Introduction to Godtype: Evidence Time & Space is encoded within the Bible & Human Cognition

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Welcome,  After 16+ years of writing and using “Illustrations” to help inform readers on our supernatural research subjects We’ve  finally gone to Multimedia.   The following video is our first attempt (evidenced by the low volume levels).   Please crank up both speaker and youtube settings.   Be  ready to be shown the “Breaking” of several of the most confounding hidden Biblical codes & cyphers.  They have been broken due to our “Rosetta stone” discovery of Godtype, the hidden patterns of human cognition.  They are scattered across dozens of essays on several websites.  Though you may end up  “Believing”  that the seemingly statistical impossible coincidences are just that…… Coincidences.    I guarantee you will be amazed by them none the less.

All broken codes are based on the secular science of Personality theory championed by Jung, Myers-Briggs and David Kearsey.  Who could of imagined that JudeoChristian philosophy was being taught in secular cognitive science? You can take two of the best tests available to find out your “personality” from our top bar above.   Dario Nardi’s Test or John’s 25 Test

The Godtype Time-Map which brings all these essays and illustrations together is available here.   The original Godtype Illustration is thumbnailed to the right….  Please click to enlarge.

Godtype Illustration with 12,000 year Time-Map

Original Godtype Illustration with 12,000 year Time-Map. This Illustration was created on the evening of the “Epiphany” where the Time and Space aspects of Human Cognition and its connection to the “Word” of God were revealed.

The Seven (7) Research Articles Below compose the most important research essays here on Godtype that will help you understand how human cognition, Space-Time and our Amazing Planet Earth are inexplicably linked.  They are in order of simplicity to understand and it is best to study them in sequence.   They break several hidden codes that theologians and physicist such as Isaac Newton – and Artist philosophers such as William Blake spent a lifetime trying to understand.   I truly believe that they have only been broken today because it is their “Time”.   Codes such as Daniels “Writing on the Wall” were so simple to my own mind that they must have been supernaturally hidden because it simply was not TIME yet.   Beloved we live in the most amazing times spoken about in our Bible…..  Please study these things and understand that though NO one will ever know the day and the hour of our Lord’s return, God certainly promises that we will know the season….   God Bless.   

Godtype Table

Godtype Table


1) “The Image of Man” and the “Image of Time” are patterned after the same model!  The Trinity of Judeo-Christian orthodoxy   The original discovery of Godtype nearly 20 years ago.  If Genesis tells us we are created in God’s image, certainly human cognitive science should give us evidence of this fact?   And if this is found to be true – is it possible that “Time” was created in this same image as well – The image of the Trinity of Judeo-Christian orthodoxy.

The 16 documented personality types of humanity amazingly match  with the (4) personalities of the Judeo Christian Deity 

Teachings that make it Clear that God the Father (YHWH) is spirit – Israel’s (esfj)Provider & (isfp)Protector, the (istj)Inspector of our lives & the (estj)Supervisor of all our affairs.  God the Son (Messiah) is our redeemer – our (enfj)Healer and our (infj)Teacher,  the (infp)Mighty Counselor & (enfp)Champion over death as well as a  future battle with the adversary, paradoxically already won on a cross at cavalry.  God the Holy Spirit (Ruaḥ ha-Ḳodeshis) our Helper – The (estp) Promoter of the holy scriptures, the (isfp)Composer of life on planet earth, the (esfp) Performer of miracles who (istp)Crafts each and every one of  us within the womb.

And yet every creative miracle spoken of in Genesis included all (3) of these “beings”.    Working in unison these  (3) Three Persons are One.  Trinity.   The (entp)Inventor of the universe, the (intp)Architect &  (intj)Mastermind of our earth – who (entj)Marshalled every available resource (physical & angelic) during the most incredible project of all eternity which we are taught in the Creation story of Genesis.

each and every one of  us within the womb.

2) The “Writing on the Wall”  MeneMene Tekel Upharsen (research here)  A time map created by Godtype research some time ago points out the patterns of “520 Year Cycles of Empires” going back to 44bc and the Ides of March.  Godtype then discovered King Nebuchadnezzar’s Reign ended exactly 520 years earlier in 564bc?  Add to this the “writing on the wall” event  occurred the night before his Grandson Belshazzar ultimately lost HIS kingdom on the eve a  ghostly disembodied hand wrote “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin”   These words simply mean “Eternity is Measured & Divided by Empires of 520 years!”  The Godtype Time Map was clearly being taught in our Holy Scriptures, deciphered by Daniel long ago……

3) The Chapters of Time” There are 3 books that represent time as we understand. 3 books represent eternity.  Their verses/chapters compute to PI to 6 Digits 3.14159.   Amazing.  Chapters correlate with Godtype.  Genesis-50, Exodus-40, Gospel of John-20.  Their Verses add up to 3600 (a perfect circle).  They Represent the Past / Unknown beginnings, Present / Center of time ie BC  & Future AD Christian Age.  Can their be two books which represent eternity? – the “Mene Mene” of the writing on the wall?   Sure enough there are only 2 books with only 10 chapters each!    Duplicitous Esther and Ezra.   Add their verses to 3600 (Eternity sits above time as we understand) & divide into our available time/energy of 12,000 subtly yet clearly taught to us in Genesis 6:3 & we arrive at PI to 4 digits!   When we recalculate with the Book I intuitively understood represented Man’s wisdom and his entire  time on earth Eclesiastes / 12 Chapters – 222 verses   we arrive at PI to 6 digits!  3.14159


4) The 153 Fish of John 21 (please see video, time-map  or research here)  Godtype digitally represents the 153 possible  Binary Relationships available to humanity visually with our Godtype periodic table.  By Chance again… Scientists tell us that our Earth’s chemical periodic table has a limit of 153 elements?  Imagine that, eluded to by a Jewish fisherman 2000 years ago!binary-pairs-table

5) Genesis 6:3 and the 120 years of man   Godtype initially simply pointed out the correlation of human cognition with the Trinity of Judeo-Christian philosophy.  The 5k, 4k, 2k & 1k year resonate sequence.   41.66%, 33.33%, 16.66%, 8.33% percentages of the 4 human temperements on earth and how each viewed  time differently.   Our 12,000 year timeline was based on secular science – Ice Cores, Clovis excavations etc.  Also,  the universally accepted end of the Pleistocene.  This 12k year leap of faith based on science discovered many correlations….  5k, Genesis/Beginnings has 50 – Chapters.   Exodus/Spirit/Present has 40 Chapters.   John/Son/Future has 20 initial Chapters. Duplicitous Esther/Eternity, mene mene 10 – Chapters!  Just a coincidence I thought until I stumbled upon Genesis 6:3 clear teachings when one is willing to listen.   How else, but the design of God could these books total 3600 verses? A perfect circle? Compute to PI to 6 digits when combined with Gods limiting our total available energy in Gen 6:3?   *21st chapter of John  possibly represents 100 years of Grace for the unredeemed who enter the Millennium.  (D. Hamp teaches this for unrelated reasons)   All commentators call it Christ’s  chapter of Grace  for Peter who had just denied him 3 times. 

6) Job’s reporting that the continents cornerstones are precisely measured….. proven beyond a shadow of doubt! This research was all discovered after a simple prayer asking for a Tie-In for our book into the wonderful work/research of the late Christian researcher David Flynn.  Again.  AMAZING & Statistically Impossible discoveries.     

6b) Further connections of Space-Time being encoded on our earth discovered in Ancient Christian art and iconography.   This research explicitly ties into Job’s pronouncements of earth being precisely measured…. Of Isaac Newton’s assertions that Time and Space are encoded within the Bible and upon the earth itself! Our research shows that somehow this was precisely illustrated by some ancient artists under the divine influence of the Holy Spirit.  Some of our artists may have been similarly influenced by the Spirit of this world that St. Paul warns us of.

7)  Discovery of Human DNA and Chromosomes being encoded in the Design of the Temple, Encoded in the Hebrew Alphabet as well as the Religious practices of Ancient Judaism).   This was our 3rd broken code achieved by Reading the unpublished works of Sir Isaac Newton (Combined with Prayer for Wisdom).  It must be pointed out that All Godtype research was initially inspired due to this wonderful quote from Newton….“”It is the Perfection of God’s works that they are all done with the greatest Simplicity – He is the God of Order, Not of confusion””  If Newton believed it was Simple…… Than surely, with the help of the Holy Spirit I Naively believed I could possibly crack some hidden Biblical codes!

And many more….  God Bless,  Enjoy…..  Milton T. Fleitas 02/14/2014

Complete Time Map Below

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

Godtype Time-Space Map 2.0

apophis 2029-2036

apophis 2029-2036

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