supertramp 9-11

Deeper into the rabit hole. SRI discovers this artwork and others signifying an apocalyptic event tie in to the sinister Georgia Guidestones which themselves point towards some apocalypse. See part two of this research here

Milton Thomas X

*The other album I purchased on that day in 1980?


As I concluded this article, my subconscious mind kept repeating “there’s a 2nd important cover”.   So I viewed every album published in 1979 to no avail and yet I could not get rid of this “Gut” feeling.   As I was calling it a night, I pulled up the image of  the other record I purchased alongside Breakfast in America – I could not help but nod my head and sigh. It was published just one day later on new years day – January 1, 1980, It was:

Rush’s Permanent Waves. My favorite rock group which I followed through the years due to their Libertarian themes written by drummer and lyricist Neal Peart.
The cover strangely shows a beautiful woman. An all american girl with 1950’s era bobby socks and a wholesome dress & hairstyle, yet she is flashing us with a devilish smile in the midst of so much devastation – A harlot if you will, walking away from her devastated city….

SRI’s further research in part 2 of this article led to the discovery that 1979/80 was possibly a demarquation point.   The Gnostic and secretive groups commemorations of March 22, 2013 exactly 33 years earlier were possibly marking a “micro” pattern in history matching up with the Godtype Code.  41.66, 33.33, 16.66 and 8.33.  Research Here

Rush Permanent Waves and the Harlot

* A little research into Rush’s pemanent waves album cover concept finds out that our favorite rational  band did indeed have a “meaning” and a reason for the title of their 1980 album.  (Unlike the hidden gnostic imagery of supertramp’s cover with its possible masonic links – article here)  It seems Rush  was discussing “Waves of Culture” a concept that most rational’s who see time in “sequence” as oppose to (past,present or future) are aware of,  ie cycles of time,  rise and falls of empires and even civilizations.  Who better to represent the passing and end of a culture or civilization then the Great Harlot of revelation 17-18,  A Super Tramp…..

And just to add one more coincidence that may simply be that, considering album release dates are generally chosen by the music executives: Permanent Waves Release date of January 1, 1980 ends up being exactly 33 years and 90 days from the Georgia Guidestones 33rd Aniversary. 33 years and 3 months. 33.3 – how interesting.

** I estimate we have purchased / archived nearly 5,000 record albums & 10,000 historical magazines over the years for our virtual museum at, and yet it was these first two records I purchased which I somehow remember every detail about – from the grey painted chipped particle board bargain box, the messy poorly lit upstairs floor of our local WWII era J.C. Penny building & the embarrassment of asking my mom for money to buy two records (I tried to hide the Permanent waves cover from my mom due to the provocative image of the model).   I was an outgoing nerd who did not understand why all my friends wasted so much time listening to music? It was the art, imagery & symbolism that grabbed me, and never let me go.


This short essay was expanded with a total of  4 short research essays on our first website SRI – here are the links –  #1 The Great Harlot of Revelation 17, she’s a Supertramp. #2 She builds monuments as well.  #3 Romanus Reloaded  #4 (322) and the music industry

*the newspaper in the foreground of Rush’s Permanent Waves Cover originally had the Headline “Dewey defeats Truman”. (The Tribune sued Rush and forced them to “white it out” on future issues) a point in history which I had unknowingly written of in the past as a demarcation point in which the American mainstream media began its journey towards complete progressive control. this famous cover is also “symbolic” of just how wrong American “mainstream media” can be…….


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  1. […] Grammy winning albums strange 911 coincidences and its Biblical Implications in our viral essay  “The Great Harlot of revelation 17 – She’s a Supertramp” with a strange  displaying of 9-11 above the twin towers.   The Artwork also showed a clear […]

  2. James Harbour


    • admin

      James. there is a research article where I go into these “cycles” of time that coincidentally match the Jubilee periods of the Bible. These periods of cycles (waves) are “permanent waves”…. they are set times that amazingly work out to a Great Macro period of 12000 years,

      but they also cycle every 100 years as well. As I was trying to come up with a description of these periods for my title I realized that Rush had already given me my title…. PERMANENT WAVES. Here is the permanent waves research that touches upon our discovery that the documented “waves” of the bible know as “Jubilee Periods” coincides with these supernatural leaks….. Leaks from the adversary (supertramp) and leaks from our Rational prophets (Rush)

  3. James Harbour

    Rush is probably not related to the Supertramp album. Regardless, Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” could easily be read as a letter of parody and scorn from the Queen herself, ending with “Child of Vision,” a direct metaphor for Britain addressing America as a child – though I certainly could not state that it was Her Magesty behind it – nor would I as – if it weren’t in fact entirely coincidence that 9 11 appears over the twin towers on Supertramp’s cover – I would probably have to defer to the wisdom of English culture as a student of it. As a student of English and Religion, I recognize the vast amount of culture America has abandoned to consumerism and the chastisement in the album is more poignant in the contemporary decade than ever.

    • admin

      Wonderful points that I mostly agree with. Thank you for putting you mind to this issue. Yet I believe that Jung’s collective unconscious has some bearing on these two albums signifying an end to an “ERA”. Issue dates within the Music industry as I have docomented on SRI have distinct patterns which I have documented to the point of making predictions on future release dates of the Industries “latest” rising star. Yes, Rush is not related. They are one of the few “Rational / NT” bands due to Neil Peart’s influence (intp). Rationals simply report what is in our futures… the reason so many science fiction writers “leak” our futures within the pages of their novels. Please read part 2 and 3 where i made predictions that actually came to pass to the exact day!

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