Fourier Transforms: Symmetry, Periodicity, Time-Space & Godtype

Brad Osgood Fourier Transforms

Fourier Transforms: Symmetry, Periodicity, Time-space & Godtype

Wonderful Lecture Series from Stanford professor Brad Osgood.

The Fourier series of physics is the key scientific study which  initially set  out to quantify and understand Heat Transfer & Vibrations.    This led its inventor Joseph Fourier’s (1768-1730) applications to be be used in the study of Patterns and Periodicity  within digital to analog conversion (A favorite subject).   This is the reason for its application with Godtype today.     Fourier Transforms are  used in all aspects of physics to  quantify “phenomena” of patterns & periodicity including an initial study of the Gibbs phenomena (Pre-Echo phenomena) which is evident within Godtype’s sequence. is first of all a philosophical /scientific  repository which deals with human cognition.   Yet,  it also delves  into its  correlations with the periodical phenomena’s discovered in  Judeo-Christian orthodoxy.   Its theories bring together  Biblical teachings of Periodicity of “Time” (Jubilee’s, Festivals Prophecies) with Periodicity within space (Temple in Israel and Isaac Newton’s assertion of it being the center of both time and space

This research was not sought after…… Like most discoveries it initially began with  discoveries of Symmetry between the theological and cognitive sciences.  These discoveries  eventually  led to more complicated and seemingly unbelievable discoveries of periodicity within (time) and space as well.  which in turn has caused a major discovery of Geo Earth anomalies (Space).    A Relentless period of discovery of scientific truths taught in the ancient texts we call the Bible after the innitial Code was discovered… The missing key.     The key we are calling Godtype  is a combination of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.  The accelerating and repeating  sequence of  41.66,33.33,16.66, 8.33.    How wonderful that the brilliant human minds of scientists from the last 150 years have developed a series within physics that deals rationally and scientifically with the study of patterns within time and space:   Allowing Physicist to “transform” a mathematical function of time into units of Frequency and Cycles.  It is called Fourier Transforms.      Time and Space, The Bible and Humanity are inexplicably linked!.


Click Here for Link to complete playlist of 30 Lectures (26 Hours)

Intro video for Brad Osgood’s lecture gets going at about 20 minutes in.

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