Chapters in History: The Godtype code & PI (3.14159) hidden within the chapters of the Bible

  1. Note: This is an updated essay. The original Research Essay only correlated the 6 books & their Chapters that discovered to represent time as we understand (due to the simplicity of the Godtype Patterns!) This is evidence of true RESEARCH and not CONSPIRACY theory!  True research establishes a Hypothesis… ie There are Books/Chapters that represent time.   If the hypothesis is true, Evidences will begin to prove your research.  ie Chapters impossibly match the irrational percentages (50,40,20,10,10) of Godtype within a 12 base system? Verses then total=3600? Divide the “eternal 10,10” verses into Earth Time Chapters and you arrive at PI to 6 digits!  CONSPIRACY on the other hand decides the outcome before the fact.  ie the ridiculous OVER USE of computer generated equidistant letter bible codes used to predict events AFTER THE FACT. (there are a handful of TRUE Equidistant codes that give evidence to some of Godtypes discoveries)   It was a shout that woke me up a few days after posting this research.  (I had prayed that evening before going to bed for a similar PI discovery to David Flynn’s research) The shout explained to me that I was not trusting God’s word!  “”If I Trusted the scriptures as the word of God I should calculate the Verses as well!””   The verses of God’s Time Chapters will calculate to PI when divided into our allotted total time?    ie The 12,000 years (total energy) of Genesis 6:3.  Sure enough, they did…. It is still difficult to hold back tears when I think about what our amazing Creator has revealed for us in these important times!
    Chapters in History: The Godtype code & PI (3.14159) hidden within the chapters of the Bible 

ORIGINAL ESSAY as Published.   New discoveries and research added in dark green

Genesis, Exodus & the most unique gospel of the New Testament – John.   Books of the Bible that amazingly follow the Godtype Codes and reference time as we understand!

Genesis:  The first book of the Old Testament  correlates with exactly  41.66% of Human History.  5000 years of Godtype’s predicted Pre-History that  just happens to have 50 Chapters!  It Represents 41.66%x12,000=5000, The Concrete (SJ) Period of our History representative of YHWH – The Father. The PAST

Exodus: The 2nd Book of the bible correlates with actual 33.33% of time as we know it.  4000 years of Jewish History just happens to have 40 Chapters.  An (SP) period known as the “Age of Empires”.  It represented the “Present”,  a period of history that sits at the center of time. The PRESENT.  Represented by a “null” symbol in Godtype’s mathematical equations.   Represented by the Temple in Jerusalem and the original threshing circle which was located at the cornerstone of the Temple.    – Understood by Isaac Newton and most recently discovered by the late Christian researcher David Flynn.   Research that  Godtype has expanded into some amazing discoveries (see research here).

John:  The Future (NF) oriented apostle, whose Gospel is written to the Church (Future).

Original Godtype Time Map showing correlation of human cognition, time and the bible. The Chapters of the Bible correlate as well....Genesis' 50 Chapters = 5000. Exodus' 40 Chapters = 4000, John's 20 Chapters = 2000 years - aka, the 2 days of hosea.

Original Godtype Time Map showing correlation of human cognition, time and the bible. The Chapters of the Bible correlate as well….Genesis’ 50 Chapters = 5000. Exodus’ 40 Chapters = 4000, John’s 20 Chapters = 2000 years – aka, the 2 days of hosea.

It was a shout that woke me in the early morning hour the other day,  not the still soft voice I usually speak of which  I now attribute to the holy spirit.  “Chapters correlate with time!”  was the “concept” I would be compelled to study today.    We have shown above  that the Old Testament books that correlate with (SJ)Father and (SP) Spirit time just happen to have 50 and 40 chapters respectively corresponding with 5000 and 4000 years of the Godtype Space-Time map.    So it must be NF apostle John’s Gospel that will surely correlates with NF time on earth of 2000 years?   It will be 20 Chapters for sure……

 So as I checked to see how many chapters where in John’s Gospel I was at first confused because  though it was the closest book in all the New Testament to 20 chapters it was off by 1, The gospel of John contains a 21st chapter …. (with 25 verses*) Something is wrong….  That 21st chapter must be an addition I thought.

Sure enough,  my spirits conviction was true – John is considered by all scholars to truly be  initially only 20 Chapters!   The 20th chapter concludes  with an obvious epilogue.   And then a  21st chapter  abruptly begins!   It is simply a Supernatural post note….. That teaches us about one of Godtype’s most scientific discoveries of the 153 possible connections within human cognition.   Correlating with John 21’s 153 Fish caught in the apostles nets!  It is also the Chapter of Grace where the resurrected Christ shows his Love and unconditional Grace to Peter after his previous denials.    Though liberal scholars claim it was written by someone other than John, There is strong evidence that it is simply a post note by John himself.    The 21st chapter represents Jesus as the mighty Counselor who now advocates for us with his resurrected body from heaven

((Johns initial 20 chapters Represent the 2k year christian age, the 21st Chapter ENDS the NT narrative.  IT represents Milenium with 1 Chapter/25 verses… it should be understood as Chapter 2k.1   John 21 is Not unique in ending with  this phenomenon.  The Pauline epistles end with Philemon… 1 CH/25Verses.  We are not done!  The general epistles end with Jude….. You guessed it…. 1 CH /25 VERSES!  ends with Jude ))  

JOHN 21 Is A historical chapter that speaks not of our Lords ministry on earth as the lamb of god – The Teacher and the Healer, but as the Risen Christ  – The Champion and Mighty Counselor.

A clear understanding of Godtype’s premises realised early on, that it is the Resurrection of our Lord in 29/30ad and not his birth that marks a supernatural shift in time and space. Does it not make sense that Christ’s resurection occured on a Jubilee year?  Also Matching our  Exodus and Mene Mene research.

These   (3) books from our  Judeo-Christian texts all represent “Time” on this earth.  The 11k time period prior to the coming 12th Millenium.    They are represented by 3 books representing time…. Past, Present and Future.   It was also my Gut feeling that it was the 10 Chapters of Esther that  represent the duplicitous nature of Eternity…. Mene Mene, 1000, 1000. (as we are taught in the writing on the wall – see research here)

Another shout woke me a few days after writing the essay above……….. “You Are Not Trusting Your Bible!” “If you Truly Trusted It, you will calculate verses as well…”  So I checked,  The 110 Chapters of Genesis, Exodus and John have Exactly 3600 verses!!!!!!!   A representation of a perfect Circle to 1/10th of a degree?   Is this just a coincidence?  Or will we discover something more….

I have often Joked that I do my best research while  unconscious!    I simply wake up with the wildest of concepts and understandings.  And at rare times (our most amazing discoveries) it is an audible shout that directs what I will be writing about that day.   That is Why when I woke up with a shout that called me by my name!  Explained that Time Chapters I  had begun to illustrate would calculate to PI?  Surely, I thought my subconscious mind was over reaching!   But within 1 minute PI had been calculated thanks to the wonderful tables and graphs at Blueletter Bible   .   We have now calculated PI by simply adding the averages of the duplicitous verses of a Hidden millenium (Esther/Ezra) only knowable by YHWH,  Represented by the only 2 books in the bible with 10 chapters each representing ‘Mene Mene’.    The 13th Hidden millenium represented by Esther & Ezra’s 10 Chapters each representative of Eternity Past and future..   by coincidence?  These two books, like the book ends of eternity (which we have called them) sit o each side of the 13 chapters of Nehemiah…. A book that teaches us about the Building of the Wall (Circle) around God’s eternal city in Jerusalem!  

3600 + 223 = 3883.   Divide into Godtype’s total “Energy” of 12,000+7=12007 and we arrive at PI to 3 digits!   3.141

So, Weve documented Eternity Past and Future with Ezra and Esther’s 10 chapters each.    But Godtype infers a separate future 8.33% NT – millenium is part of the “Human” 12,000 year system.   That was when the book of Ecclesiastes (which represents Human centeredm Wisdom) came to mind as the most appropriate book to represent and codify the 12,000 years of humanity living in the “moment”…  The “Present” which Einstein wonderfully describes as an illusion…..  It just happens to have 12 chapters correlating with  man’s 12,000 year domain clearly taught in Genesis 6:3.  It just happens to  have 222 verses!  

3600 +222 = 3822.  Divide into Godtype’s total “Energy” of 12,000+ 7 and we arrive at PI to even more exactness!  3.14159!


Notes /

The question I asked our creator when  first beginning this research  was “are there possibly two  books in the bible can possibly represent the bifurcated Millennium Godtype’s Time Maps infer?” Are there 1 or 2 books in the Bible with only 10 Chapters that will correspond with Millennium Future and Millennium Past – The two book ends of eternity that encapsulate Time as we understand?  The 7th day where YHWH rested and walked among humanity in the Garden and the 7th day when Christ returns as the King and Champion of our earth.

Godtype Time-Space Illustrations have inferred from the beginning  that our future Millennium and  the pre-fall  Eden of the past are paradoxically one in the same.  Two bifurcated periods of “virtual” time which are the domain of Holy Trinity.   The First and Last.  Alpha and Omega. The realm of the Ancient of Days (Father) and the Future redeemer and Messiah (Son).    Like book ends to history they are technically (Two periods of Heaven on earth as taught in the Bible.   in other words they represent eternity.  

So as we begin to study the books of the bible that correlate  with our research due to chapters matching Godtypes illustrated time domains.      Of the 66 books the first to jump out at us  is  Esther….  Let us study this book further……

Esther:    The final book of the  Tanakh (Jewish Canon).   Esther is primarily a book about (PEOPLE) A book whose name appropriately means “Hidden” in Hebrew.  As we study Esther, a book some scholars  felt should not be part of the canon of scripture (Martin Luther had many misgivings)  we find some amazing correlations.     It speaks of Israels “Rest” after repetitive  struggle   against her adversaries & the final solution of “Haman” a prototypical Satanic representation.     It seems this was a “rest” that corresponds with God’s rest  at the beginning of time (Eden / 7th day of creation week) Its strangest quality is that it  confoundedly speaks in duplicities  through out all its pages.  
“Nearly every event in Esther happens twice, the second time being a variation of the first. In the first chapter, there is a long banquet and a short banquet. In the second chapter, there is a “virgin pageant” that leads to the queening of Esther, followed by a second “virgin pageant.” Esther holds two banquets that lead to the downfall of Haman, which is paired with the two banquets that led to the fall of Vashti. There is a decree that zips through the empire calling for the destruction of the Jews, and then later there is a decree sent calling for the destruction of their enemies. Esther comes twice unannounced to King Ahasuerus. Haman goes home with his head covered after giving honor to Mordecai, and his head is covered before he is hung”. 
Two of everything….  Its name meaning hidden?   Is this not the missing 13th millennium that  Godtype research has been researching for due to self evident cycles of empires we discovered which seem to be based on a 13,000 year time clock.   We had   previously described them as “Hidden”!     It is strangely the only book in the bible that does not  mention God and yet its Hebrew name meaning of (hidden) gives us some clues to  its correspondence  with the First Millennial book-end of eternity – Being written from God’s hidden perspective of eternity past.   God has no need to speak about himself!    And yet the name of God is hidden 4 times in acrostics.  
Twice YHWH is spelled Forward when spoken by Jews.  possibly referencing God’s perspective Looking forward after Eden……  
Twice YHWH is spelled backwards when spoken of by Gentiles possibly referencing God’s perspective (Christ) Looking back  – paradoxically to the Gentiles future as the redeemed of earth enter the Millennial reign of Christ.     
Is there possibly another book in the Bible with only 10 chapters that will pair up?
The Book of EZRA….  The only other book with 10 chapters …. Surely corresponds with Millennium Future… The coming reign of Christ?  Ezra is primarily a book about (NUMBERS) & the building of the 2nd temple – an echo of what is to come…. The final and most important event and future signs Christians today must pay attention to dealing with the coming tribulation that will lead to Christs return.   THE Re-BUILDING OF THE TEMPLE.

We now have books that totally match our Illustrations!  DISCOVERED LONG AFTER our innitial essays and illustrations!   (50+40+20) + 10 + 10 or in other words….. (Past + Present + Future) + Eternity Past + Eternity Future... The Mene Mene of the writing on the wall.    These  hidden chapters in the bible that correlate with the 120 years allotted to man in Genesis 6:3.   The First two books of the Torah.  Two of the final books of the Jewish Tanakh + The First Gospel of the New Testament.    Amazing.    The numbers  50 -40 – 20 – 10 + (10 Hidden).    Representing 12,000 years of “known” human history. + a 1000 year period of hidden history known only to God our Creator.

A total of 13,000 year  cyclical timeline so evident in my Godtype research showing the exactness of Empires every 260/520 years on earth (see updated discoveries & research here)

Possibly the reason for the strange addition of the 21st chapter which was added to John containing 25 verses.   How strange? John’s most unique book which ends the New Testament narrative ends with……1Chapter x 25 verses?   Also  The Pauline Epistles end with the Epistle to Philemon 1 Chapter & 25 verses.   But wait!  were not done yet….   The General Epistles end with the Epistle of Jude – 1 Chapter & 25 verses.  Do you see the Patterns?   when you study our Mene Mene research you will understand the 520 year Cycles God teaches us about through Daniel at the writing in the wall event…..  A completed (cycle)?   (1)x520x25 = 13000


Lets first deal with Time as we understand.  PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.  Represented by the 50 chapters of Genesis (beginnings), 40 chapters of Exodus (middle) and the original 20 chapters of John (END).

Godtype has consistently shown how the number 360 is  key to Time and Space – especially within our geo-earth research……

The Following several discoveries are either Amazing evidence of God’s precision and handiwork or statistically impossible for any person who does not close of their minds and hearts to the amazing exactness of our scriptures.   This you must decide for yourself….  

Genesis has 1533 Verses.  Exodus has 1213 Verses.  Johns 20 Chapters have 854 Verses.  The (3) books which  infer Time as we know it total exactly 3600 verses.  The most important number used throughout history reflective of the 360 degrees of a perfect circle!   so important in calculations of “Time” & “Space”.    360 x 10 = 3600 allowing us to measure the sacred circle to 1/10th degrees!

That is surely just a coincidence once more!      lets take this one step further…….

360 is surely representative of a Circle and its use in measuring time – so lets take that most important never ending number dealing with the ubiquitous  circle…

A sign of perfection.. Pi

When we divide to total number of verses within these 110 chapters 3600+ (we combine both Millennial chapters and use their average due to the simultaneous duplicitous nature of eternity past and future)

Sure enough….  Another interesting  statistical anomaly  in Godtype Research.   3822.5 total verses.  Divided into The total energy (Time) within our system declared by God in Genesis 6:3 of 12,000 years and we arrive at  Pi   3.14  Remember that 120 chapters truly represent the 12,000 years inferred by Genesis 6:3…. divide 12,000 / 3822.5 = 3.14.   

But we seem to have made a mistake.  The Godtype Time Map i illustrated a year earlier shows a 12,000 + 7 years of tribulation timeline.   It is the final 7 years of humanity on this earth without God’s intervention.   12007 divided by 3822 (my spirit shouted this number to me as I woke up this morning) equals PI to 6 decimal places!   3.14159   

Amazing New Discovery Extending the Godtype Cycles of Empires Time Map an  additional 520 years to 564 BC and Daniels Interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s “Writing on the Wall”.   This research which you will find here shows us how the 520 year divisions of time which I had discovered over a year ago were actually written and taught by the prophet Daniel.  I AM NOT A BIBLE SCHOLAR.   The reason it took me a year to stumble upon the story of “The writing on the wall”.

I had previously documented what I was calling the Cycles of Empires that showed up in time and space at 520 / 260 year intervals.   Precisely documented to the Ides of March in 44bc which began the Roman Empire which St. John Eludes to as the “Empire that Is”.

Daniel Interpreted the writing…. Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.  (2520) these 4 words have double meanings.  Mene means millennium / Time and denotes a coin worth 1000.  Mene Mene is an idiom in Hebrew denoting “From Eternity to Eternity” or ” It is written in stone” alluding to  Solomons words in which he tells us that everything that has been has been before!  Tekel refers to a coin of 20, but also means to divide something.   Upharsin refers to a coin of 5000 but  also means to measure or weigh something. (Eastern languages from Jerusalem Eastward count/read Right to Left)

A simple paraphrase is  “From Eternity to Eternity Time is Measured and divided by 520 years”.   it could also just as easy reference the original 260 year pattern I discovered nearly 2 years ago… “From Eternity to Eternity Time is measured by periods of 520 years which are divided in half (260)”

This is also a clear representation of the duplicitous nature of eternity which all orthodox Hebrews understand being referenced by (2) periods of 1000 years.   Daniel interpreted these words to Nebuchadnezzar’s Grandson Belshazzar confirming a previous prophesy that Nebuchadnezzar’s empire would fully disappear after two more generations beyond his death. ( Daniel, delivered the final prophecy of the writing on the wall telling Belshazzar of the fall of his kingdom the very next day.  Daniel was surely was aware of the Cycles of Empires I have been writing about for some time….   The year of the fall of Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar’s empire?   Can it possibly be?   sure enough…. Babylon fell 520 years prior to 44 bc in 564bc.    EXACTLY 2600 years from Godtypes 2036 end date for America’s 260 year empire.  1776-2036….. the 2nd half of the Anglo American Empire all scholars claim started in 1516!

David Armitage - Greater Britain 1516-1776 - exactly 260 years or 50% of a Biblical Empire

David Armitage – Greater Britain 1516-1776 – exactly 260 years or 50% of a Biblical Empire

For our research essay on Mene Mene (mena mena) please visit here


The Ides of March in 44BC demarques the beginning of the 520 year Roman Empire! Just as Daniel decoded in the Writing on the Wall….. Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin….. Time and Empires are Divided by 520 years!


The 1040 Years of the Dark Ages - or commonly called the Middle Ages (520x2)

The 1040 Years of the Dark Ages – or commonly called the Middle Ages (520×2)



If you still sit on the fence on these statistically impossible findings giving credence to our Godtype research – here may be the kicker….  Godtype’s understanding of ETERNITY has always implied that 1000 years of Future Millenium (7th day – Son’s Reign)  and Past Millenium (YHWH’s Rest at 7th day of creation) are one in the same, they are the Book ends to eternity. THE FATHER RESTS!  THE SON REIGNS!   There is actually a 2nd book of the Bible with only 10 chapters,  I had initially discarded it because of Esther’s Duplicitous writings and its meaning of “Hidden” and I was in need of correcting my early research.   Esther’s meaning of Hidden must mean that it is representative of the 1st unknown Millenium of God’s 7th day of rest which took place in Eternity.   Esthers echoing of a satanic figure usurping God’s Kingdom seems to correlate more with YHWH’s  Millenium and Lucifer’s original corruption of the Systems God had initially put in place.   Can Ezra which is the only other book in the Bible with 10 chapters represent the future mellenium?  Should we  not combine it with Esther for our calculations of “Total Time”?

I woke up this morning with a shout as i have written and a simple thought rumbling through my minds subconscious….  The universal and often esoteric number for PI is related to Chapters in the Bible!  


Written from NF Idealist  apostle John that is key to Salvation, the unique Gospel of Johln (not synoptic) Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. with an actual 16.66% of our Human Epoch.   That still voice that I have always called intuition shouted to me on the morning that I got the “idea”, the “concept” that the chapters of the bible correlated with human history….    John would represent NF time – The 2000 years of Christian history we are all privy to live in.


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  1. JCV

    Letters and numbers are of secular perception, they are of man’s creation, not God’s I would question.

    • Amen. We must question everything. And yet Christ is the “word” of God? First written in hebrew….. An amazing digital language that is “alphanumeric” , i.e. words and numbers

  2. Joey

    Rev.14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

    This song is PI 3.14 and PHI the golden ratio. Chapter 14 verse 3 represents 3.14 Pi. When you search for 3155 in Pi it will give you the number of the beast 313. Search for 3155 in OHI golden ratio and it gives you the beast number 3113. In the KJV Bible only convert all letters to numbers using simple English gematria A=1,B=2,C=3….Z=26 and it gives you everything. The value for Rev.14:3 is 1861 which is PHI golden ratio 1.618 and Pi because P=16th letter of the alphabet and I=9 and 1 +8 =9. You must understand Bible numerology and English gematria. Only the 144000 understand this song.

    • Great info…. REV 14.3 Likely dealing wit PI. Thanks! I have not been a big fan of English gematria…… Chapters and Verses are UNIVERSAL within the canon (i.e ALL Translations agree), but when we get down to any type of gematria dealing with non original languages I must be a skeptic! 144,000<1>…… Wonderful insights! I am always willing to be wrong, KJ Only, Gives it some possibilies? You got me thinking! God Bless….

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  4. […] “The Chapters of Time”  6 books represent time as we understand”.  Their Chapters correlate with Godtype.  Their Verses add up to 3600 (a perfect circle).  The only two books with 10 chapters each represent “Mene Mene”  or Eternity. when we divide our available time of 12,000 subtly taught to us in Genesis 6:3 we arive at PI to 4 digits!   When we use the Book I had claimed to represent Genesis 6:3 and Man’s 12k years which includes the Millenium (Eclesiastes / 12 Chapters – 222 verses) we arrive at PI to 6 digits!. […]

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