The Ancient Triquetra: Symbolic of the Holy Trinitry

Ancient partial representation of Triquetra using the imagery of “Light” ie Rainbow to represent the intersections of (3) spheres (circles)

The symbol at the center of the Godtype illustration is best described as a Triquetra.   An ancient symbol with an unfortunate controversial history.  Labeled by many  fundamentalist as occult or pagan.    These narrow minded “Believers”  unfortunately apply the concept of  Evil to any symbolic imagery which has been used by “non-Christian” groups prior to the time of Christ or surrendered over to occult or secular groups.

Ask yourself. Has not the adversaries of a Judeo-Christian world view  hijacked every possible symbol that was meant for good and used them for their own  purposes?  

Is it not time the church fights back and reclaims our ancient & orthodox Christian heritage?  

Whether it was Led Zepelin’s 4th album Zoso  which used  this symbol as an  “occult”  marketing gimmick on their album art, or:

The Fathers symbol of The Rainbow? Used by many progressive groups intent on dismantling the truth of the holy scriptures through civil and secular means. 

The Son’s symbol of the Cross? Twisted and used by NAZI’s in their slaughter of 6 Million  Jews.

The symbol of Judaism,  The Six Pointed star of David?  Twisted and used by Satanist and occult practitioners the world over.


To make it clear,  The Triquetra is not a symbol  to be “worshiped”.

It is simply part of a four-fold  illustration.   A four-fold story written in time,  Past, Present, Future and All-time.   3×1=4  is the strange and yet true nature of the God of the holy scriptures – A nature which the Godtype  illustration of the Triquetra allows us to visually present these truths in a manner that all persons can grasp.  In a manner that the Ancient art we show below seems to be clearly showing the Four-fold symmetry that obsessed William Blake“the four-fold nature of God that Godtype research clearly presents”.         The Trinity is after all the most difficult concept of Christian orthodoxy, and this is why the ancient church used this symbol extensively to teach a difficult abstract truths to a mostly illiterate laity.  Abstract visualizations  used to represent abstract words to a population in which 3 out of 4 persons thinks “concretely”.    That is all it is.   Illustrations meant to simplify complex  concepts and ideas illuminated within the scriptures.


The Triquetra not only helps us to grasp the Tri-une nature of God, but it also helps us to understand the nature of Time itself.     This is the key discovery of Godtype.   Time and human cognition ( are inexplicably linked and created in the Image of God – Genesis 1:6)   The Triquetra illustrates  both the beginning and final chapters of the biblical story.  

This symbol at the  center of Godtype represents the Millennium in our Godtype Space-Time Map,  but it also paradoxically represents a perfect earth at the beginning of “our” present Time-Space domain.   A special period at the beginning of  time,  we understand as the “Garden”  –    A period of Heaven (trinity) on earth.    When  God walked among humanity in the stories of Adam and Eve.  God, also called the First and the Last,   the Alpha and Omega,  The ancient of Days and our Future Redeemer or  in more  simple terms…..   The Father and the Son.

“I and the Father are one”  –  How interesting were Christs words as he left the apostles for the final time teaching that  he would be sending  the Holy Spirit to represent him and comfort believers on earth until his return.    A period of time (Dimension) that the Godtype Space-Time represents as the NF Idealist cognition (Son Type).  a period of time clearly spoken of as the “Two Days of Hosea”  ie 2000 years or Godtype’s 12,000×16.66%=2000.  A period that began at the resurrection on Nissan 17 of  29ad.  a period of time that ends on Nissan 17 of 2029ad?  what are the chances that an Asteroid by the name of ‘Destroyer” will make its first near earth pass on that exact date?   what are the chances that it will then return exactly 7 years later to a possible collision with our amazing earth?   Will this not be 7 years of tribulation…..(please see our time-map or research here)

Likewise the SP cognition (Spirit Type) amazingly works out to 4000 years!  Godtype’s 12,000×33.3%=4000 matching known Jewish History.   Are not the Jews called the “People of Rua Ha-Kodesh..?  ie. The People of the Spirit?  These symbols make up our four-fold  illustration amazingly representing humanity and time simultaneously.   Humanity amazingly (coincidentally) sees Time as  (SJ) Past, (SP) Present,  (NF) Future.    The ancient church  used  the triquetra to teach the faithful about the trinity.  I cant help but think these Illiterate and simple minded believers may have had insights into what we are now discovering today.Heretical on the surface but true and orthodox at its core.   There are only (3) beings in the Trinity which has been revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures.  Yet as Godtype clearly proves when we study the scriptures….  When ever Miracles of Creation are spoken of in the ancient texts – The Trinity…..  A 4th personality so to speak is responsible for all acts of creation within the elusive dimension that binds all of us together…. Time.Each sharing  a small portion of the others.    A wonderful visual representation of what modern cognitive science proves about human personality.  That each and every one of us share many cognitive patterns  in common, paradoxically this also proves there are  cognitive barriers that separate us from each other as well…. and The Godtype Periodic table’s mission is to break some of these barriers.The ancient TRIQUETRA symbol
The triquetra is a symbol composed of 3 interlocked circles that appropriately forms (3)  ‘Vesica Piscis”.  
This is the pointed oval shape “fish” symbol that is politically correct for christians to use today to represent Christ.  How much more important is this “Piscis” symbol X 3 for representing the Trinity?   It subtly surrounds the risen Lord in the
ancient church mosaic above, A standard church icon that we have documented at the end of this research.    When one looks closer at this image, you realize that Christ is sitting on the intersection of yet another “Vesica Piscis” formed of multiple colored tiles representing a symbol of  a rainbow, a symbol of ‘Light”.   This is just one of the thousands  of partially and hidden Triquetra’s  in plain sight –  prolific  throughout the ancient world’s task of teaching a largely illiterate world the Truths of a TRIUNE God.   The truth of the Father, Son and Holy spirit’s unity as ONE God.  The church taught this the only way possible to reach…. Through the use of art and symbols,  they taught truth.     in the construction of churches through out Europe and Asia is  unequivocally representing the Triquetra.
washington-mnnument-vesica-piscisThis must not be confused with the PAGAN and OCCULT use of the Pescica Pisces with only two circles which I believe is Representative of the hijacked SYSTEM of our EARTH by a powerful angel by the name of Lucifer combining with his own “virtual” spirit we call SATAN.   The God of this world according to our bibles.  The spirit of this world according to St. Paul.   The reason this is the symbol we find at the seat of the final world empire at our washington monument…….  How interesting our GeoEarth discoveries showing 6660 nautical mile measurements from this monument and the obelisk at the Vatican to ancient Babel (Antarctica) following our current earth rotation?  More interesting was the impossible discovery of this 6660 nautical mile measurement perfectly connecting the Temple in Jerusalem!  God’s true timeline encoded upon our earth… see research here
The Triquetra’s ancient origins prior to ChristianityThe Triquetra is  believed to be of Norse and Germanic origins.   Prior to the Christian church there is evidence of it being used to represent various  tripartite divisions which man intuitively understood from looking at the world around him.    We should see this as ancient and surely “Pagan” man discovering the un-deniable truth of God from his understanding of Gods creation.From the trifold separation of  Land, Sea and Sky.  Or the philosophical divisions of  Mind, Body, and Soul, The Triquetra was the most appropriate symbol to display any  three fold division found in nature – along with its unity.The Celtic themes of  the unbroken circle represents eternity.   The three symbol is not limited to only Celts, cultures in regions throughout the world consider the number three to be a divine number.   America need not be left out,  similar symbols can be found in ancient Indian art here in North America.   The  Norse rune known as the Odin Knot or Val Knot is as near a perfect representation as possible.The age old story of our current symbol for Christianity (a single Piscis) is surely true,  but when we witness the prolific nature of this Piscis symbol being used in ancient Christian architecture and art displaying a third Piscis one gets the feeling (As least I do) that some of the most important symbols, along with their simple teachings of the basic tenets of orthodox Christianity have been lost due to a separation of  both “time” & “space’.
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